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Butcher Blacksmith Acrobat Sweep Epub Û 368 pages Download ´ Peter cossins Ý Full of adventure mishaps and audacious attempts at cheating the first Tour de France in 1903 was a colourful affair Its riders included characters like Maurice Garin an Italian born Frenchman said to have been swappeBlacksmith who had never raced before Dreamed up to revive struggling newspaper L'Auto cyclists of the time were wary of this 'heroic' race on roads suited to hooves than wheels riding hefty fixed gear bikes for three full weeks 'With a few francs you could win 3000' the paper declared in desperation eventually attracting a field comprising a handful of the era's professional racers and among other hopefuls a butcher Professional cycling's premier event is the Tour de France and The First Tour de France provides a comprehensive look at turn of the century biking and the birth of the race Though the modern bicycle was still relatively new there were already a million bikes in France by the early 20th century and racing was a popular public entertainment Spectators crowded stands to watch track racing and lined the roads for point to point races The Tour aspired to be than just another race though Newspaper editor Henri Desgrange envisioned it as a means of boosting French patriotism and highlighting the physical prowess of its citizenry; in his opinion the country was still stinging from losing a war to Prussia 30 years earlier Desgrange's secondary motivation was to boost the sales of his struggling paper establishing the connection between professional cycling and commerce that still exists today The race's multi day tour format was innovative and designed to be a spectacle The first uarter of the book covers its initial conception and organization and is a little slow The actual race description fills most the rest and has a surprising level of detailThere's enough entertaining visual imagery that I could imagine a screen adaptation being enjoyable and possibly engaging than the book The riders completed an amazing physical feat with many stages longer than what riders take on today yet the science of the race was still completely undeveloped We hear of riders slurping broth and eating whole chickens midrace drinking alcohol and consuming potent intoxicants for pain relief wrestling to the front of the sign in stations set up midstage and laying down on the side of the road for a midrace nap There are enough hijinks to suggest that the riders might be part of the Busytown universe One racer habitually twirls his moustache while another threatens competitors with physical violence Cheating runs rampant despite the supposed threat of undercover race judges lurking on the course Bike manufacturers sponsoring riders already exert influence over the outcome of the race Spectators crowd starting and ending checkpoints on the race despite the fact that they will only see the riders for a minute or twoAll that said I couldn't really recommend the book to someone uninterested in the world of bike racing The details are descriptive and interesting but it doesn't uite transcend the subject material

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Painter and decorator and a circus acrobat Would this ramshackle pack of cyclists draw crowds to throng France's rutted roads and cheer the first Tour heroes Surprisingly it did and all thanks to a marketing ruse cycling would never be the same again Peter Cossins takes us through the inaugural Tour de France painting a nuanced portrait of France in the early 1900s to see where the greatest sporting event of all began I received this book for free through this site's giveaway programCall it 35 stars rounded down to 3 on account of the writing This book is good in a lot of ways but the writing from the level of individual words up through sentences paragraphs and chapters leaves something to be desired In particular aside from the things that are fundamentally stylistic I think that the book suffered somewhat from not having a clear focus or thread to tie it together The chapters roughly alternate between a description of a stage and a description of some other element of the race which is an okay structure to use but not a great one but the bigger problem is that each individual chapter just feels disorganized Cossins seems to want to include big picture political concerns alongside bar trivia factoids biographies alongside economics lessons and so on but there's only so much that I can take at any given moment To me this book felt like the reading euivalent of channel surfing you'll catch some good glimpses of things but you'll also kinda have a headache after a whileOn the upside I feel like I learned a lot from this book and despite its flawed prose I'd recommend it even to people who are only casually interested in the subject Again it's not the most pitch perfect thing you'll ever read but the information is good I do feel like Cossins reached a few times in some of his conclusions and so perhaps it would've been helpful for him to provide specific citations instead of just a general bibliography which is not something I ever thought I'd say but overall he seems like a reliably guy and the book seems like a reliable book And I guess that there's a silver lining with respect to his inability to stick to a single topic or theme which is that there's probably something in here for many audiencesBasically on the whole I'm pleased to have read this book and I think other people will be as well but I sure wish that Cossins's editor had put the clamps on him a little

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Butcher Blacksmith Acrobat SweepFull of adventure mishaps and audacious attempts at cheating the first Tour de France in 1903 was a colourful affair Its riders included characters like Maurice Garin an Italian born Frenchman said to have been swapped for a round of cheese by his parents in order to smuggle him into France to clean chimneys as a teenager Hippolyte Aucouturier with his trademark handlebar moustache and amateurs like Jean Dargassies a A must read for Tour fans Probably a little heftier than needed but good details from the event that started everything Vive le Tour