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Inosaurs will spread for miles and climax in an apocalyptic battle between the primal monsters and all the technological forces that modern man can musterBut can anything stand against the voracious prehistoric hunger of Carnosau. This is a great example of how fun genre fiction can be if done right While this novel is pure pulp it is efficiently written genuinely exciting and fun Yes it's a horror story about a bunch of dinosaurs that get out and start murder killing everything in sight It also does just enough to make this conceit seems grounded in a recognizable version of reality seriously its like Midsommer Murders meets Jurassic Park and then delivers all of the predictable genre thrills without taking itself too seriously It also has the good sense to conclude uickly before things get too silly Overall I really recommend this novel to anyone looking to take a break from an overly serious reading list

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CarnosaurThe world's most vicious predator is back and he's got Company Tyrannosaurus Rex Deinonychus Brachiosaurus all have been loosed into the modern world by Jane Penward the vengeance hungry nymphomaniac wife of the man who cloned th. This book is about a man who clones dinosaurs from preserved genetic material raises them in a zoo and plans to repopulate the world No it’s not a rip off of Jurassic Park This book was published in the 1980's nearly ten years prior to Crichton’s book It’s as if Crichton read it recognized the potential for the concept and wrote a better version with updated science which ensured this book vanished into obscurityNot that Carnosaur deserves remembering It reads like a b movie The characters are shallow the dialogue is bad and the dinosaurs as well as all other animals are portrayed as mindless monsters that just run around killing people The only plot element is that unsuspecting bystanders get eaten left and rightThis makes the book very easy to put down because monster movies all end the same the heroes survive and have sex the monsters are defeated but there’s always one or two that survive and the nightmare will live again Jurassic Park at least feels like science even though it’s a standard monster movie at its core as wellYou gotta respect Carnosaur for being the original but that’s all it deserves

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Download ↠ Carnosaur ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ´ The world's most vicious predator is back and he's got Company Tyrannosaurus Rex Deinonychus Brachiosaurus all have been loosed into the modern world by Jane Penward the vengeance hungry nymphomaniac wife of the man who cloned them David Pascal is a small time JournaliEm David Pascal is a small time Journalist who gets his Chance to make it big by cracking the dino story But the key to the truth carries a high price it's held by Jane Before she's through with David the carnage created by the d. Author aka John Brosnan I saw this was recommended by Seanan McGuire or mentioned at least that it was sued by Jurassic Park for similarities I haven’t looked this up so I’m not sure when I read it it seemed similar as in yes Giant Carnivorous Dinosaurs and a plesiosaur which is mentioned as “not a dinosaur” There were many people eaten it was a rip roaring ride The two protagonists were malefemale couple but not the same situation as Jurassic ParkI thought it was really inventive the chickens used for re engineering dinosaurs not sure if possible but believable yes There is a cliffhanger and I hope their is a seuel I saw an ad in the back of the book stating “Carnosaur“ the MOVIE Might be cheesy since this book takes place in the 80’s and not sure when published my edition was 1993 but now with crystal tv HG pixels and other cool tech dinosaurs can be terrifying and realisticin movies Maybe I Covid ever goes away they can remake it I’d love to see it although the dinosaurs are probably not as great when imagining while reading I think my mind depending on the author can conjure up some terrifying monsters and the red guy in this story was SCARY Worse than Velociraptor If you can imagine that Nobody gets eaten while on the toilet though and this takes place in England I don’t know my overseas areas very well I remember it started with a W and I couldn’t pronounce itAnyways 4 stars for great story plot entertaining action characters science and believability I love books about rampaging dinos This one hit the sweet spot I’ve been missing after playing Minecraft Jurassic Park DLC for iOS Found the movie here book written in 1984 and made as a movie in 1993 by Adam Simon Apparently got ad reviews 😢