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Free Lola and the Boy Next Door kindle × eBook ð Alternate Cove edition for ISBN 9780525423287Lola Nolan is a budding costume designer and for her the outrageous sparkly and fun the outfit the better And everything is pretty perfect in her life right down to her hot rocker boyfriend until the Bell twins Calliope and Cricket returnErything is pretty perfect in her life right down to her hot rocker boyfriend until the Bell twins Calliope and Cricket return to the neighborhood When Crick Set to Copacabana by Barry ManilowHer name is Lo la She's a steal the show girlWith purple stripeys in her hair wearing leggings worthy of CherShe's friends with Etienne and of course with An naThe boy next door draws on his hand and Lola yearns to understandAcross their midnight lawn they talked from dusk til dawnThey were young and needed each otherBut did the boy next door want At Lola's Lola Nolan's CasaThe hottest thing since Etienne and AnnaAt Lola's Lola Nolan's CasaMusic and passion and geek hipster fashionAt Lola's They fell in loveHis name is CricketHe's an inventorHe hangs out his window and keeps his voice real lowAnd when she's within ear he beckons her nearBut Cricket wouldn't go too farBecause Lola had some scarsAnd then the tension grew and hearts were ripped in twoThere was love and some rough nightsBut just who caused the fightAt Lola's Lola Nolan's CasaThe most angst since Etienne and AnnaAt Lola's Lola Nolan's CasaSeuins and tassels and two gay dad rascalsAt Lola's She lost her loveHer name is Lo la still a steal the show girlBut she's been through teenage hell all thanks to Cricket BellNow it's make or break it for a relationshipBut she still has a boyfriendDid I forget to mention himHer path is undefined she's losing half her mindShe's in a bind and in a crunchNow she's about to lose her lunchAt Lola's Lola Nolan's CasaThe best fun since Etienne and AnnaAt Lola's Lola Nolan's CasaHair clips and lashes and grand high school dancesAt Lola's Does she get her loveDoes she get her love

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Alternate Cove edition for ISBN 9780525423287Lola Nolan is a budding costume designer and for her the outrageous sparkly and fun the outfit the better And ev Oh gosh I really cannot understand all the good reviews for this book even if half of them were given BEFORE the book actually came out which if you ask me is completely stupid To say it's overrated is an understatement This book is such a huge disappointment I guess this is a typical example of what happens when you fantasize so much about something that you've actually built up this ideal in your mind which has nothing to do with reality sadly Careful people spoilers aheadI'd like to begin by saying that I am a big fan of Anna and the French Kiss That book's a master piece clearly I absolutely loved Stephanie Perkins' writing and I couldn't wait to read the companion book But unfortunately Lola and the Boy Next Door feels like I don't know the biggest letdown of the yearFirst off I have to say it; Lola surely is the most unbelievable and unlikable narrator I have ever had the misfortune to read about I'm sorry I really wanted to like her I did But I hated her I'm just one year older than she is but all along the book I felt like she was twelve Her reactions her constant lies her attitude everything bothered me her dress code on topOkay So I understand the concept of wanting to be different as well as being into fashion But this just felt ridiculous and weird and wrong Seriously big fake sparkly eyelashes and prom dresses and WIGS every day What is wrong with that girl And how is this supposed to make her relatable She's self centered and instead of making her look original that just showed bad taste and immaturity At some point she goes to school wearing a dress made out of a sheet and some Cleopatrian make up hum hello ARE YOU FOR REAL I understand if you're like eight or if it's Halloween or whatever but being a junior and all How come her parents don't say anything Aren't they supposed to have a say in their kid's image or something Don't they ever wonder why she feels the necessity of hiding herself Of wearing outfits that make her absolutely unrecognizable in the streets Don't they ever think it might be than teenage drama What kind of parents wouldn't sit the kid down and try to figure out what's going onI kept thinking that Lola was disturbed and needed some serious therapy and I knew from the very first scenes I wouldn't like her She made this HUGE deal out of what happened with the Bells two years ago nearly passing out when she learns they've come back breaking plates and all and when you discover what the whole drama is about it's pathetic It was nothing Over reacting is her middle name I swearWhich naturally brings me to talk about the main hero of the story Cricket I feel so so sorry that no one in the whole editing world could convince Perkins to change that name It was just so irritating it bugged no pun intended me the whole time and because of that I was never ever able to visualize him as a potential hottie Imagine you're at the hospital After 9 months of long and exhausting pregnancy you now have your baby boy in your arms and he's perfect And the smiling nurse comes to you and say What will be the name of that sweetheart and you say CRICKET Perkins worked on that book with a simple goal make teenage girls swoon over the characters and over the story But for the love of God people just tell meHOW AM I SUPPOSED TO BE SWOONING OVER THAT Did she lose a bet in a drinking game or something So I'm sorry I really am But I just can't It's beyond what I can accept And don't even get me started on the too short pants and pointy red shoes because it's painfully obvious how Perkins tried to give him a wannabe edgyhipsterrock n' roll attitude so cool Not It's geeky and unattractiveBasically I think what was really disturbing in that story is the lack of any realistic element whatsoever Simplicity anyone Not here The names Dolores Umbridge anyone Cricket Calliope Come on now the characters the personalities the outfits Lola's and Cricket's for that matter family situations I hate it when authors try to send a message like this What was that supposed to mean That gay parents can raise a kid just as well as any straight parents As far as I'm concerned I didn't think that Lola was a normal teenager Any social worker would be seriously concerned to see her wearing her freakin' Marie Antoinette dress the whole inventor thing Do I even need to talk about that as well as the moon talking honestly Like you're seventeen and you sit on your balcony and talk out loud to the moon all of this when your window is two inches away from your crush's window Riight Nothing felt REALPerkins tried too much to differentiate her characters just so her book would be nothing like the clichés of the YA lit world She tried too hard Way too hard Everything was overdone And the thing is she doesn't even need to try that hard Perkins is an amazing writer; her work can be amazing where tons of others just fail miserably She doesn't need to develop extraordinary characters Anna didn't have anything special but she was adorableAlso the love triangle was very badly achieved From the first page I think Lola describes Max with the words tattooed 22 years old rock star pot addicted hated by the parents I mean hey diabolizing much And a five year difference isn't SUCH a big deal No it just isn't St Clair's reaction was ridiculous Seriously grow the fuck up Lola If you keep thinking he's too old to the point of screwing up your relationship then you're definitely too young You know what I think that's precisely the problem actually Lola felt too young Like Perkins aimed the book at a younger audience And if you could relate to Lola and to the way she dresses then you're probably young too You'll change your mind in a couple of years And of course there's the whole reverse plot that everyone spotted Now it's Lola who's in a relationship and she has sex YOU GUYS so she's MATURE But the whole detective thing with her best friend and everything It really felt like she was still a young teenager and that's not what I want to read I personally like it better when the characters of the books I read are a bit older than me I suppose it makes me expect great adventures for the years to come or something like that But here I felt like I'd borrowed a book from the middle school's library And when Lola's acting like a stupid toddler it just makes me want to close that damn book and move on And the title was also a bad choice Yes yes it's cute and all the 13 year olds will love it but since you know that the title is boy next door it was so obviouuus So Lola virtually spends the whole story with some guy who you just KNOW is the wrong one The you read the

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Lola and the Boy Next DoorEt a gifted inventor steps out from his twin sister's shadow and back into Lola's life she must finally reconcile a lifetime of feelings for the boy next doo adorable and wonderful didn't want to put it down