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Maintain a tenuous harmony between the human and the not so human This time she may get than she bargained forMarsilia the local Vampire ueen has learned that Mercy crossed her by slaying a member of her cl. Patricia Briggs continues to impress me with her oh so expressive writing that conveys so much so economically I am truly in awe of her talent Clearly I am very behind on this series It's not due to a lack of appeal but due to my reading style and my review reading taking up a lot of my reading time But I do love knowing that I have a guaranteed read when I reach for one of her booksMercy is definitely near the top of my list of fictional characters I think I would love to have as a friend in real life Probably number one if I'm honest And not just because she's an excellent and trustworthy mechanic and I need one of those big time Mercy is a mix of real life traits humble down to earth courageous even in the face of fear which is the true definition of courage snarky empathetic observant and very self deprecating While some readers don't like abuse storylines in their books I don't mind them when they are done well Mercy shows so much strength and fortitude of character Her journey to recovery after her attack in Iron Kissed is realistic and inspiring I truly love this womanBriggs writes the kind of fantasy that grabs hold of me and doesn't let go She plants a garden of what seems like ordinary wildflowers but exotic blooms that are far from ordinary grow in that garden waiting to be plucked by a reader Briggs mixes shapeshifters werewolves fae and vampires in an appealing way that doesn't leave out the inherent menace of all the various supernatural creatures With a coyote shifter narrator the reader is fully along for the ride as Mercy is the first to admit that being a coyote shifter doesn't always give her the advantage but often puts her in a dangerous situation while she is immune to magic than most she's not impervious Oh and Briggs also throws in ghosts I must say that I was happy as a clam since I love fantasy like a house on fire but I also have an appreciation for old schoolclassic horror and an old fashioned ghost storyCan I take the time to gush over the men in Mercy's life Adam Adam Adam How I love you He is perfect for Mercy And I like that Mercy is starting to see past her emotional wounds and barriers to see him for who he is her Mate Also I love that Adam is so patient and loving about it even though that is an act of hard won discipline He's very possessive but not in a controlling irritating way I love a possessive hero like a house on fire but I find controlling dominating men a turnoff Adam is just right for me I wish I had an Adam in real life He's very demonstrative that Mercy is his but he's not trying to dictate to her every step she takes He's a true life partnerIf there was no Adam in the Mercy Thompson world then I would definitely be all over Samuel I still love Samuel very much I just don't love him for Mercy's mate I love him all on his own and I hope he gets the Mate he needs one day He's a really cool character Sweet as pie but also full of danger that makes the hair stand up on one's neck He seems serious but has this mischievous sense of humor His calm facade hides a wild wolf that might never be tamedBran is the Man or rather the Alpha of the Alphas Marrok He steals a scene no matter who else is in it And that's saying something in this series I know Briggs has said she probably won't write a book with Bran as a main character I'm sad and understanding of that He's such a mysterious and compelling figure when he shows up it's so satisfying but also tantalizing I can't love him I'm always hungry for of himStefan has actually grown on me uite a bit While I have become uite a vampire romance fan I still prefer shiftersweres to vampires and I like that they take center place in this series But Stefan adds such a nice touch to this series While he insists on telling Mercy that he is a 'very bad man' his actions say otherwise I haven't decided who would play my Stefan but it would have to be an actor with lots of presence I liked how Briggs develops Mercy's friendship with Stefan much in this book it was assumed at the beginning I have to say the vampire storyline makes my heart beat fast and gives me shivers They are truly menacing creaturesThe thing with Briggs is that no character is a throwaway Each one is carefully developed even for their short presence in this book You feel everything even in a short scene that you should feel And while the characters might throw you for a loop at first their motivations are apparent as the layers peel awayI think that for the short length of this book it's really a full meal Urban fantasy for the true lover of the genre Also I think a good gateway to those who are investigating this genre for the first time Mercy by herself is enough to keep a reader hooked But the secondary characters the plotting and storyline will have the reader staying for seconds and dessertHighly recommended

