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SUMMARY The Philharmonic Gets Dressed 107 µ It is almost Friday night Outside the dark is getting darker and here and there around the city ninety two men and thirteen women are getting dressed to go to work First they bathe and put on their underwear Then they don special black and white apparel Then when the one hundred and five people are completNe way an orchestra preparesNominee 1983 American Book AwardNotable Children's Books of 1983 ALA1983 Fanfare Honor List The Horn BookOutstanding Children's Books of 1982 NYTA Reading Rainbow Selection1983 Teachers' Choices NCTEChildren's Books of 1982 Library of Congress. I like the concept of showing the members of a Philharmonic orchestra getting ready for their performance But why oh why did Simont have to show so many adults in their underwear or coming out of a shower or bath and only covered by steam or a towel I live in a very conservative area where nearly naked adults is something of a problem in a children's picture book This was a Reading Rainbow book so I didn't worry about content before I purchased it I haven't seen that episode but I would really like to see how or if they dealt with those illustrations

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It is almost Friday night Outside the dark is getting darker and here and there around the city ninety two men and thirteen women are getting dressed to go to work First they bathe and put on their underwear Then they don special black and white apparel Then when the one. Written by the late Karla Kuskin and lavishly humorously illustrated by Marc Simont this rather lengthy picture book shows the hundred and five members of an urban philharmonic orchestra preparing to go to work on a Friday night Interspersed with gentle humour The Philharmonic Gets Dressed depicts the preparations the members of the philharmonic go through before the start of a public performance washing dressing traveling to the orchestra hall last minute practicing and also shows and demonstrates that at a time of day when most people are settling in for a night at home with their family and friends the workday of the musicians is barely starting Now although as a general concept I have indeed uite enjoyed The Philharmonic Gets Dressed and do simply absolutely and totally adore Marc Simont's accompanying illustrations I would have to agree with my GR friend Lisa that Karla Kuskin's presented text does unfortunately have the tendency to feel rather ploddingly pedestrian and as such it does not really measure up all that well to the descriptive and in all ways oh so wonderful illustrations and in fact so much so that I think I would probably prefer The Philharmonic Gets Dressed with just the illustrations as a wordless picture book which is kind of majorly strange for me as I do not as a rule tend to like worldless picture books all that much But Marc Simont's illustrations are truly and in fact evocative and detailed enough in and of themselves to engender many different and interesting anecdotes stories both humorous and serious and I kind of feel that Karla Kuskin's narrative actually somewhat limits Simont's excellent pictorial images and does not do them nearly enough justiceAnd finally there is one thing with regard to this here book in particular that has both annoyed frustrated and with dismay massively infuriated me and continues to do so and that is the fact that there do exist uite a number of rantingly frothing at the proverbial mouth rabid reviews by moronic and ignorant puritanical lowlives claiming that The Philharmonic Gets Dressed is somehow problematic and inappropriate for children simply because the illustrations depict men and women taking baths and showers dressed in their underwear donning articles of clothing and so on and so on Now how sadly disgustingly unenlightened and ridiculously puritanical but also how potentially psychologically damaging this type of an attitude is as yes teaching one's children that nakedness that one's body that one's underclothes are unnatural and inappropriate to be seen or to be mentioned could so easily lead to serious mental health issues and a negative view towards both the human body and perhaps even essential everyday activities such as basic personal hygiene and the act of dressing oneself and I for one would even go so far as to also claim that this type of philosophy and mindset are dangerously neglectful if not actually ABUSIVE parenting practices and willfully transferring one's own and personal hangups and issues onto one's innocent children onto others as indeed nakedness in and of itself is definitely completely natural and innocentt and frankly anyone who thinks otherwise has some majorly problematic mental health issues I do therefore warmly recommend The Philharmonic Gets Dressed and even with my criticism that Karla Kuskin's narrative is a bit lacklustre to children who enjoy uirky stories with humorous illustrations andor are interested in and intrigued by the general workday of a member of a philharmonic orchestra and to their parents of course And indeed The Philharmonic Gets Dressed would also be a good picture book to share with children whose parents might have to work at night or at other hours not part of the common and standard nine to five workday

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The Philharmonic Gets DressedHundred and five people are completely ready each takes a musical instrument and travels to midtown There at 830 tonight they will work together playingIn these pages Karla Kuskin and Marc Simont combine their talents to give us a delightful and unusual inside view of o. This is an interesting and unusual way to look at an orchestra; it shows how many parts have to come together for this group to become one and turn black notes on white pages into a symphony We loved the fun illustrations Marc Simont is one of our favorites from all the Nate The Great stories we've read and the people in underwear definitely got a giggle from our girls The narrative was simple and a math exercise in itself We loved pointing out all the instruments we knew and I had fun guessing who would play what Overall this is a fun but somewhat strange book about the Philharmonic We discovered this book as it was a selection for the March 2011 Music Themed club reads for the Picture Book Club in the Children's Book Group here at Goodreads