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Godric A Novel Review Å 100 á Frederick Buechner's Godric retells the life of Godric of Finchale a twelfth century English holy man whose projects late in life included that of purifying his moral ambition of prideSin spiritual yearning rebirth fierce asceticism these hagiographic staples aren't easy to revitalize but Frederick Buechner goes at the taskFrederick Buechner's Godric retells the life of Godric of Finchale a twelfth century English holy man whose projects late in life included that of purifying his moral ambition of prideSin spiritual yearning rebirth fierce asceticism these hagiographic staples aren't easy to revitalize but Frederick Buechner goes at the task with intelligent intensity and a fine readiness to invent what history doesn't supply He contrives a style of speech for his narrator Godric himself that's brisk and tough sinewedHe avoids metaphysical fiddle em. The life of a medieval hermit and saint Godric in his own words and memories and also as written down by Reginald a monk This gives you a glimpse into the medieval mind especially into that of one who is sorrowful for his life and spends fifty years in reparation praying to God Before visions or dreams of a monk Cuthbert and a girl Gillian Godric lives the life of a peddler merchant pirate steward to a lord sexton to a priest then gives his life to God This beautiful story flowed like the River Wear The author has turned it into a sort of rhythmical prose poem if I can use that expression A must read

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Bedding his narrative in domestic reality familiar affection responsibilities disastersAll on his own Mr Buechner has managed to reinvent projects of self purification and of faith as piuant matter for contemporary fiction in a book notable for literary finishFrederick Buechner is a very good writer indeed Benjamin DeMott The New York Times Book ReviewFrom the book's opening sentenceand sensible reader will be caught in Godric's gripGodric glimmers brightly Peter S Prescott NewsweekGodric is a memorable booka marvelous gem of a. Rabbit Room review here Kirkus Review here Poetic Spirituality review here Hermitary review here Captain Thin review here A Commonplace Blog review here Edoardo Albert review here See Nathan Kilpatrick's article The giving and taking of wounds Friendship and hagiography in Frederick Buechner's Godric in Christianity Literature 654 Sept 2016 455–72 Fascinating CL interview with Buechner here Buechner won CL's lifetime achievement award in 2007A little confusing at first because the narrative jumps back and forth from present to past Godric G also speaks of himself in the third person sometimes3–8 present narrated by Godric of Finchale; five friends two snakes Mouse Ailred abott Gillian; Reginald Reg is writing bio; friendship a matter of wounds; absence of friends leaves one empty cf CSL and Williams9–16 past distant father Aedlward who works hard for the lord; G has grey eyes; mother Aedwen; odd sister Burcwen; brother William; the fish and the near death experience miracle; 3 lessons17–22 present Reg on the meanings of names see here God reigns vs God wrecked; Reg's s about dreams etc; William of Normandy; rule of St Benedict; Godric feels unworthy of bio; lyric poetry Mary23–27 past Tom Ball's blessing doors choices; parting words with family; Burcwen threatens suicide playfully28–34 past River Wear; iron vest made; death of Small confused with Haggai at Bishop's Lynn; 3 follies G kills cat to peddle relics35–39 past Farne; penance; buries treasure from Bishop's Lynn; dream of Cuthbert; confession; friend Roger Mouse boatman40–43 pastpresent tension of young vs old; Beckett mentioned; legends of Godric's encounter with a boarSatan and his kissing a leper; guilt over the truth of the leper incident; process of people's pilgrimage to see Godric monks at Durham are gatekeepers; worthy pilgrims or those who pay get a cross of plaited straw; Godric feels unworthy to impart grace and sometimes he feels that he'll lose it himself and he wants to hold onto whatever grace he does have44–49 past waves melt away like years; G tells Mouse a false name Gudericus Deric naming issue; fish bumper sticker; Alfred the Great; they steal a ship and begin pirating; growing rich; Ps 124; Mary as Virgin; God's love's all gift; many sins; death of Cuthbert on Farne50–55 past six month break; Aedlward G's father has died; Burcwen wants to go with G—he says no; we're all under a stone whether a tombstone or needhurtlongingetc; alleged dream of Aedwen Aedlward in Purgatory reuesting prayers at Peter's tomb in Rome; G promises to go to Rome with his mother; Burcwen stays with William incestuous sexual tension with G; prayers to Mary56–61 presentpast Ailred and G on church roof River Wear flooding; G is 80; Reg gone for the moment; G contemplates the nature of time; G's prescience; ref to Noah; G tells Ailred about the journey to Rome; thieving priest; double murder pregnant woman punished by uartering; time again; return of Reg; problem of evil perspective62–67 past Rachel not who Jacob thought she was — Rome not what pilgrims expected cf Luther's journey; Gen 319; relics peddled; crusaders; Pope seems distracted; G and mother given a tour—see the Colosseum; we weep for ourselves; no God in Rome but they pray