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FREE PDF ¿ BOOK Home By Toni Morrison ✓ The latest novel from Nobel Prize winner Toni MorrisonAn angry and self loathing veteran of the Korean War Frank Money finds himself back in racist America after enduring trauma on the front lines that left him with than just physical scars His home and himself in it may no longer be as he remembers itY no longer be as he remembers it but Frank is shocked out of his crippling apathy by the need to rescue his medically abused younger sister and take her back to the small Georgia town they come from which he's hated all his life As Frank revisits the memories from chil “Lotus Georgia is the worst place in the world worse than any battlefield At least on the field there is a goal excitement daring and some chance of winning along with many chances of losing Death is a sure thing but life is just as certain Problem is you can’t know in advance” Toni Morrison HomeThe above are the words of an African American Korean War vet Frank Money This novel is about Frank’s journey ‘home’ to Lotus GA a place he swore he would never go to again to rescue his ailing sister Ycidra This story brought to mind James McBride’s book ‘Miracle at St Anna’s’ a novel about African American soldiers in WW2 Italy Like McBride Morrison gives a voice to those people history textbooks gloss over or completely ignore The uestion the same one that is present in McBride’s book is why African American soldiers fight for their country yet are treated like second class citizens“An integrated army is integrated misery You all go fight come back they treat you like dogs Change that They treat dogs better”I’m always surprised by readers who complain about the racial issues in Morrison’s books You can't write a story about the black experience without bringing up race that's just how it is And the fact that Morrison does so with so much boldness is one of the reasons I love her writing Her portrayals of race and racism are realistic and the atrocities she portrays are not isolated incidents either Morrison writes about the comradeship within the black community she illustrates the poverty the racism the fear of the KKK the police brutality She could very well be writing about present day America Reading this and other Morrison books shows the multifaceted nature of racism; there are always new aspects of it shown that we haven’t considered James McBride writes about a segregated army in Italy during WW2 which opened my eyes to the fact that black men were fighting for a country that despised them Morrison’s book showed how these same soldiers would be treated when they returned to the States; Jim Crow laws no respect no gratitude for their sacrifices PTSD symptoms but little helpThis is a story with several shocking details Shocking is an understatement You think you’ve heard it all but the brutality of humans is sometimes difficult to guess Yet despite the visceral details there were pages of beautiful poetic writing “Passing through freezing poorly washed scenery Frank tried to redecorate it mind painting giant slashes of purple and X’s of gold on hills dripping yellow and green on barren wheat fields Hours of trying and failing to recolor the western landscape agitated him but by the time he stepped off the train he was calm enough”Highly recommended

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The latest novel from Nobel Prize winner Toni MorrisonAn angry and self loathing veteran of the Korean War Frank Money finds himself back in racist America after enduring trauma on the front lines that left him with than just physical scars His home and himself in it ma Frank is a black Korean War veteran a year out suffering PTSD imprisoned in a mental hospital for actions he cannot remember He has been engaging in a range of self destructive behaviors that have led him to this bedraggled state He had received a letter concerning his sister “Come fast She be dead if you tarry” and must find his way home There are barriers to be overcome people who will help and memories to be relived One mystery that propels the tale is what happened to cause Frank’s demise Toni Morrison image from her FB pages Home gives the appearance of simplicity But this being Toni Morrison there is always much First is that Frank’s journey bears a striking resemblance in some ways to that of Odysseus He is a soldier returning from war The mental institution from which he escapes seems reminiscent of a certain classical witch’s lair He must cope with a grumpy one eyed man is drawn briefly to the sound of sirens and in memory at least sees animals standing like men reminding one of pigs that had been something else once He and his sister even see as children the outcome of men having been transformed into dogs The home town to which he seeks to return is Lotus Louisiana a place where “there was no goal other than breathing nothing to win and save for somebody else’s uiet death nothing to survive or worth surviving for” More generically there are dragons to be slain in order for Frank to return to and save his damsel in distress Taken yet another way after Frank has descended into the depths of hell he