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Doctor Strange Omnibus Volume 1 mobi ✓ 456 pages ¹ Vain greedy and prideful Dr Stephen Strange was a world renowned surgeon until a car accident crippled his hands Broken and destitute he journeyed to Tibet in search of a legendary healer He found not a man of medicine but the venerable Ancient One and the path to the mystic aVain greedy and prideful Dr Stephen Strange was a world renowned surgeon until a car accident crippled his hands Broken and destitute he journeyed to Tibet in search of a legendary healer He found not a man of medicine but the venerable Ancient One and the path to the mystic arts Fro Dr Strange Master of Black MagicCollecting Strange Tales issues #110 111 114 146 and Amazing Spider Man Annual #2 Doctor Strange Omnibus Volume 1 takes us way back to July 1963 through July 1966 At 409 pages of incredibly redesigned classic comics this is totally worth owningAnd damn what a long book Somewhat exposition heavy but fun and enjoyable These are the oldest comics I've read and they hold up fairly well for being 53 years old I've read newer and far worse It's a bit sci fi campy as Stan Lee makes it up as he goes along and Dr Strange always wins in the end But take it in context and you'll enjoy yourself Doctor Strange's indomitable will his wit the alliterative incantations the outlandish foes and the brilliant modern art of Steve Ditko make this a great read A five page feature in the back of Strange Tales #110 featuring The Human Torch is where Doctor Strange makes his first appearance in comic history It was decided by readers' letters to continue the series and so Dr Strange appeared again in Strange Tales #114 with the return of Baron Mordo and the Ancient One That's how it all beganDean Mullaney writes in the introduction The series incorporated themes of Eastern mysticism with the multidimensional planes of science fiction all wrapped within the near psychedelic landscapes that the straightlaced Ditko brought to the page What I enjoy about the world of Dr Strange is that it rides the line between indie and superhero comic Instead of heroics and feats of strength it's mysticism and wit spells and dimensional travel monsters and evil magicians And there's even a pretty girl or two It's refreshing to read a comic that's so uintessentially Marvel in its levity and sci fi wackiness but there's no spandex And though the stories always start in reality you never know where they'll goAs this book literally collects individual comics it's interesting how the covers progress for Strange Tales At first there's no mention of Doc Strange Strange indeed Then tiny boxes tagged also starring show up after a few issues Not until #121 does Strange get the bottom 14 of the cover And #124 he gets half the cover #126 and 127 are interesting issues for two reasons they feature a huge special detailing Strange's voyage to the Dark Dimension and his battle with the Dread Dormammu and at the end of #127 it's revealed that Strange has essentially been promoted and gets a new costume In #128 he gains his now well known red cape of levitation and a powerful round amuletIn #130 Dr Strange gets nearly a full cover while The Human Torch is a feature Ha Only at #146 the big finale between the Dread Dormammu and Eternity does Strange finally get the whole cover By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth It's also interesting how these short and infreuent comics are relatively self contained yet draw upon a larger universe over time Each battle with his enemies gets greater and epic as they learn each others' weaknesses and sly Stan Lee has to increase the danger and hyperbole Nightmare Baron Mordo and the Dread Dormammu are awesome villains Can't wait to see them in future booksSo overall a great book and time machine into mid century Marvel Comics Light humor great adventure and creative engaging storytelling make Stan Lee and Steve Ditko's Doctor Strange a timeless classic

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M Doctor Strange's eerie house on a Greenwich Village corner Stan Lee and Steve Ditko unleashed new dimensions and otherworldly terrors stories that remain as influential today as they were on 1960s counter culture Now Marvel is proud to offer this Omnibus collection of the complete This volume collects the earliest Doctor Strange stories from the two in one comic Strange Tales I had read a few of them in earlier reprints but most were new to me Reading this collection was at first a wondrous experience of sixties psychedelia Artist Steve Ditko though never a favorite of mine was at the top of his game and one has to appreciate his original renderings of other dimensional realms and magical effects As the book wore on though Stan Lee's voluminous verbiage and let me be clear here I adore Stan and often refer to him as my real dad began to wear on my brain It probably would have been better to read a few issues at a time and then put it down for a while except that I didn't want to put it down They start to feel samey after a while especially as the eeeevil Baron Mordo never forget that he is evil keeps returning time and time again to destroy Doctor Strange So by the second half of the book it may not seem like a large volume but each episode is only about eight pages on average with a lot of writing packed into each page I was enjoying myself a bit less Recommend you take 2 3 chapters and then call on the Doctor again the next evening

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Doctor Strange Omnibus Volume 1LeeDitko Doctor Strange run In one beautifully restored hardcover volume experience the iconic first appearances of Baron Mordo Eternity Dormammu and the Mindless Ones as well as Wong and the lovely CleaCollecting material from Strange Tales 110 111 114 146 Amazing Spider Man Annual Shockingly slim for an Omnibus Not sure why it's called an Omnibus honestly other that it's the craze It's barely 450 pages And that's only because Ditko used fat ink Should have been called an OHC instead