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O reconnect with the healing energies of nature even in the middle of a bustling city as part of a series of meditations based on the elements and your senses DIY Body Butter Create your own custom soothing and smoothing body butter powered by crystal and essential oils suited to your intention and sanctified by a ritual And much The Witch’s Book of Self Care shows you how easy it is to connect to the earth harness your personal power and add a little magic to your everyday life for a better yo. Such a sweet little self care book I really love the spells and little crafty things This book is right up my alley One I'll have to buy and keep at home

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The Witchs Book of Self Care“From Wiccan author Arin Murphy Hiscock comes this fantastic guide to spiritual self care with a witchy bent The Witch’s Guide to Self Care contains recipes for products and spells for self restoration” Bustle Worship yourself the witchy way learn how to nourish your body and spirit with herbal remedies spells and rituals inspired by witchcraft in this uniue enchanted guide to self careSelf care is a necessity for any modern woman and this book helps you prioritize #1 with a little help fr. 05 out of 5 starsCan I really be disappointed when my expectations were next to non existent DebatableLet's start with the self care part of the book There's nothing revolutionary about the things the author suggests we do as self care pactices naps baths journaling meditation teas scents and the like Trite all of it You can cover all that with a uick google search You don't actually need this book to tell you how to look after yourself It is common knowledge at this point that the aforementioned practices are soothing and helpfulNow that that's out of the way let us discuss why this book is c o n f u s e d While reading it I distinctly felt that a big chunk of it was just jumble of spiritual undistilled ideas The worshipping portion of this book prayers spells incantations comes off as self indulgent in the sense that I found it to be rather shallow and not attached to the Craft Witch is a word heavily associated with neopaganism but other than some vague animistic notions that at times were appropriating Native culture I don't think I learnt anything of value about modern day witches Moreover I'm somewhat uncomfortable with the idea of using a belief system and one's faith solely for aesthetic purposes which was exactly what I think happened here What makes me think that Why the mental calculation of all the MONEY one would need to apply some of the crafts and ideas presented in this book in their every day life I wasn't aware that witchcraft practices were so vastly commercialised The self promo doesn't help to convince me otherwiseHowever it wouldn't be fair to say all that without aknowledging my own bias As an atheist and a firm believer in healthy scepticism I found the paganwiccancall it what you want portion of this book unecessary especially considering the points made in the previous paragraph As a student in the STEM field I couldn't have suspended my disbelief enough to accommodate for all the unscientific waffle in this book All that being said I have a great and active interest in religions and belief systems and the symbolism behind their dogmas and practices that has been passed down to me through my religious upbringing So I think it is fair to say that The Witch's Book of Self Care failed to satisfy my curiosity in that regardTo sum up I would NOT reccommend the Witch's Book of Self Care If you're looking for a Self Help book maybe look into a regular one but definitely not thisHappy readingPS Trigger warning Discussion of depressionIn my opinion the way this book discusses mental health is rather problematic so you might want to stay away from that There is a spell on how to acceptembrace your depression for crying out loud that could be understandably triggering to people Oh and one last thing Essential oils can't heal your mental health troubles

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The Witchs Book of Self Care Free download ☆ 105 ↠ “From Wiccan author Arin Murphy Hiscock comes this fantastic guide to spiritual self care with a witchy bent The Witch’s Guide to Self Care contains recipes for products and spells for self restoration” —Bustle Worship yourself the witchy way—learn how to nourish your bOm the magic of witchcraft The Witch’s Book of Self Care has advice for pampering your body mind and spirit with spells meditations mantras and powerful activities to help you to keep healthy soothe stress relinuish sadness channel joy and embrace your strength This book features such magical self care remedies A Ritual to Release Guilt Learn to burn whatever causes you pain and process painful memories or work through heavy emotions in this therapeutic ritual Green Space Meditation Learn how t. I was about to give this book two stars because I was not really enjoying it all the way through I was liking what the author was talking about when it came to self care but the rituals were a but repetitive and not something that I would see myself doing and that was what took up a majority of the book I wasn’t feeling it but I told myself to push through and finish it on the flight and I am so glad I did It vastly improved towards the latter half of the bookThis book splits itself into 5 chapters the first is Self Care and Magic Where it gives self care tips and the different sources of magic they will be using in the books such as herbal magic candle magic meditation etc I thought this was a great overview and is good for readers who are unfamiliar with this field This chapter also had a lot of good things to say about self care and my favorite one was when it says “don’t let yourself be driven by a need to be approved or liked by others”This uote is under the section that talks about living authentically