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Free download Fortitude Smashed The Camellia Clock Cycle #1 ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ã After scientists stumbled across an anomalous human hormone present during moments of emotional intimacy further research created the ability to harness the direction of living energy and pinpoinNow implanted beneath the thumbnails of every infant where glowing numbers count down to the moment they will meet their soul mate Fate is now a calculation But loving someone isn’t When Shannon Wurther the youngest detective in Southern Cali. rep bi pan mcs mlm relationshipReview also on my blogSoulmates I mean the blurb could have ended there and I would already be hooked Even if what I actually like most about the soulmates trope is the identifying marks part that kind of works best in fics when I know and love the characters But no matter Soulmates I was excitedOur main characters the pov switches between them all the time it’s nice are an art thief and a police detective Combine this with the soulmates trope and you’re expecting some nice angst before the guys even get together right Well that’s not the case The sparks start flying right away and they’re actually pretty uick to start a relationship Honestly though It’s a good thing I loved that It gave us an opportunity to observe how they will take care of said relationship As soon as I realised this is what I got myself into I was even excitedThey actually make a pretty good job of getting their relationship to work Sure they’re not big on communicating at least at first and it’s even addressed in the narrative and apparently in this world soulmates have two modes of interacting physical emotional but they do their best They share all the important things with each other It’s all very reasonable and adult likeSo Anna what’s the deal Why is your rating so lowYes the premise is good Great even The problems start when you look at the writing I see two which are deeply connected 1 the totally purple prose and 2 the lackluster characters You wouldn’t necessarily think those have anything to do with each other and yet The thing is the style sure is pretty full of sweet enchanting metaphors but it’s all empty It’s so shiny it takes your attention away from the fact that the characters have absolutely no depth And that’s because they are constantly being described but none of those beautiful descriptions have anything to do with how they act Aiden especially is being portrayed time and time again as this dangerous young man all knives and sharp edges But in reality all we get is him walking his cat on a pink leash and sharing food with homeless people It’s kind of even worse with Shannon because we’re given some hints about his tragic past but never actually learn anythingSo yeah In the end even though I actually like purple prose and it was very sparkling here I was bored to death and couldn’t wait to get to the last line I’m really sorry about that I was honestly excited about this book I mean Soulmates

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Fornia finds himself face to face with Aiden Maar the reckless art thief Shannon’s precinct has been chasing for months they are both stunned Their Camellia Clocks have timed out and the men are left with a choice love one another or defy fate. Read the full review and on my blogTW Fire Sexual AssaultCamellia Clocks are implanted beneath every infants thumbnail where glowing numbers count down to the moment they will meet their soul mate It seems to work out about 98% of the time and even though the clocks will count down until you meet your soul mate it's still your choice what to do with that information and it still takes work to have a relationship Honestly with that synopsis I was a bit worried about how the book would go but i'm so glad I gave it shot as I ended up loving itA thief Aiden attempting to steal a painting and a detective Shannon end up timing out when Shannon catches Aiden attempting to steal said painting Needless to say they were both kinda confused at thatIt's own voices for bipan characters and mental illness rep Aiden suffers from Dissociative Dysthymia a chronic depression He gets panic attacksI ended up relating to Aiden so much His depression and his reactions mirror what i've experienced exactly My reason are different than his but the feelings are the same and I don't believe i've ever seen these feelings described so well that fit me like a tee in a book before I've seen other great mental illness rep that fit me too in regards to anxiety but as for the Dissociative Dysthymia and panic attacks not so much Here I felt like I was reading my story It's an amazing feeling to know one isn't alone in such things To know someone else understandsAll the characters in this book are complex and very well fleshed out It really shows you how to look beyond what you first see when you see someone You can't tell someone's story just by looking at them and knowing one facet of who they are people are so much than that and I loved how this book captured that They are flawed and at times I got angry at some of the other characters but everything ended up being unpacked I was angry because I was supposed to be and for good reason Conversations were had and stuff was called outYes there is a romance here but it is so much than that And no mental illness is NOT cured by love Yes it has a HEA but Aiden is not cured Thank youThere isn't really much action or plot to speak of this is much character driven If you're looking for an action packed plot based book this isn't it But if you want a story with well fleshed out complex characters going through their life trying to figure stuff out sometimes making mistakes and being human that is sweet and will tug at your heart i'd highly recommend thisThank you to the author for giving me a chance to read thisMy Booktube Channel

