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Ion has the potential to ignite the ageless struggle between vampire and werewolf With her graduation uickly approaching Bella has one decision to make life or death But which is which?READERS CAPTIVATED BY Twilight AND New Moon will eagerly devour Eclipse the much anticipated third book in Stephenie Meyer's riveting vampire love sag I had expectations for this book but I found it to be a terrible disappointment Where to begin with? First of all I have lost most of the respect I had for Bella as a character Her obsession for Edward has really gone overboard to the point of becoming downright annoying even unhealthy She worships the ground he walks on and is all too ready to dump her parents and friends just so she can spend time with him without growing old She doesn't seem to have any serious problem with the idea of making her parents worry or the thought of never see them again she's willing to stomp over anything that isn't Edward even things that can enrich her life She's like a satellite her boring life revolving solely around him She has no self worth and spends a good deal of the book whining complaining and sighing I really wanted to shake her hard at times and tell her to GET A LIFE I also find it deeply disturbing that Bella is not repulsed by the idea of blood lust How could she accept the thought that she will want to kill people even her family so easily just because of him? Second Edward has gone from charming to BORING There is such a thing as being too perfect read dull and Edward fits the mold perfectly His character is so flat and how many times can we hear Bella and Edward exchange their love for one another before becoming bored? I mean honestly how perfect can he be before it simply becomes ridiculous? Most of the book is spent on the two of them fawning over each other and Bella saying over and over and over again how sexy and good looking he is Writing tip for the author You don't need to tell us countless times that your character is wonderful Actions speak for themselves Jane Austen didn't need to remind us several times that Mr Darcy was perfect he simply wasThird Jacob He's the reason I gave this book 2 stars He was the most compelling character in the book He wasn't perfect but he was fun honest and very human making big mistakes but always trying to do his best he was impossible not to love He was real not a perfect pretty doll with no flaws Sadly he was mostly wastedI also the think the magic Twilight had dissapeared I liked the books because the author made the whole vampirewerewolf thing so credible but now with armies of vampires raging through Washington credibility has gone out the window Also the whole book was focused on on a love triangle that everybody knew how it would end and it made everything very predictable And how come nobody saw that Victoria was behind the killings when it was so darn obvious even to the casual reader? Were they stupid? Overall a great disappointment I'm not sure if I'll read the next book in the series Why bother?

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Eclipse By Stephenie MeyBELLA?Edward's soft voice came from behind me I turned to see him spring lightly up the porch steps his hair windblown from running He pulled me into his arms at once just like he had in the parking lot and kissed me againThis kiss frightened me There was too much tension too strong an edge to the way his lips crushed mine like he wa You gave it three stars? she asked me biting her lip and holding her breathYes I finally answered with my marble lips cold yet strangely comforting even warm Stephenie don't forget to breatheOh of course A storm seemed to rage in her for just a momentI gave it a three It's good I would never lie to her could never lie to her Yet somehow she felt it was a lie and brooded in stillness for a moment that seemed to last an eternityFinally I broke the aching silence I gave it a three because the vampire lore was that good the extended plotline and the setup for a decent fourth novel were all enjoyable There I said it Would it be enough for her? No it would never be enoughBut you absolutely hated the tent scene with the spoiler removed and you wanted to send Bella straight to vampire hell for her self absorbed self indulgent self obsessed self ness by the end We paused and I noticed sobs erupting from deep inside herStephenie breathe and stop biting your lip it's getting really annoying uit with the crying already Yes all of those things are true and if I could release myself from your books I would But But? she asked longlingly her fingers caressing my face while my fingers caressed her face and somebody else's fingers were somehow caressing both our faces because you can never have too much face caressing going on whose fingers are those anyway? But despite how much I hate Bella by now I really want to find out about the Volturi and the process of becoming a vampire and whether Bella is somehow part of an ancient bloodline that stirs up all the vampires and werewolves whenever she's around That's why I gave it three stars and that's why I gasped she gasped we both forgot to breathe and bit our lips why I will be reading the fourth book as soon as it is outFinally I remembered to breathe and stopped caressing her face looked into her eyes and with my godlike cool marble lips asked Satisfied?Smiling she answered Yes veryNotes from James If you like this one you will probably also get a kick out of my original review of Book 1 Enjoy

