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There’s two sides to every love story The how you fell in love and the how you fell apartThis is oursThe cardinal rule of friendship is you don’t mess with your friend’s sisterThat goes double when she’s his litt. The synopsis doesn’t reveal very much so I’m not going to either As this author is an auto read for me I dove right in and was immediately drawn in until the finish It didn’t disappoint Simply stated this is the story of Rhett Bennett and Ainsley Rose He’s her brother’s best friend business partner and six years older She’s a wedding dress designer and has been crazy about him since she was 15 years old She’s back in Charleston living in the same building one floor down He can’t stop thinking about her but doesn’t want to violate the best friend code When the inevitable happens both Rhett and Ainsley keep their relationship secret Then something happens that tears them apart I loved this story Ainsley’s unshakable love for Rhett was severely tested mostly by him and she was unwavering to a fault Her commitment was admirable under heartbreaking circumstances and it had me in tears several times Rhett’s reasoning for walking away however logical was maddening The blunt reality of his situation was both enlightening and educational Yet I never uestioned the depth of either’s devotion to each other The road back was uneasy and realistic sometimes impossible to envision It’s never clear until the end whether it’s a possibility and I’ll leave that to your discoveryThe raw emotion captured here is difficult to describe I could hardly put this down because I had to see this relationship through whatever the resolution I felt like I knew Ainsley and Rhett’s hearts because they were so skillfully defined which made this an even tougher story I never stopped rooting for them even when they made boneheaded mistakes I don’t want to provide spoilers so I’ll close saying the author “just” got everything right Posted at Blue Mood CaféThanks to Social Butterfly PR and the author for my complimentary copy All opinions are my own

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Just LoveT she’s a hopeless romantic That should’ve clued me in that she believes love conuers allBut there are some things that love can’t fix I’m one of themShe thinks love is the answerBut love is the reason I let her. Just when I thought I couldn't love Prescott Lane any than I already did she went and delivered JUST LOVE a romance at it's best that had me falling in love a thousand times Just Love was the kind of romance I love to read about—with unexpected twists a touching plot irreplaceable friendships and words that hit you right in the feels and worm its way into your heart and soul ♥ Prescott Lane delivers a story that is both beautiful and heartbreaking and once again proves why she is one of my most favorite authors Because Just Love wasn't just a book but an experience—a true love experience A love story that you won't forget—passionate emotionally intense and utterly consuming From ugly crying to sweet and sexy this books was EVERYTHING ♥ the emotions were so intense that they will stay with you long after the last page Get ready for Ainsley Rhett to break your heart but I guarantee that they will put it back together again Best of 2019

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characters Just Love ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB é There’s two sides to every love story The how you fell in love and the how you fell apartThis is oursThe cardinal rule of friendship is you don’t mess with your friend’s sisterThat goes double when she’s his little sisterIt was just supposed to be funShe wasn’t supposed Le sisterIt was just supposed to be funShe wasn’t supposed to end up being the love of my lifeAnd I definitely wasn’t supposed to break her heartAinsley is a wedding dress designer That should’ve been a warning tha. Ever since I laid my eyes on this visually stunning cover I've been so intrigued to get my hands on it Trust me when I say what lies between the covers is beautiful There’s two sides to every love story The how you fell in love and the how you fell apart It's such JUST LIFE isn't itSo many stories of so many couples falling in love some find their HEA some break up never to meet againThis book ISN'T THATit's so much MOREBeautiful story starts as forbidden love There's rules in life for a reason Bros before Hoes chicks before Docks best friend's little sister is OFF LIMITS but this aortic pump that beats inside the chest cavity has an agenda of it ownSo technically Prescott has drawn the growth chart of this muscle we call heartRhett Bennett's best buddy Brody his gf Skye and his baby sister are a fun foursome thicker than thieves They've held each other through tragedies and travesties wiped each other's tears and smiled and laughed together So it's a fated coincidence that Rhett falls unsteadily for Ainsleyhis ARose They're still trying to be casual about itIt's JUST FUN isn't it Everything is “just” something just fun just love just dinner Like use of the word “just” makes things less significant If I were a betting woman I’d say before long he’s going to be using “just friends” on me Hearts in tango limbs entwined stealing moments of blissful unawareness in kisses and snugglesLife morphs their perspectives and relationships to an extent that when does simple no strings fun turns into JUST LOVE they don't even realiseBut man proposes and God disposesunfortunate fate twists their path where they ALL get lost “Nobody dies a virgin Life fucks us all Some cried a lot Some worked a lot Some disappeared Some soldiered on And some like Skye just got pissed” The story jumps from present to past 18 months ago for a very special reason Prescott skillfully captures angst and tears in her pages The story moved me would be an understatement It gouged out my heart would be suitable to sayThe characters are all lost in their heads refusing to open up and I could split my nails to pry open those tightly shut hearts if I just could😢 I could’ve gone back a long time ago Only I got stuck looking at all the things I couldn’t have any instead of looking at all the things that were right in front of me Each word brought wide smiles or streams of tears for me Fate not only flipped their lives but mine too I sobbed I cried I hurt I achedI couldn't get enough of itThe story was so formidable in sentiments I physically ached for Ainsley and Rhett From radiating rosy glow to Grey of looming clouds this story had ALL the shades of emotional spectrum and then some They always say when you’re in love you glow but no one ever talks about what you look like when you lose love when it punches you in the gut Love has done some serious damage Be prepared to have the proverbial rug pulled out from under you until you thump fall on the floor stunned and stupefied When all will seem hopeless Prescott holds your hand and takes you furtherWhen all is butchered and unsalvageablethe only option is to Go Back To The StartGo discover the journey called Immeasurable Love redefined by Prescott You'll find Faith and be thankful for every tiny blessing in your life 🙏 5 Pink Roses for JUST ONE MORE CHANCE #BookBistroBlogApproved Follow me BookBistroBloggmailcomhttpstwittercomBookBistroBlogwwwinstagramcomBookBistroBloghttpsBookbistrobloggerblogspotcomhttpswwwfacebookcomgroupsBookB