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Fortitude Smashed The Camellia Clock Cycle #1After scientists stumbled across an anomalous human hormone present during moments of emotional intimacy further research created the ability to harness the direction of living energy and pinpoint when two lines will merge Personalized chips are. Fortitude Smashed is the first and only book I have ever read for review that I re read and took notes in the margins of with a pen and a highlighter That I loved so much I wanted to wallow in on every level I would be allowed to That’s been sitting on my nightstand for months just so I can keep savoring tiny momentsI read the book in one go; I fell in love with Aiden and with Shannon I fell in love with them falling in love The beauty of the conceit of fated people learning to be together in Brooke’s hands is this These men are both ready and not are willing and unwilling and prickly but open Their Rose Road gives them the space to struggle as we do but with the safety of understanding that this is meant In this way we are privileged to witness Aiden and Shannon as they go through a particular journey of personal growth that only this situation this Rose Road this circumstance could bringIn Fortitude Smashed Brooke built a family of secondary characters that I both adored and was incredibly irritated by at times — in short she gave these men family and friends that were fleshed out humans not just foils or plot devices to move particular aspects of the story around A great cast of secondary characters is hard to pull off and Brooke does it I love the gendersexualityidentity representation we see thus far in this series — I’m excited to see what comes in the next few as I’ve seen the author address uestions related to this in blog tour interviews and on her twitter I’d like to articulate my feelings on this well but my friend Annie at From Top To Bottom Reviews has done a better job of capturing it here in her reviewI read this book the first time fully knowing there was even to the story under the layers Brooke created but unable to stop because I was so caught up in the story The point of this being if you don’t feel like you want to do any literary analysis to enjoy the shit out of a beautiful book you don’t This book I promise will be a lovely experience regardlessThat saidthe first time I read Fortitude Smashed I knew it was special I knew I loved it a few pages in but it was on page 26 when Aiden first speaks to the Empty Man that I knew that what Brooke is crafting in this series is literature“Aiden thought the heart of the world like fate was buried in the sea and despite his hunger he would never find it” 26Fortitude Smashed is filled with some really heart stopping prose I mean the kind of phrase turning that makes you stop and re read just to enjoy the sheer poetry of it None of Brooke’s words or images function as still art alone Rather she deploys every image with precision“Spread out on the bed with a blush creeping from his chest to his face Aiden was still a cluster of knives Shannon’s willingness to bleed defied every shred of control he had left” 135The second time I read this book I had a pen a highlighter and lots of uiet I savored it I really let myself look at how Brooke used images names words flowers to tell us about Aiden whose name conseuently means “little fire” or “ardent” and Shannon whose name means “wise river” or “possessor of wisdom” I’ll just let you sit in that lovely tidbit for a moment take it with you when you read the book and it’ll just add a lovely layerBrooke’s use of metaphor and imagery particularly in reference to the two pieces of art Fortitude Smashed and Catalyst as well as the Empty Man Aiden meets on the beach at the beginning and near the end of the novel are brilliantly situated used and executed We begin the book with Aiden and Shannon meeting just as Aiden is attempting to steal Fortitude Smashed a piece of art made of flowers and flower parts lilies dandelion and baby’s breath all of which represent particular things For example lilies represent restored innocence after death Aiden later tells Shannon he wanted to steal it because it reminded him of himself When Shannon goes to buy it for him after they’ve fallen in love he actually sees it for the first time and in it“a containment of life in death in one pieceThe lily’s stem was snapped from the rest of the petals which gave the flower a sense of detachment It was nature’s grenade in the midst of detonating a slow motion explosion” 147It is in this moment that Shannon really understands — this was who Aiden was in the moment they met This is how Aiden understood and saw himselfAs fate would have it Shannon is unable to buy Fortitude Smashed — instead he buys another piece which we don’t get to see until the end of the book Catalyst which is made of ivy and dandelion calla lily and tulip flowers that represent youth rebirth perfect love fidelity affectionate attachment What I loved so deeply about this is that Brook doesn’t tell us any of this — she doesn’t give the reader the meanings She’s given the reader gifts inside her prose Aiden and Shannon’s struggle to understand walk and love one another as their Rose Roads is done gorgeously with care and depth and understanding And underneath it all Brooke infuses her language and images with depth and symbolism that make the story all that much richerBefore I finish with my high high praise for an #ownvoices story about mental illness I want to go back to the Empty Man and how he functions as a catalyst at the beginning of the story when Aiden is really struggling with the idea that his Rose Road is a cop; when he’s struggling with his self worth and his demons; when we’re learning that despite his hard exterior Aiden is terrified of not finding his heart How deeply he wants that Rose Road and love“‘Someone told me I would eat the heart of the world one day’ Aiden said’I’ve always loved the world but I never thought I’d find the heart of it the best of it the center of it I did though I found it” he added uickly ‘Or it found me I’m not sure which’‘I don’t know either but you’ve completely consumed it’Aiden offered a shy smile one of his gentle rarities and he kissed Shannon again” 315To summarize there thank you Taylor for this really heart wrenching human gorgeous love storyAnd now the part I really really want people to leave with This is an #ownvoices story in regards to mental health rep with both Brooke author and Aiden having mental illness Personally as someone who also not only struggles with but survives with mental illness Aiden’s story and representation meant the world to me Shannon doesn’t cure Aiden Fate love romance sex — none of it “fixes” Aiden –– because there’s nothing to be fixed Aiden is beautifully imperfect he’s human he has a mental illness but he isn’t his mental illness People living with depression or bipolar with dysthmia or cyclothemia me or any other number of MI — our MI’s don’t define us Stories where love “cures” or “fixes” characters with MI really bother me because that’s not how life works My husband loves and supports me his presence has helped save my life but at the end of the day I save my life I make it through each day I am the center of my survival and recovery Brooke writes a love story with healing with hope and where the characters are ultimately the primary agents of change and wellness in their own lives which they then bring to each other and their love I can see this theme in Daisy’s story; I can see this agency in Chelsea’s story — I look forward to what Brooke will do with them in future books in this series with utter trust in her skill