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mobi ã Gold Coast Wives ô ebook î hannahredhead ë Three skinny socialites should be a pushover after the rough and tumble world of Wall Street Right? Kate Ryan may be au fait with making high powered legal decisions but she's about to submit to the rules of reality TV where nothing is what it seems Who'd have thA low rent cable show would be so challenging or that the claws of a former homecoming ueen a washed up soap star and a whiny cat lover would be so sharp Gold Coast Wives is like a snap shot of those Real Housewives reality shows I'd never watch them but I had to read the bookWhy?After reading Bernadette's A House On Prospect I was interested in seeingShe writes Gold Coast Wives just the way you'd expect this kind of reality show to play out There's petty bickering jealousy and backstabbing None of it is Kate though She's getting the bad end of the stick in this caseIf I had to put up with some of the things she had to for the show I would have broken my contract and left But that's what makes the book so fun It almost makes me wish it were a show so I could watch it Actually it could be a sitcom about a reality showThis is the perfect beach read Light fluffy and fun Bernadette Walsh is officially one of my new favorite authors Pull up a chair and a fruity drink and this is a recipe for a great afternoon

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L decisions but she's about to submit to the rules of reality TV where nothing is what it seems Who'd have thought a few days with the cameras rolling for This book starts out with Kate talking about how the economy had not just taken a downward twirl but how she has lost almost everything Including her husband entire savings even her career as a lawyer is now gone Somehow Kate connects with an old friend who puts her in touch with someone who offers her a part in a new reality television show This show will be aired on the local cable channelsThis was a great book I really liked how strong the character Kate was She never allowed herself to be pulled down in the swirl of everything happening She kept going strong no matter whatThere is just one problem with this I do not know how to write this review without giving away everything about this book I have tried writing this review several different ways and I keep ending up giving away the plotI know this is a horrible review and I apologize to the author but I had rather write something like this than write a review that gives away everything about the book If I did that then no one would want to read the bookIf you enjoy chick lit books then this is the book for youDrama backstabbing and some over the hill women trying to still be the 16 year old home coming ueen sums up this book for me Read it you will laugh and wonder if you are like any of these women Or maybe you will see the actions of these women in some of your friends

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Gold Coast WivesThree skinny socialites should be a pushover after the rough and tumble world of Wall Street Right? Kate Ryan may be au fait with making high powered lega I have to say that I've never actually read chick lit before so I wasn't really sure what to expect from this novel I was pleasantly surprised to find a light hearted and fairly humorous tale of Kate Ryan a woman whose husband has left her to go gallivanting all over the globe and is left alone to look after a young daughter Faced with rising debts and bills Kate agrees to take part in a new small scale reality TV show called Gold Coast Wives; however she uickly realises that perhaps she's bitten off a bit than she can chew Gold Coast Wives is written from the first person perspective of Kate the protagonist of the novel which allows you to really connect with her character Kate has real life problems and being forced into the company of three perfect socialites does not make anything easier I'm pretty sure that every girlwoman out there will be able to relate to some aspect of Kate’s life Kate is a newly single mother unemployed and desperate to make ends meet but perhaps the most important thing about Kate is her obsession with doughnuts and let’s be honest ladies we can all relate to that one Not only that but Kate gets a blast from the past when one of her fellow ‘Wives’ turns out to be her high school nemesis which I can only imagine would be like reliving a nightmareThis story is uite compact as there are only a few characters and the setting doesn’t change all that much; however this just makes for a intimate and detailed story Although Kate is the protagonist and the story is written from her POV it is also easy to relate to many of the other characters Those that at first looked like they led perfect lives may actually be scratched under the surfaceThis is uite a short novel but there's a lot of action nonetheless The story gets off to a slow start but the pace soon picks up and it's a rollercoaster from there This story has aspects of romance family and friend drama You really go on a journey with Kate as she wades through a difficult period in her life trying to figure out who she really needs and wants in her life and who is just using her to get what they want Kate is a real 3 D character and you see her character develop and progress throughout the novelIt was uite interesting to read about reality TV and it’s not something I’ve ever come across before It portrayed the reality TV industry pretty much exactly how I’d imagined it to be but the drama was far exciting The popularity of shows like Jersey Shore and Made In Chelsea is rising every single day and the uestion about whether these shows truly are ‘reality’ is still prevalent so it was interesting to see what the daily life of a reality TV show star would actually be likeAt a time when the recession is really cutting into everyone's pockets and money is short this novel could not be appropriate Coupled with the fact that reality TV or should I say 'reality' TV is rapidly rising as a top form of entertainment this is an incredibly current novel that I'm sure most women will be able to relate to This is a fab book for any woman looking for a uick and entertaining read Kate's story will no doubt steal your sympathies and you’ll be turning page after page trying to find out how her story ends More reviews at