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EPUB ☆ MOBI Eclipse By Stephenie Meyer î 9780316160209 FREE À STEPHENIE MEYER í BELLA?Edward's soft voice came from behind me I turned to see him spring lightly up the porch steps his hair windblown from running He pulled me into his arms at once just like he had in the parking S afraid we had only so much time left to usAs Seattle is ravaged by a string of mysterious killings and a malicious vampire continues her uest for revenge Bella once again finds herself surrounded by danger In the midst of it all she is forced to choose between her love for Edward and her friendship with Jacob knowing that her decis snif my link is worthless nowthis is the virgin daiuiri version of wuthering heights all watered down plopped in a blender and sitting at the folding card table with the kiddiesand they are all gulping it down without knowing that the real deal is way funelizabeth has probably written the best review this book could ever get with much wittier analogies so go read that then come back here for some less articulate complaintsi messed up i thought i would have a nice vacation where i would have plenty of time and concentration to lounge over our mutual friend instead there was drinking and some self pity and vacation langour and i just couldn't give dickens the attention he deserves you know who really doesn't deserve my complete attention? stephenie meyerand why is that? because she has grievously misinterpreted one of my favorite books and has created this sort of chimera byproduct that you can see some of the source material in if you suint but it's mostly just wrongi mean at this point in everyone's lives the world doesn't need another eclipse review right? so i am mostly going to just bitch about why this book misrepresents wuthering heights and why that makes me crankyi suppose it is ambitious of her to have attempted to pepper her vampire romance novels with elements of better works of literature like say shakespeare and jane austen she made the decision to try to shoehorn these characters into the mold of another book and just didn't bother trying to fix the parts that overflowed or got stuck togetherbut you can't get mad at a puppy for pissing on the rugand i knew what i was getting into before i started reading this i was aware that this was the wuthering heights installment of the series so i was obligated to read it on those grounds alone as i will read any retelling of wh for better or for worse usually worseand elizabeth had warned me and warned me that meyer got wh all wrong and had reversed the roles of heathcliff and linton in a most embarrassing way but at first i saw no problems bella was obviously catherine edward was heathcliff the true love and jacob was lintonthe appropriate choice right? done and done i kept reading shocked thinking but elizabeth is never wrong what gives??is she only basing this on appearance? on the superficial? edward is fair and wealthy and very understanding of bella's other ties like linton maybe not understanding in linton's case but ineffectual and jacob is definitely darker complected like heathcliff and tied to nature and the earth but that shouldn't change the basic differencesbecause obviously edward is the sun to bella's flower face she cannot be without him even an afternoon spent apart is unendurable and the intensity of their love is undeniable and unbreakable and blah and blah jacob is her father's choice for her which makes him linton who is technically a better choice because there is less self destructive passion and choosing him allows her to remain you know alivebut let's back upbecause wuthering heights was never a choice between two suitable men it was a choice between passion and security head and heart and linton was never an alternative to heathcliff catherine always just wanted it all it was never about love not with lintonhe was simply the path of least resistance and a means to an end securing him meant securing a place for heathcliff whom she could never marry but who needs marriage when your husband is much weaker than your lover?so in a modern version of the storyit makes sense to do away with the financial angle especially with characters this young the conflict here is between soul and body all bella has to do is choose humanity or immortalityeasy peasy so the reversal of edward and jacob's fortunes didn't cause me too much grief and still maintains the distinction between edwardheathcliff and jacoblinton the root of the conflict is the same to go with an all consuming passion that eclipses one's own self and is potentially dangerous for so so many reasons here or to go with the one who feels like family who has the paternal approval who will allow her to remain a living breathing human and retain her entire lifeexcept her passionfine this still parallels wh and the specific details heathcliff goes away while catherine recovers at the linton's and then he goes on that much longer absence plunging her into despair so far so good edward