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EPUB º MOBI Black Cross Black Powder Wars #1 · Ç Previous cover edition for ISBN 1517510112 9781517510114For alternate cover edition see hereArcane magic can be a ruinous power despite admirable intentions A mysterious scroll finds its way into Lord Severun’s hands enabling him to release a dangerous experiment upon WeR own dark and bloody histories the beginning of an epic tale is told Incredible magic is unleashed allies become enemies; unlikely friendships are forged and a foul plot is discovered that will shatter the long lasting peace of Altoln and her allies plunging them into a gritty brutal conflict that falls far from the fluffy fairytales of o You know how it is you set out to do the right thing to make a difference to improve the lives of people and it all goes mammary glands upwards In the world that J P Ashman has created that is exactly what happens The conseuences of this selfless helpful act serves drag in all the races of the world into a crisisBlack Cross is a “medieval Europe society” based Fantasy novel where the human race is beginning to experiment with black powder Against this backdrop the author brings in the typical fantasy races; elves and dwarves but the most evil of all remain the humans It is the human race that has created and given power to a tyrannical church and its inuisition created a religion based on the denial of freedom a hate of magic and a need to be controlling Opposing them are the Clerics and Wizards in their tower The clerics are healers of no particular religion those whose magical skills relate to healing and whose scientific knowledge of anatomy of herbs and medicines allow them to treat the sick The wizards are the wielders of destructive power searchers and researchers of knowledgeOne of my favourite devices in this story is the bookworm A magical worm that searches through books looking for the knowledge reuested by the wizard and then transmits it to the caster It works very much like search engine for the web a google worm It was charmingly written and provided a nod to the modern world and widening of the magical repertoire of the people The wizards here wield magic that’s what they do there are no complicated rules and structures Cast a spell get tired – it is simple it works and doesn’t distract from the storyThere are two main plotlines to track through the book In the first we follow Falchion a man named for the sword he carries as he carries out his orders and unwittingly sets going a chain of events that will lead to many deaths He is a military man a fighter a warrior and through his eyes we travel the world beyond the main city I liked him He is a good man staying true to his beliefs and trying to do his best He is surrounded by friends who have their own personalities and that camaraderie is a strong pointIn the second we follow two mysterious policemen detectives who are trying to solve a crime Their investigation leads deeper into the underworld of the city Both these men have their own past and powers they are surrounded by others who seem to have abilities beyond the normal range – a very Special Special Branch of the police force if you will permit There is also along this track an assassin’s point of view a young girl and an abused prostitutes That you can feel for all these characters is a mark of good writingThe story is well handled and there are thankfully no info dumps I don’t like info dumps To be critical I think the first third of the book is a little slow before takes off and starts moving at a fair ol’ clip There are a few typo’s and strange sentences but not many and I know it has been re edited since so there are probably even fewer or even none by now and anyway they didn’t drag me out of the story or interrupt the flow My last criticism is points of view sometimes these changed mid chapter and were well handled but sometimes mid paragraph which jarred a little Minor points not even at the level of grumbleHowever if you want to read a traditional fantasy story with characters you can care about a story that develops the world and hints at a greater threat where a central theme is the State versus the Church then this could well be for you Oh and BBFC fashion this book contains scenes of sexual nature torture and strong languageI enjoyed it 45

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Wizard and desperate factions taking advantage of the devastating aftermath Falchion embarks on an arduous uest alongside friends and strangers alike However even if their attempt to seek aid is successful and the city is saved they risk revealing a secret that threatens much than Wesson alone From a fantasy world not too dissimilar to ou This review is also here on my blogWell this was fun And by fun I obviously mean holy fuck this book is dark AF God damnIt started out a bit slow for me It was a little hard to stay immersed in the story right at the start I have no idea if there was a discernible cause to it that was out of my control or if it's that I'm ADD as fuck Probably the latt OMG SHINY THINGSNot to be daunted by books that I have trouble getting into this is one of many and a lot of them ended up favorites of mine I persevered and ohoho I found a really good and engaging story before longSo the leader of the Mage's Guild and the leader of the Cleric's guild combine forces to or less genocide all the criminals in the city y'know for the greater good To do this the mage casts an arcane spell that the cleric brewed into a potion They give the potion to a sergeant in the town's guard and he unknowingly releases it into the wild Turns out the arcane magic goes wrong and they start the bubonic plague