emerges stronger and better able to triumph A Greek chorus is called on to explain what the children Frank and his sister see in the opening scene and whenever someone says “We led him out on a mule” you can probably assume it is a biblical reference There is even what might arguably be considered a Jesus sighting when a mysterious individual offers Frank a hand and urges him to “Stay in the light” Toss in an exodus for good measure So a pot pourri of classical references both religious and secularOn another layer Morrison offers us a portrait of what it was like to be black in the fifties This includes the joys of Jim Crow whites only restaurants police license to stop and frisk anyone at any time even to shoot children with little fear of being held accountable forced sterilization redlining covenant restrictions And in addition Morrison shows how humiliation of black men might impact their women He will beat her when they get home thought Frank And who wouldn’t It’s one thing to be publicly humiliated A man could move on from that What was intolerable was the witness of a woman a wife who not only saw it but had dared to try to rescue—rescue—him He couldn’t protect himself and he couldn’t protect her either as the rock in her face proved She would have to pay for that broken nose Over and over again This is not the only example to be found here of people paying forward the harsh treatment they have receivedAnd there are recollections of further horrors from a generation before Forced migrations seizure of private property by men with guns whether governmental or non lynchings forcing black people to engage in mortal dog fightsBut there are flickers of light in the

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Home By Toni MorrisDhood and the war that leave him uestioning his sense of self he discovers a profound courage he thought he could never possess again A deeply moving novel about an apparently defeated man finding his manhood and his homeThis eBook edition includes a Reading Group Guide I wanted to dislike this book for its dismal mood Hesitant I wondered whether to continue reading this now or abandon it for later when I could bear the thought of stepping back into time with the main character as he visited a traumatic past I don't uite know how to welcome hopelessness as a thematic undertone and overtone so this week especially I didn't know whether I could suffer with Frank as he faced the world with an outlook of disdain and pure agony remembering when he had no one no money no pride; as he remembered the Korean War when he had enlisted because this was his only way out of his disheartening situation There surrounded by the only friends he had who like him had escaped their town to find some meaning as soldiers life would again revisit his demisePTSD That oh so misunderstood acronym Yet Toni Morrison in a way only Toni Morrision can has Frank cooly dramatize his soldier acuired ailment so that even if you don't get it you get him When he was alone and sober whatever the surroundings he saw a boy pushing his entrails back in holding them in his palms like a fortune teller's globe shattering with bad news; or he heard a boy with only the bottom half of his face intact the lips calling mama And he was stepping over them around them to stay alive to keep his own face from dissolving his own colorful guts under that oh so thin sheet of flesh No judgments Only lyrical candidnessLike the men and women of Paradise Morrison's characters of Lotus Georgia are down trodden black folks who are immigrants in their own home Kicked off their land in Texas and forced to cross state lines Or else Frank and his little sister Ycidra find themselves living in a small house with a cruel step grandmother While their parents toiled the fields daily Frank took care of his baby sister Frank and Cee inseparable Until war alcohol and death drew him further away from her Suddenly he was no longer there when she really needed him How much distress and disappointment can a person takeI hated feeling their pain Hated the gloom Grew disappointed at the lack of happiness Despite this and most likely because of this I grew to love this succinct display of detached pain a work so unlike Morrison's ornate paragraphs and dialogue This is a novella with thematic appeal Sure I will remember the expressionless Cee and those eyes flat waiting always waiting Not patient not hopeless but suspended Yes I will remember the sometimes humorous FrankWomen are eager to talk to me when they hear my last name Money They snigger and ask the same uestionswas I a gambler or thief or some other kind of crook they should watch out for When I tell them my nickname what folks back home call me Smart Money they scream with laughter and say Ain't no such thing as dumb money just dumb folks But what I will really remember is the incandescent pain and despair I will remember that once I looked closely I found that hope transcended hopelessness through Cee and that trauma was revived through memory Could it have been longer Sure But I will take a novella from Toni Morrison any day Memories powerful as they were did not crush him any or throw him into paralyzing despair