leaves bella in new moon and jacob steps in to be there for her and heals her and manages to stick a little bit of him in the space edward's leaving leftbut then it gets messy and too many of heathcliff's characteristics start leaking into jacob because jacob is kind of a dick forcing kisses always smirking and pushing his boundarieshe takes much delight in troublemaking and hurting his rival and occasionally hurts bellatoo jacob is warm and furious and tied to the forest the way heathcliff is tied to the moorsit is jacob who is the earthbound heathcliff she can remain a grubby child with meyer rightly recognizes edward as the other half of bella's soul but extracts all the physical earthly passion from that role and gives it to jacobedward protects her like a fine crystal object while his sister dresses her like a doll what does this sound like?? linton linton linton bella as catherine is obviously the weakest here she is nothing like catherine she moans about not being good enough for edward catherine was never good enough for linton but did that stop her? she barreled in and took what she wanted and refused to leave bella fusses over everyone and just wants everyone to be happy and self sacrifices all over the place i understand that bella's character has already been established in other books but how can she compare herself to catherine with a straight face?? catherine is a goddamn honey badger bella is a mother henher relationship with edward certainly has elements that are unappealing who wants to be watched and protected that closely all the time? but at least i believed in their feelings because they are always reminding me and shoving my face in itjacob forces himself on her laughs at her human weakness when she fights back and tries to separate her from her happiness at every turn it is both arrogant and insecure but this is still somehow but the one who is most like family who bella's dad wants her to be with do NOT get me started on parental roles in the twilight sagabut uickly our girl walks through the door from her vacation and already is making dinner for her father who supports some shirtless douchebag's forced kisses but hates the rich boy who really wants to marry his daughter and preserve her virginity but this is another reversal to wh too since heathcliff was at least raised as family even if you don't interpret heathcliff as mr earnshaw's bastad son which is not a belief i personally subscribe to but it is out there edward is patient and forgiving and gentle and willing to give bella the space she needs before making her decision before she is even aware there is a decision to makecome on that can't be rightheathcliff doesn't share he can tolerate linton because he is weak and catherine would not have him harmed but this vampire zen shit has no place in a heathcliff character and isn't even a linton uality that element is pure meyerin wuthering heights everyone behaves poorlyin this one it is really just jacob as linton i mean heathcliff i mean jacobnonsenseapart from any messing with the heights stumbles this also maintains all the lazy writing and comical details meyer interprets as passion all the tooth grinding and clenching and chuckling and things said under the breathoh and snorting why does everyone snort? and borrowing lines from wuthering heights to help bolster your characters is like posing next to the chubby girl in photographs to look slimmer we see your borrowed fineryand the love triangle thing is pretty forced bella herself doesn't even realize until the end that she is even in a love triangle so how are we supposed to? honestly i am aware that there is such a thing as team jacob because i am a citizen of the world but god what's the appeal in some pushy dude who won't take no for an answer??and why do i excuse heathcliff all his sins? is it because the writing is better? is it because i believe in his love in a way i do not believe in bella? because when i think of heathcliff i feel a physical reaction in my heart when i think of jacob i roll my eyesi actually liked twilight despite its flaws new moon was boring and repetitive this one was irritating because of how much i looove whthere is no evil in this book no revenge the stakes are too low in the trianglei picture the three of them at a baroh i made sure jacob would overhear my conversation with bella about our upcoming nuptials snort chuckle eeeevil oh i knew edward could read my mind so i thought about how sad bella was when he went away clenched teeth snorteeeevil oh i married her husband's sister alternately beating and ignoring her raised my enemy's son to be an illiterate brute and ruined everyone's lives while i mourned my one true love crickets the sound of edward and jacob pissing themselveshere is some exciting eclipse information for this year get on that venus one because you're not gonna get another chance unless you are team edwardand because this still makes me laugh think i have probably made a point or two in that rant somewhere i wasn't enraged overall not really but it was a pretty bloated book and i really don't get all the love for this seriesoh and a gross dedication to my husband pancho for your patience love friendship humor and willingness to eat outTMI stephenie meyer TMI come to my blog