Whoops ¯ツ¯ Luckily the city of Wesson has saviors Falchion the sergeant who feels guilty for bringing the plague down onto the city; Sav a scout and one of Fal's best friends; and Errolas a ranger from the elven lands in town to investigate the arcane magic usage among others are heading to the elves for help Because of course the elves can help They're bloody elves Elves are awesomeBack in town two guardsman Sears and Biviano who are sort of detectives are investigating how the plague started and sort of stumble upon some considerable crazy and corrupt as fuck stuff going down in the church Shenanigans ensue Then there's Longoss the assassin who falls for Elleth an innocent girl fleeing the plague forced into a not so innocent life and Coppin her sister in all but blood There's some considerable shit going down in the Black Guild too and Longoss is at its head The girls just get dragged along for the rideThis book isn't for the faint of heart The world in which these characters live is not a good one much like ours much of the time There is a lot of violence a lot of rape and a lot of death Preteen girl getting prostituted without knowing what sex is check Dude getting his dick cut off check Girl gets her nipple bitten off check Someone horribly burns to death check People getting tortured check and check People getting shot with crossbows hoo boy check and mate George RR Martin would likely have to take a breath at some point and be like 'Fucking Jesus dude' That said this book has fantastic characters Everyone is a mystery in their own way Some of the mysteries get solved by the end of the book but most don't I want to know just who and what the fuck Biviano is because he is hilarious and mysterious all in one Sears is some sort of crazy berzerker demon thing Falchion's real name apparently means something important and Coppin has green hair which I feel is important somehow because it's pointed out several times but never explainedMy favorite character though is Errolas the elven ranger There's nothing inherently special about him other than the fact that he's an elf Once again elves are awesome I have a lot of elf esteem so yeah I bet you're wondering what elf esteem is now Let me show youI obviously don't take too many things too seriously and as I said this book is dark and full of terrors I found reasons to lighten it up There's a scene nearer to the beginning where the city is on fire and the words 'thatched roofs' and their being on fire immediately brought to mind not the fact that people's fucking houses were burning down oh no It brought to mind this motherfucker right here You know exactly what that is a link to Don't even act surprised Okay so now that we have a comic and a Strongbad video in a review of one of the grimdarkest books that I've ever read I'll go ahead and end this on a high note I loved it I can't wait for Errolas4ever micdrop

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Black Cross Black Powder Wars #1Previous cover edition for ISBN 1517510112 9781517510114For alternate cover edition see hereArcane magic can be a ruinous power despite admirable intentions A mysterious scroll finds its way into Lord Severun’s hands enabling him to release a dangerous experiment upon Wesson With Sergeant Falchion unable to forgive himself for aiding the Picking up and reading Black Cross you will witness or less a great author in the making In the Kingdom of Altoln a powerful wizard assisted by an ingenious cleric releases what he believes to be a magical potion of purification; a spell that will purge the streets of the kingdom from all the criminals inhabiting it But when the citizens of Altoln start dying in the thousands the wizard understands that what he freed was nothing than a pandemic; the Black Death From mere circumstances an unwillingly involved sergeant is now called to take part in an impossible uest in order to find a cure or at least bring some aid But with goblins Inuisitors and other mysterious forces at play will Falchion manage to complete that formidable task or are all citizens of Altoln doomed to perish The onlooker had caused the deaths of thousands and that fact he knew would hunt him until the end of his days But this death this death would notAshman's debut is a complex and intricate work in which you experience a strange combination of excitement and dread Great and in depth characterization unpredictable events breathtaking fighting seuences and astonishing plot twists are only some of the elements that you will find in the thrilling yet realistic world of the Black Cross; a world that somehow feels already established and not in the making proving Ashman's uniue storytelling abilities and detail crafting skills Reading all of this you will probably think that the book has no faults but unfortunately this isn't the case Black Cross has a significant problem for which the beta readers are to blame It is painfully unevenly paced While most of the book especially the beginning and ending is well structured and balanced with enough action events to keep you interested and entertained a significant part is uneven overstretched and therefore boring If you are a slow reader then this may come as a problem giving you the feel that you are stuck in the same events for a lot of pages but if you are a book devourer then you won't even notice it All in all Black Cross is an exceptional debut that I recommend to all fantasy bookworms and fast readers and I strongly believe that with a better team of beta readers in the future and the experience he has already gained JP Ashman will eventually come to be a household name 35 round up to 4 because it's a debutYou can find of my reviews over at