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reader õ American Dervish ´ Ayad Akhtar His teacherWhen Mina meets and begins dating a man Hayat is confused by his feelings of betrayal His growing passions both spiritual and romantic force him to uestion all that he has come to believe is true Just as Mina finds happiness Hayat is compelled to act with devastating conseuences for all those he loves most More like 15 starsI felt excited to read this book after hearing the author being interviewed on NPR’s Fresh Air On air he sounded unsure of himself and at the same time very opinionated a combination I really like for reasons I won't go into here Akhtar’s bio is intriguingIvy educated actor playwright and student of Sufi masters Sadly his novel is disappointing compared to his punditry I bet though he’d write fabulous essaysAmerican Dervish is a good uick read but it lacks nuance What should be complex issues clash of Islam and the West sexual awakening family turmoil oppression of women and complex characters end up feeling flat and one dimensional None of the characters come to life with any humanness maybe with the exception of the boy’s father; none of them are particularly likeable And it doesn’t help that the plot is predictable and the writing spotty The book does not feel primarily like a novel but like a platform for a talking head role for Akhtar on all topics Muslim American The experience of reading it often left me wondering if a marketing dept wrote the bookI’m pretty puzzled by the good reviews here and elsewhere For my money the most honest editorial review of this debut novel is in Publisher’s Weekly It may simply be that Akhtar is bright personable and has got a good schtick and that the publisher has got deep pockets Or if I drop the cynicism it could be that for those readers who are new to the life of immigrants coming of age tales and the range and contradictions of religious belief American Dervish is a decent if simplified introduction But for those engaged with these concerns the novel is facile and pedantic and doesn’t grasp the subtlety of human relationships Maybe the main reason this book doesn’t work is that it is a commercial young adult fable pretending to be a literary novel

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kindle å American Dervish Ï Hardcover ✓ ayad akhtar ✓ Hayat Shah is a young American in love for the first time His normal life of school baseball and video games had previously been distinguished only by his Pakistani heritage and by the freuent chill between his parents Then Mina arrives and everythi Hayat Shah is a young American in love for the first time His normal life of school baseball and video games had previously been distinguished only by his Pakistani heritage and by the freuent chill between his parents Then Mina arrives and everything changesMina is Hayat's mother's oldest friend from Pakistan She is American Dervish Ayad Akhtar’s book is a witty humorous educational sensual and spiritual insightful captivating and riveting tale of a young child growing up in the Midwest in the early eighties The author beautifully and painstakingly narrates the impressions of a child as he struggles to understand the complexity of Islam and thus his own identity through the controversial messages from many well meaning people in his life It points to the biases bred through cultural and historical lenses which have the potential to traumatize the minds of our next generations of Muslims in America These biases can and inherently do shape the very existence of the young minds unbeknownst to the people who love them the most their parents and families who are so caught up in 'their own world' and its challenges Some of the challenges in this tale are universal to all Muslims while others are very individual to the book’s protagonist Hayat ShahWhile the message of Islam is universal the Muslims are not monolithic Cultural influences and customary interpretations from around the world impact the way the religion of Islam is taught and practiced With migration from around the world Islamic Centers in America are like a ‘mini United Nations’ a melting pot of Muslims from around the globe who bring in diverse customs and cultures adding to the beautiful tapestry of the Muslim fabric of America thus adding to the complexity of understanding Muslims and Islam Personally the message of uran which resonates with me is ‘Read and Reflect’ as it emphasizes the use of intellect reason and logic and discourages from blindly following the customs and traditions of ancestors which may be contrary to the essence of the peaceful religion of Islam The future of Islam and Muslims like any faith community depends upon our youth With the ever increasing negative stereotyping of Muslims and Islam by parts of the media clergy and politicians it is our responsibility to the next generations to bring in an era of Islam which stands for social justice euality of all beings and peace After reading Ayad Akhtar’s book American Dervish I am convinced than ever that the time and need for ‘Ijtihad’ is now for ongoing contemporary narrative with contextual interpretation of faith and the Holy uran individually and collectively by scholars to help reshape and reframe the influence of religion on the mindset of next generation of Muslims which engages them towards a peaceful coexistence in the world and peace within themselves Sarwat Malik MD FACP

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American DervishIndependent beautiful and intelligent and arrives on the Shah's doorstep when her disastrous marriage in Pakistan disintegrates Her deep spirituality brings the family's Muslim faith to life in a way that resonates with Hayat as nothing has before He feels an entirely new purpose mingled with a growing infatuation for Round up my review of 15 stars to 2 I guess This was a hard book for me to get through When I was given the galley at Book Expo I was told that it was the next Kite Runner I should've known better when anyone says a book is the next anything I really wanted to enjoy this as I feel stories from Asia in general are under represented in the US and am sure that Middle Eastern stories have been on the rise in the past decade American Dervish is a coming of age story for a young Pakistani American boy Hayat The main story is in the relationship of him between his Aunt Mina how her residing with his family affects their life and how Hayat's love for her grows into a dedication to the Muslim faith His father is flawed as are his mother and those around him and then there's the feelings of love he has for Mina that are both natural and seem to straddle the line of romantic interest The fact is the main drama is with the adults and as a child he is witness to them and told of them but not always a part of it which I found to be the weakness The fact that the whole story is told from his POV in a reflective manner and that he's not as in the drama as he should be that he doesn't confront his philandering father or his overly emotional and submissive mother or his faithful auntie in a bad relationship makes him very submissive and the story run a bit too long I think much could've been cut and the protagonist of Hayat could have been active especially since some of what he does is an impetus for later events The end is rushed but I did receive a galley so the ending and epilogue may have changed But the ending was all told and not seen and the convenient reunion at the end seem very forced but I guess expected I learned a lot about characters and how to utilize narrators and such from reading American Dervish And am sorry I didn't enjoy it as much as I wanted to I did appreciate being involved in the culture and the racism and prejudices but these are things as someone who is friends with people of this culture was aware of already So perhaps for others it will be uite revealing but for those already in the know not so much