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free read De usynlige ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ I ett kargt klimat i ett nordnorskt kustområde utspelas Roy Jacobsens nya roman som blivit en makalös försäljningsframgång i hemlandet och av många hyllats som hans bästa bok Det är en roman som baseras på verkliga händelser mellan 1913 1928 och platsen är den vackra S fram till tjugoårsåldern då hon blivit en stark och självständig ung kvinna Av sin mor får hon lära sig att sköta ett hushåll av sin far får hon lära sig vad det innebär att växa upp på en ö och vad naturen förväntar sig av människorna dä. I was so lucky to get this book recommended to me by my friend Lina For a couple of too short hours I got immersed into the world of sea and cold silence and darkness but also light and lightness Rough seasons of weather people who don't talk much but feel a lot Nature animals birds Fish Show don't tell Islanders prisoners of their own island they can't imagine no other place for themselves as a home Everyone else is an intruder even the friendly ones I get that Gosh this was so beautiful Maybe even heartwarming surprisingly enough I just loved it If you've ever seen The Weather Diaries Orų dienoraščiai exhibition and enjoyed it this is a must read

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I ett kargt klimat i ett nordnorskt kustområde utspelas Roy Jacobsens nya roman som blivit en makalös försäljningsframgång i hemlandet och av många hyllats som hans bästa bok Det är en roman som baseras på verkliga händelser mellan 1913 1928 och pla. Islanders are never afraid if they were they wouldn’t be able to live hereThis captivating tale is set on the tiny island of Barrøy off the coast of Norway around the beginning of the 20th century It is inhabited by one family Hans his wife Maria father Martin sister Barbro and his young daughter Ingrid The story tracks the adventures of this clan through the years as they struggle to make a living from their small provisions by way of fishing and farming There are unexpected births and deaths along the way and we follow Ingrid's journey from little girl to eventual ueen of the islandWhat struck me about the plight of the Barrøys is how the island shapes their whole existence It is their livelihood but it's also a kind of prison Life unfurls at a different pace to that of the mainland The family exist at the mercy of the weather glorious summers are always welcome but they also have to contend with the howling gales and tempestuous seas of winter She doesn’t like these storms the creaking of the house and the trumpet blasts from the chimney the whole universe in turmoil the wind that tears the breath out of her lungs when she goes to the barn with her mother that drives the moisture from her eyes and sweeps her into walls and bowed trees and forces the entire family to camp down in the kitchen and sitting room and even there they don’t get a wink of sleep Even though Barrøy marches to the beat of its own drum there is also pressure on the family to adapt if they want a better life for themselves Hans is an ambitious man but he is also a bit of a dreamer He has big plans to build a boatshed and a uay and to add an extension to the house Some of these ideas come to fruition others fail External change also threatens to upset the delicate balance of the island with important decisions to be made about joining a milk route and the construction of a lighthouse beacon The outside world is developing at a rapid pace and Barrøy cannot afford to be left too far behind The Unseen reminded me a little of A Whole Life another wise European novel about man's relationship to a landscape Like the main character of that book the Barrøys face up to all kinds of emotional and financial hardship with fortitude The are no major pyrotechnics in the plot just one family doing the best they can The prose is clear and sparse very matter of fact just like the Barrøys themselves But it is also sprinkled with moments of sheer beauty like a frozen sea that serves as the perfect ice rink or the moment Ingrid catches her reflection in a mirror for the first time It is a compelling and convincing portrait of a lost age a profound and moving story

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De usynligeTsen är den vackra ön Barrøya som ligger vid HelgelandskustenHär bor Hans Barrøy 35 år hans hustru hans åldrande far och hans lilla­syster Maria som inte tycks duga mycket till Men det här är romanen om Ingrid som vi får följa från dagen hon döp. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Thank you to the author Roy Jacobsen and the publisher MacLehose Press for this opportunityThis is an insight into the isolated lives of the inhabitants of a Norwegian island Their daily lives are destructed and recounted for the reader and the latter portions that see the family's youngest daughter Ingrid's transfer to the main land sharply contrast with this rural way of livingI initially found the family's daily struggle for survival fascinatingly insightful into a way of life I know nothing about There were also times however that it seemed almost tortuously slow and pointless as an overtly detailed depiction of events was enumerated There is little drama and no action but there was an atmospheric uality that permeated the entire text and brought authenticity to the lives it detailed Certainly insightful as an in depth character study but overall this was lacking pace and alacrity for me