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FREE PDF ´ BOOK Trois femmes puissantes ☆ MARIE NDIAYE ´ In this new novel the first by a black woman ever to win the coveted Prix Goncourt Marie NDiaye creates a luminous narrative triptych as harrowing as it is beautiful This is the story of three women who say no Norah a French born lawyer who finds herself in SIn this new novel the first by a black woman ever to win the coveted Prix Goncourt Marie NDiaye creates a luminous narrative triptych as harrowing as it is beautiful This is the story of three women who say no Norah a French born lawyer who finds herself in Senegal summoned by her estranged tyrannical father to save another victim of his paternity; Fanta who leaves a modest but contented life as a teache 5 sorrowful exuisite anguishing stars 2016 Silver Award 2nd Favorite Read Tie Winner of the 2009 Prix Goncourt FranceI will start by restating the three little updates I gave while I was readingAt 29 %Novella 1 in this book is about Norahand I feel all tingly and sad and afraid African literature can move me so much that I often avoid it as it permeates my being More to say when I finish the book and write the reviewSuffice it to say Novella One is a full five stars At 75 %Novella 2 is about Rudy Like the first novella in the book the second novella is a full five stars I am astounded at Ms Marie NDiaye's astuteness I think I may be falling in love with her At 99%Novella 3 is about Khady This is a story I don't think I will ever shake5 stars once again Review to follow in a few hoursRest of Review This book was one of the finest books I have ever read It seeped into my body like a fine lotion tore at my heart like a long bout of angina challenged my brain like an ethical uestion and made my soul uiver like the strings of a viola during a Brahm's sonata Ms NDiaye writes with a uiet ferociousness that is frightening harrowing and yet beautiful refined Primitive and civilized uestioning yet all knowing I was completely in her grip when I was reading and when I was not these stories fluttered inside me like the birds that symbolize so much in all three of these novellas Ms NDiaye is one of those rare authors who understands not only character but nuances of emotion that are so finite that unless we stop and listen will pass us by like a cricket's chirp the rustling of leaves or the distant mewling of a kitten She understands motivations and the influence of history and present circumstances on the psyche She not only understands her characters but she loves them like a mother earth She tries to keep them safe in a wretched cruel world that hurts each of us in a myriad of ways She does not judge but tries so very hard to understand soothe and bring them close to her bosom not to reassure but to give strength acknowledge and to impart wisdom so that we can go on not only to survive but to grab a few breaths of joy beauty and understanding until the next injustice cruelty or perversion presents itself This book is not just about three strong black women The book transcends that The book is about living life to the fullest despite hurt injustice and pain In short this book is about humanity With humility and respect Ms NDiaye I thank you for creating and sharing this masterpiece

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Masterfully evokes the relentless denial of dignity to say nothing of happiness in these lives caught between Africa and Europe We see with stunning emotional exactitude how ordinary women discover unimagined reserves of strength even as their humanity is chipped away Three Strong Women admits us to an immigrant experience rarely if ever examined in fiction but even into the depths of the suffering hear This strikes me as being three loosely connected novellas rather than a novel The prose is tense and haunting and the women featured in these stories are painfully human rather than heroic Three Strong Women isn't the type of book to read in a hurry with your heart shut down and NDiaye isn't willing to prettify complicated situations to make them neat manageable and easy to digest

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Trois femmes puissantesR in Dakar to follow her white boyfriend back to France where his delusional depression and sense of failure poison everything; and Khady a penniless widow put out by her husband’s family with nothing but the name of a distant cousin the aforementioned Fanta who lives in France a place Khady can scarcely conceive of but toward which she must now take desperate flight With lyrical intensity Marie NDiaye Three abrasively unpleasant stories snagged on overlapping locations like Khady's torn leg and torn ear snagged and then torn loose by impersonal brutality a world that woundsNDiaye's style reminded me of other extremely 'interior' texts in particular The Hour of the Star The prose is sophisticated almost deliberately awkward and consciously repetitive The grim subject matter demoralised me to the point of wanting to abandon reading and the magical elements only enhanced the mood of miserable grief stricken terrifying unheimlich I did not enjoy readingFor example Ndiaye for unlike in The Hour of the Star our narrator's voice is not explicitly mediated would flatly announce that a character felt some incongruous emotion It is true that people feel incongruous emotions and perhaps the author wants to make me work harder to relate to people on or beyond the edge of sanity but I found myself lacking in the reuisite patience or compassion to feel other than baffled when someone found hostility reassuring or was disgusted by the unusually healthy and vivacious appearance of a beloved mother NDiaye's characters do not feel what I would feel and so I constantly have to be told what they are feeling; it cannot be implied; no gaps can be left for me here; the lacunae are pushed to the margins of the interlocking narratives where I would fill them if it weren't for the gross inconsistencies between them the lurking spectres of false memory fogging the thoughts of our three severely unreliable narrators I was so grumpy while reading that the conflicting accounts felt to me like authorial spiteThe low point for me is Fanta's section which is narrated by her mentally ill arrogant and angry white husband Why o why am I stuck in this poisoned psyche I begged the author to reveal to me but I was left to myself to find some answer Each narrative mercilessly punishes a 'strong' black woman for daring to exist unbowed; that's why I found it so uncongenial and saddening Why Marie why I pleaded She could have answered 'Is it my fault I know a truth that is ugly What right have you to hide from it' and yeah I have no comebackBut the themes and their bridges Rudy's racist mother's obsession with little blond boys and Fanta and Rudy's son whose very name mocks her ironic blindness which seems counterpointed to me by Khady's obsessive desire for motherhood But Djibril an external character who seems particularly sane and likeable is bound by that hinted at angelic status to Norah's glowing menacing father another maligned black male Where does a bird become an angel or vice versa Surely the crow hustler guide who leads cast out Khady for a while is not from heaven I have not understood well; the meanings of signs have escaped meBut it is impossible to miss the sign of Khady's strength her implacable instinctive self love and self respect the blazing light that closes the book in its fearful tumult and anguish and outrage It is through Khady that the 'strength' of Norah who is busy and Fanta who does not speak for herself is clarified and temperedShe had even happened on occasion to feel proud of being Khady because she had often thought with some amazement children whose lives seemed happy who ever day got generous helpings of chicken and fish and wore clothes to school that were not stained or torn such children were no human than Khady Demba who only managed to get a minuscule helping of the good things in lifeJust as Lispector from under the weight of her worldly narrator lovingly reveals her meagre Macabea human and angel I hear Ndiaye speak to all Khadys Norahs and Fantas 'No matter what humiliation deprivation and violence is piled on you you are essence as well as existence you are yourself you are crucial and irreplacable to the whole universe' And to the rest I hear her spit 'Do better'