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Mail Horror Bride One Nation Under Zombies #1Hey are not entirely untouched by the disease Follow a group of strangers as they struggle to do anything necessary to survive without losing their humanity in the process Some will win this challenge Most will lose It's a new world and the zombies aren't the only monsters They're just the easiest to recognize in a country gone horribly wrong. I love zombies I’m pretty sure I’ve made that comment with each zombie related story I read or listen to I don’t think there has been a zombie story that I’ve ever given a low rating to not that I can think of anyway Zombies are cool but scary at the same time This was a great listen It was fast paced and held my attention the entire time; it was even hard to put down at times I can’t wait to listen to book 2 The narrator did a great job I’d listen to him again I wasn’t sure but was very curious to hear his “voices” once he started the dialogue parts because his narrating voice was so low in my opinion But he nailed it uestionCommentsI don’t remember what chapter it was in somewhere near the beginning though but the readerlistener was told that Daniel Mora’s ex had a son but then nothing was ever said about it Maybe I was mistaken thoughI’d love to know what Mora had been like before Daniel broke up with her When she was giving her final talk to him before she killed him she was obviously crazy and just seemed to get worse as time went on I had an issue with Mora and then Jeremy Mora specifically I get she was crazy but I felt the author might have overdone it with all the delusional thoughts she expressed Constantly talking about how she’d wanted to give him everything how much she’d loved him and than his Russian bride etc I got it and I’m sure everyone else did the lady was a fruit loop Then it was like her craziness was killed off and up popped Jeremy and her own craziness over Cruz I was glad when both of those characters died Speaking of crazy I’m hoping the author goes into detail regarding Angela and what went on prior to the zombie apocalypse given she had no problem killing people Considering she changed into a zombie at the very end of book 1 I wouldn’t be surprised if nothing about her previous life were mentioned but upset at the same timeWhen Raven and Sky were in the hotel the readerlistener learned the zombies could open doors yet it was sometime later when one of the characters asked another character if zombies could do this and they had essentially said no From that moment on it was like the opening door zombies never existed

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Everyone And now it is in America packaged in the mail order brides the Russians shipped over to destroy us all With the disease now running rampant and no cure yet discovered it is every uninfected person for himself Homes are destroyed and the families inside them torn apart Relationships can help or hurt as those left uninfected discover t. Thousands of Russian mail order brides were sent to the US with a deadly virus injected into them It wasn't till the Russians pushed the kill button that the virus activated and the mail order brides died and became Zombies Only thing is that the virus can be spread through sex andor biting so every man they had sex with got the virus though it wasn't activated in them till they died When the virus is unleashed it's so fast and unexpected that the US is taken by surprise Within a matter of days the country is overrun and all that's left to do is surviveThis was such a pleasant surprise The name and cover are a bit off putting and made me think this was a cheesy Zombie book but believe me when I say that it's not It's a story of survival it's a journey through the minds of people left amid chaos We have a cast of multiple characters so I'm not going to go through them all I will say that they are all well written and developed They are uite a colourful cast too We have Raven a teen who is on holiday with her family when the outbreak happens She is looking after her 9 yr old sister but she succumbs to the Zombies and poor Raven carries that guilt with her We have Maura who is crazy with a capital C She goes to her exes house intent on revenge because he left her for a Russian mail order bride Of course she finds him in a bad way This girl is seriously crazy but I'm not going to say what she does because that would spoil itLol We also have Cruz a Hollywood actor who hears voices in his head when he doesn't take his medicine Throw in a fugitive and a girl with no remorse and you have the cast of this The plot while definitely fictional is totally believable I mean the idea of a dormant virus being injected into unsuspecting girls could happen It just wouldn't reanimate them ; Anyway this was a seriously excellent survival tale It's not the blood and guts Zombie book but one of focusing on the characters and the aftermath of the virus We get to see the outbreak happen then we get to see different groups surviving and ultimately meeting up I loved this and listened to it in a day though that ending was killer literally ; Haha Definitely can highly recommendWhile Mark Westfield did a good job considering all the characters I found his reading to be a little flat at times I wanted intenseness and energy when the Zombies were there Also a few of the characters sounded the same I still enjoyed it though I received a copy of this for review This in no way affects my thoughts

Characters Mail Horror Bride One Nation Under Zombies #1

Characters ✓ Mail Horror Bride One Nation Under Zombies #1 107 Æ From Russia With Love How do you destroy your enemy Go for the heart then take over the brain The Z1219 virus created by Russia's most skilled scientists is the deadliest biological weapon in history Harbored in the human bloodstream it remains undeteFrom Russia With Love How do you destroy your enemy Go for the heart then take over the brain The Z1219 virus created by Russia's most skilled scientists is the deadliest biological weapon in history Harbored in the human bloodstream it remains undetected until detonated Once detonated the host becomes a walking corpse with only one goal Eat. What an awesome name for a book D