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Bone CrossedAn and she's out for blood But since Mercy is protected from direct reprisal by the werewolf pack and her close relationship with its sexy Alpha it won't be Mercy's blood Marsilia is afterIt'll be her friend. I really liked this book this series gets better and better actually The cast is filling out nicely and although there were a few plot twists that were a little obscure whatever Nice emotional arc for the character I really enjoyed it hardback purchase justified

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DOWNLOAD ò Bone Crossed ´ By day Mercy is a car mechanic in the sprawling Tri Cities of Eastern Washington By night she explores her preternatural side As a shapeshifter with some uniue talents Mercy has often found herself having to maintain a tenuous harmony between the human and the not so human This time she may get than she bargained forMarsilia the loBy day Mercy is a car mechanic in the sprawling Tri Cities of Eastern Washington By night she explores her preternatural side As a shapeshifter with some uniue talents Mercy has often found herself having to. 2020 Mercy Thompson series reread Review first posted on wwwFantasyLiteraturecomMercy Thompson a part Native American coyote shapeshifter or walker and full time mechanic is still dealing with the emotional aftermath of events in Iron Kissed but at least she and the local werewolf Alpha Adam are on the right track now Unfortunately for them their relationship plans promptly get interrupted Marsilia the mistress of the local vampire clan or “seethe” I love that word has found out that Mercy acted contrary to her orders in Blood Bound and is out now for Mercy’s blood uite literally Marsilia has a set of crossed bones painted on Mercy’s garage door in magical non removable paint that tells the supernatural world Mercy is a marked woman and free game All in all it’s a good time for Mercy to leave town for a few days while her werewolf friends try to negotiate a peaceful resolution with the vampires So when Mercy’s old college friend Amber turns up on her doorstep asking for her to come visit and help with a ghost that’s haunting her Spokane home it seems like a heaven sent opportunity With all of Mercy’s current issues with vampires it seems Mercy and Adam to be helpful that there’s only one vampire in the entire city of Spokane one Jim Blackwood Surely Mercy won’t come to Blackwood’s notice But in reality it’s out of the frying pan and into the fire This fourth book in the MERCY THOMPSON series is my favorite one yet with tight intense plotting and an imaginative story line that deftly mixes together ghosts vampire conspiracies and power games and fae artifacts all playing role in the plot along with Mercy’s developing relationship with the long suffering Adam Despite all of these competing elements the plot never gets confusing Patricia Briggs manages to blend these elements together in a way that not only makes sense but is deeply satisfyingIt’s a particular strength in this series that Mercy ― as well as other characters ― don’t get to simply dance through life without paying the fiddler Emotional and psychological problems aren’t simply resolved within a week wrapped up with a neat bow and put away forever In fact one major issue that I had with Iron Kissed that the ending too easily smoothed over a weighty personal issue of Mercy’s was resolved by the beginning of Bone Crossed which casts that scene in a different light as the story continues from that same point One of the reasons the MERCY THOMPSON series is so appealing to me is the way that Briggs pulls in plot threads from prior books in the series Time and again unforeseen conseuences and fallout from incidents in previous books in the series resurface as it becomes apparent that not only are there some loose ends from the past but they’re creating uite a tangle for Mercy and her friends Mercy is dealing with the second and third order effects of her past actions which is fantastic writing as far as I’m concerned Similarly characters and iconic items that the reader is already familiar with like a particular fae walking stick reemerge to affect Mercy’s life in new ways For example her ability to see ghosts which was previously a key element in Blood Bound becomes relevant once again as she attempts to help her old friend Amber with a worrisome haunt and then further develops into an integral part of Mercy’s ongoing story Either Briggs has plotted out this series extremely carefully or she’s particularly gifted at reexamining prior books’ plots and finding intriguing ways to carry incidents characters and themes forward In either case it all feels very organic and natural helping to create an unusual feeling of realism in this urban fantasy worldAfter thinking about this some I'm upping my rating from 4 stars to 5 This book and the series deserves it