and it is so important for people to incorporate in their life If you live for others’ approval you aren’t going to be happy They people who are meant to be in your life won’t be looking for you to please them or seek their approval Live to make yourself happy and you then in turn you will find the right people It also talks about how self care is acknowledging all the parts of yourself even the “bad” ones We aren’t perfect and we all have flaws Instead of denying them we should acknowledge it and by doing so we can work on bettering ourselvesThe next chapter talks about Mental and Emotional Self Care My favorite part of this chapter is the Daily 5 Minute Self Care Routine to start the day For me when I wake up the first thing I check are my phone and my messages and I really want to get away from that I want to be able to commit the first few minutes of my day to myself It talks about stretching drinking a glass of water and even doing meditation This honestly may take than 5 minutes but the longer I am away from my phone in the morning the better My favorite self care concept that this chapter talks about is the idea of Affirmations Over the past year I have learned how much positive affirmations can affect how you go about your goals and whether or not you will succeed in them For example I used to hate running When I got tired I would immediately stop and berate myself for being so out of shape That happened for years and I couldn’t get out of it During one running session as I was starting to get tired I decided to try out a positive affirmation I told myself that “I could do it” that I “was strong” and that “I could make it through” and you know what happened I did I made it through the tiredness phase during my run and was able to finish all 3 miles I am not exaggerating when I saw that positive affirmations has changed my life and i am glad this book talks about it It also gives you affirmations that you can start saying to yourselfChapter 3 is probably my least favorite chapter and why I was considering giving this book 2 stars It is all about physical self care and doesn’t really have much in teaching you about self care and the majority of the chapter are recipes for different meals teas and skincare Normally I love stuff like that but the recipes listed here are meant as comfort food and don’t necessarily deal with health It even says in the book that eating healthy and well is a vital key to caring for yourself The author even states that when it comes to calories these foods may not be the best A lot of the recipes didn’t seem healthy and I believe that comfort food can be if you think hard enough There are amazing dishes that have a lot fruits and vegetables that the author could have incorporated in here My favorite is a simple dish of Baked Salmon Broccoli and Sweet Potatoes and tasted good and also leaves you feeling goodThe book started to pick up after chapter 3 and the next chapter talks about Spiritual Self Care What I liked most about this chapter was that it talked about how you can honor the gods and deities you believe in I don’t know if I believe in a god with a name I believe that there is a force in the world but I don’t want to give that force a name However whenever I look to strength I do call on to the Greek gods I don’t know how to explain it but believing that honoring a specific god or goddess and them giving me strength in their specific domain is strangely empowering I also liked the part when it talks about how we can form connections with certain animals and the animal we are drawn to says something about what we value There is a list of animals in the book and the values that they are associated with The owl I have felt most connected to is the owl and it is associated with wisdom insight and honesty with yourself I loved when I read this because these are three concepts that I value greatly and try to incorporate in my daily life especially the part of being honest with yourself That can be one of the hardest things you can do but once you achieve it you will feel exceptionally free This chapter also talks about Focused Meditation which is all about focusing on one thing at a time It seems simple but in a world where we have so many options and things to do we sort of developed a habit of multi tasking When we eat we watch a tv show When we only listen to music as background noise for other activities What focused meditation asks you to do is to spend an hour or two on just one activity so that you can fully appreciate itThe last chapter deals with how to make your home safe for you It starts off the chapter bys aying “your home is your spiritual retreat the space should reflect the protection nurturing and support you need from it” I completely agree with this You home should be a place that gives you energy and you should curate it in a way that does just that You need to be able to create comfort declutter and cleanse your home and this chapter lists a bunch of rituals and activities that can help you do just that The activity that I liked the most was where it teaches you to create an altar to yourself It has you collect things that make you happy and put them on a towel or a tray You will look at these things as you chant affirmations that validate you have done a great job and you will continue to succeed in life It is important for you to honor yourself and it’s nice to see that the author tries to help her readers do that in a creative wayOverall this was a really good book I loved all the things it had to say about self care and agreed with most of them If you are looking to better yourself and for fun activities to help you do that this is a great book to check outTL;DR This is a really good book that has great things to say about self care and a bunch of fun activities and rituals for you to start loving yourself My only negative is that the recipes in this book aren’t necessarily healthy and that is important to me and my self care journey