anyway; significance of the trapped bird; BCP language; G sees a bear on the way home—eats figs and expels them — Gillian appears and interprets the fable—G has polluted God's grace68–73 past comfort of familiar language; travel home with other pilgrims henpecked baker and wife Ralph the mason Maud the Bawd and Cherryman the priest; Gillian appears periodically speaking in proverbs; she sees Aedlward freezing in Purgatory; part of G freezes when Gillian departs74 79 past G reaches home and lies to Burcwen about MouseDeric cf JekyllHyde; why mention Gillian now; relationship with B strained; Falkes de Granvill Norfolk lord hires G to be a steward G wants to escape home; FdG's wife is Hedwic very young80–88 presentpastpresent Reg thinks G has died; the trial of aging; FdG mistreats the poor crops them to make them sprout—G participates; Hedwic's parable about a pristine outside concealing a corrupt inside; dilemma of speaking up and bringing pain upon others; FdG laughed at G's concern for those being cheated; G flees hearing Hedwic weeping89–94 past meets up with Mouse who's lost an eye; G had lain with Gillian; gabbing can signal the loss of friendship; took pilgrims to Jerusalem; prior to arriving in Arsuf they pick up the king of Jerusalem Baldwin; land at Jaffa; Jerusalem is saved from the Turks irony of God's will being done by rogues; G refuses to steal from pilgrims and Mouse throws him overboard95–99 present lostfound; contemplation on friendship rockswater; Perkin green eyes as an almost son—helps with G's tomb; reference to Jordan river and G's regeneration death of Deric and new birth of G100–5 past entire chapter is a prayer; G wants to learn to pray; tour of Jerusalem compared with Rome; G about 100 at the time of telling this part of his life; guilt weighs on G's back; recounting of sins commission and omission; G wades in Jordan and comes out changed; fools for Christ106–13 past G goes barefoot to honor Christ; white bird significance; asks feet to help him to do good; deposits Farne treasure at a church near Bishop Auckland; Elric anchorite at Wulsingham wrestles demons and speaks of penance; G carries Elric on his back put one burden down and picked up another; Elric much lighter than the guilt; G stays at Elric's cairn for two years—learned how to live114–20 past Elric Scratch fair find foul So goes the world temptation is always lurking; skull's a chapel but hands feet and heart have other desires we're not completely governed by logicreason; Devil often appears as Christ; G Elric Reg G; in G's dream Cuthbert shows him his destination and turns broken sticks into two snakes; death of Elric121–27 present Bishop Pudsey summons G to Durham to be honored at Christmas mass prob also to honor himself; G has gone without shoes for 50 years; shrine of Cuthbert's bones; Ranulf Flambard brought Cuthbert to Durham 50 yrs ago—body was preserved 500 yrs old; on the way home G sees Burcwen's tomb in a convent she died of life; G almost killed by Scottish brigands they don't know that men's treasure is buried in graves; Norman bishops can't repel the darkness128–33 presentpast G was about 40 when Elric died Henry I was king; Finchale rhymes with wrinkle; G left Elric and went to Saint Giles met a relative of Tom Ball's Littlefair deaf wife Joan; Littlefair enlists G's help as a bellringerdoorkeeper; G disciplines the choir boys but they like his expurgated stories G uestions the removal of the grief and ugliness; one of them Gilbert suggests that G learn to readwrite at the school at Saint Mary le Bow in Durham; works to escape Purgatory; Bishop Flambard's injusticegreed logos yet G is thankful that Flambard takes a liking to him pathos134–38 past Flambard red hair says golden rule is that the rich get richer—doesn't care about the poor; Flambard talks about progress making labor lighter and says that God rules through male procreation making babies and wit making a wondrous world; Flambard's penance heavy guilt; on a hunting trip with Flambard who wrestles friends then naps G wanders and finds the place that Cuthbert had revealed in G's dream two snakes; G gets permission to make his cell there and serve the King139–44 past G lived 50 yrs at Finchale left only 3x; filled the yrs with past imagined past what might have been road diverged and imagined future; danger of dreams can't control lustful thoughts; reference to The Anarchy; uestion of God's providencesovereignty; faithhopelove; G's internal war uestion of the nature of prayer see Prayer I something understood; separate visions of Mary John the Baptist and Jesus connected to prayer145–51 past family comes to Finchale a year after G arrives there; house burned by rogues suspicious of unmarried Burcwen and William poverty — false rumors; part of Aedwen metaphysical burned with the house; time like Wear carries everything away Aedwen's contemplation of deathrestporridge 3 estates and G's insistence that the dead will rise again; Aedwen sounds like Candide; William's gabbing hides his loneliness; Burcwen's frustration with William and her own loneliness and sense of loss sexual tension with G; G's works for Christ; death of Aedwen152–57 past G watches his sister bathe ref to Susanna; G and B shun each other; William thinks something's wrong with B; G eventually asks B for forgiveness—she comes to him at night and they talk and ; William can't find B is given no help from GB and dies searching for her; G feels the guilt of a murderer158–64 past B joins a convent of nuns; years later G sees B one time—communicate without speaking; G sees the deaths of Mouse and Perkin second sight; banishment of two snakes can't banish lust—cf Patrick165–71 present various Godric's; Reg wants G to bless the manuscript but G fears it's too sweet; G has a stroke catalyst is being called a saint—G knows he'll die today; G washes in Wear once ; Perkin helps G bless the manuscript; who's the Sweetheart; lostfound172–75 present Reg reads manuscript of G's deathreputation; two snakes pay homage; B's cross found around G's neck—turned into a relic177–78 historical note see ODNB; initially resisted being biographized; earliest lyric poet in English; prophetic ability

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Godric A NovelBookdestined to become a classic of its kind Michael Heskett Houston ChronicleIn the extraordinary figure of Godric both stubborn outsider and true child of God both worldly and unworldly Frederick Buechner has found an ideal means of exploring the nature of spirituality Godric is a living battleground where God fights it out with the world the Flesh and the Devil London Times Literary SupplementWith a poet's sensibly and a high reverent fancy Frederick Buechner paints a memorable portrait Edmund Fuller The Wall Street Journ. Buechner's reimagined biography of the saint is an empathetic account of the True Man whose reality plumbs the depths of everyone who wills to look into their darkness fear and grime and there discover life against the vastness of which death can barely fill a cup We assume Godric's sainthood as we tread his decrepit path of pernicious greed lust longing loneliness and sorrow; half a life as his alter ego Deric pilfering pilgrims whoring proffering religious hokum and killing incidentally comical in their correlation and feline bloodletting and robbing the poor to fatten the rich Yet it is in the dank and rags that Deric is finally buried after years of burying his own ill gotten gains on the remote isle of Farne and Godric finds his true self; that glimmer of humanity that can no longer bear life's vanity cruelty and pain God's existence is not negated by a broken world and broken lives; His reality is affirmed in spite of the dark as our humanity is stirred to a sense of hope of what should and shall be Godric guffaws at every attempt to sweeten the account of his life by the monk Reginald and the miracles ascribed to him the account of him curing a leper with a kiss is a hilarious highlight Sainthood is not cloaked in glory and the sublime The glory is in the grime Beneath all that religious affectation is the accretion of evil hate depravity and amidst the dark a kernel of true humanity as God intended it if we have the courage to confront our shameful obscenity and corruption; Godric admits even the most virginal sight by day is transformed to the most lustful dreams at night The whitewashed hypocrisy of clergymen makes such honesty debilitating acknowledging one's rot would invite condemnation and retribution by those no less fetid Yet when we remain closed to revealing the Truths of ourselves to each other we condemn ourselves to isolation and loneliness and retaliate in hurt and fear as the doomed love of Godric and his sister Burcwen attestsTime is an ever flowing stream of remembrance conscious living in the present moment as Godric personifies in his daily baptismal ablutions in the Wear rain snow or shine and the hope of what should be and shall come Through Godric's biography Buechner finds the timeless narrative of an unchanging God and the ordinary story of Christian faith one riddled with moments of doubt what if Godric had never met his friend Mouse and indulged in thievery; what if he had never left his sister Bercwen behind; what if he'd married and settled and clarifying visions Godric receives the word of a gutted porpoise at one point desolating silence and irrefutable foretelling Godric is led to his hermitage by the River Wear in a dream visitation by Saint Cuthbert where he remains the second half of his life despondency of one's moral ineptitude and the life giving moments of one's sacrifice and compassion Godric learns even in the moral ruins of Rome where he makes a pilgrimage with his mother God can be heard in silence While Godric lives a life of monastic contemplation and penance his mortification is less the means to perfection than a conscientious giving of the impoverished little he has; this giving should never be joyless unlike his mentor Elric who sees demons in every crevice recites every celebratory psalm like a dirge and imagines missing his mortifications in paradise Neither is God found in the denial of reality God resides in the muck; it is not some spectacular declarative proof from God we desire but the experience of a personal communion with Him And that can happen in any ordinary life even for a clod like William Godric's friendless brotherBuechner's novel condenses many of the theological themes in his sermons But this is not theology in the guise of a novel It is an artistic work that weaves an intriguing narrative a finger to the propagandistic lives of the saints in a convincing medieval voice that cajoles with humour cynicism and pathos