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Characters ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ Richard Matheson Passer une semaine dans une maison réputée hantée depuis trente ans telle est la mission confiée au dr Barrett et à une éuipe de spirites par un milliardaire mourant ui veut savoir si son âme lui survivra Mission ue l. Click here to watch a video review of this book on my channel From Beginning to Bookend Hell House is the sexually awkward tale of a haunted house that can't even bother to be haunted until the book is nearly over Dr Barrett has been hired by a wealthy dying man to investigate one of the most haunted houses known to man Hell House Along with his wife and two professional mediums Dr Barrett packs up his scientific gear and embarks to the long abandoned house to settle the uestion once and for all Do ghosts actually exist Perhaps the most physically chilling aspect of the house is that all of its windows have been bricked up so the interior is cast in eternal gloom It's reputation however is the most terrifying aspect of all It's the Mount Everest of haunted houses you might say There were two attempts to investigate it one in 1931 the other in 1940 Both were disasters Eight people involved in those attempts were killed committed suicide or went insane Only one survived and I have no idea how sound he is There's nothing fancy about the prose in this book which is fine It's a uick and easy read driven forward by the author's keen use of dialogue Even when very little is happening the natural flow of conversation keeps the story moving at a steady pace The book does however have what is perhaps the most poorly constructed sentence yet encountered Tongues of flame leaped upward crackingly Hell House may have been suitable under the category of mystery rather than horror because so much of the book has to do with the uestion of whether or not Dr Barrett can solve the mystery of the house Unfortunately Dr Barrett's scientific approach to hauntings and his pragmatic thinking is often invoked to downplay the paranormal events at Hell House which actively dilutes any chilling moments Over two hundred pages in Horny House Hell House finally shifts from reading like a mystery to proclaiming itself a horror novel Strangely the author relies heavily on rape to drive his plot And he regularly invokes a fear of sexual orientation suggesting that to one character in particular there's nothing horrific than the mere notion of being gay After waiting so long to be spooked or feel a burning need to turn on all the lights the notion that a character might falter in sexual orientation was hardly a terrifying payoff On that note the book often reads like a male sexual fantasy There are several crude salacious hyper sexualized incidences in this book and they always involve women It gives the reader a very uncomfortable sense that the author was penning his own sexual fantasies while writing this book Whether or not that's true doesn't change the fact that the depictions of female characters are enough to invoke an excess of eye rolling and bodily cringes Speaking of which the book includes this bizarre gem Let his God cock sink into my mouth she said Let me drink his holy burning jismAwkward sex scenes aside the book's conclusion leaves something to be desired After such a long wait for noteworthy paranormal events to transpire the story suddenly moves at a clipped pace with a mediocre reveal provided at its conclusion

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Hell House Review à 2 ´ Passer une semaine dans une maison réputée hantée depuis trente ans telle est la mission confiée au dr Barrett et à une éuipe de spirites par un milliardaire mourant ui veut savoir si son âme lui survivra Mission ue le parapsychologue s'empresse d'accepter espérant bien ainsi triompher des maléfices et vérifier ses théories E parapsychologue s'empresse d'accepter espérant bien ainsi triompher des maléfices et vérifier ses théories scientifiues sur l'existence d'une vie après la mort Arrivés sur place les investigateurs se rendent vite com. “I am certain you will find your stay here most illuminatingIt is regrettable I cannot be here with youAll your needs have been provided forNothing has been overlooked Go where you will and do what you will – these are the cardinal precepts of my home Feel free to function as you choose There are no responsibilities no rules ‘Each to his own device’ shall be the only standard here May you find the answer that you seek It is here I promise you” Emeric Belasco in Richard Matheson’s Hell House 1971“Our house is a very very very fine house” Crosby Stills Nash Young “Our House” from the album Déjà vu 1970Here I am as we hurtle towards Christmas attempting to finish up my Halloween reading If you suint though Richard Matheson’s Hell House is kinda sorta a Christmas book No there isn’t a tree or lights or ornaments or Santa or a crèche There is to be clear very little by way of cheer Yes there are demonic presences possession insidious terror and death But it’s set in the days leading up to Christmas To be precise the entire course of this novel takes place between December 18 and December 24 1970 So there’s thatThe plot and setting of Hell House is very familiar Indeed if you’ve ever read Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House you’ll find it a variation on the same theme Derivative even Both books take place in legendary haunted houses and feature a small cast of characters who attempt to explore its paranormal reputation But whereas Hill House deals in slow creeping and ambiguous terror Matheson’s work is one of horror By the end of Hell House there are no ambiguities left All is revealed in explicit fashion For further non reuired reading My review of The Haunting of Hill House Matheson doesn’t waste any time with a lengthy set up Within the first few pages the premise is laid out A rich old man named Deutsch wants to know the truth about ghosts He’s willing to pay well for facts that support either position So he offers a great deal of money for a few ualified people to enter the infamous Belasco House in Maine The deal they have to stay a week; and also not die The four people who take up Deutsch on his offer are thinly sketched but serve their purposes Dr Barrett is a physicist a man of science who believes that all things have an explanation arising from the laws of nature His wife Edith is a retreating mousy woman dealing naturally in a book like this with some repressed psychosexual issues Florence Tanner is a spiritual medium the kind of “over emotive” type who will soon come into philosophical conflict with Dr Barrett Finally there is Benjamin Fischer once known as one of the most powerful mediums around and who has been in Hell House before and seen its deadly powers Upon entering Hell House “the Mount Everest of haunted houses” Matheson gradually increases the tension This is not a slow moving book by any means and at 301 paperback pages it’s not overlong; however it is not in any great hurry This is a slow burn but one that eventually ignites into a conflagration I found Matheson’s pacing to be generally effective He starts in a vein similar to Shirley Jackson in that he keeps things out of focus and uncertain You are not given a vision of what is in front of you so much as you receive glances of the dark edges on the periphery of your vision Things go bump in the night The history of the house is parceled out in fragments The screws turn tighter and tighter and tighter Unlike in Hill House however it is starkly evident that Hell House is definitely haunted Matheson writes in the third person omniscient He jumps in and out of all four characters' heads Despite his godlike viewpoint he doesn’t find all that much interesting in his creations No one makes a very strong impression Dr Barrett is the most clearly drawn an archetype His wife stands out mainly because Matheson uses her to gauge the rising level of fear within those walls Florence and FischerWell let’s just say that I kept confusing them even though one is a buxom redhead with a “Junoesue figure” no less and the other is not I can’t really say a lot about the plot without spoiling it I think it’s safe to say that it is pretty eventful The end of Jackson’s Hill House left me scratching my head and reading internet analyses The end of Hell House did not There is a lot action here as well as a pretty clear resolution The uestions Matheson raises are all answered Whether or not you will be satisfied with those answers is an open uestion Matheson’s tale is relatively explicit It doesn’t compare to the hyperbolically grand guignol excesses of Stephen King but it does deal in bloodshed in the occasional swearing there are a couple really well placed f words and than a few sexual situations I think a word on the sex is in order To wit it is so bad it’s great One scene is so ridiculously over the top it became an instant favorite of mine I’m not going to ruin it for youunless you want me to view spoilerAt one point Florence decides that the appropriate course of action for her to take is to have sex with a ghost Now you might be saying to yourself That is a pretty great idea Dear reader I assure you it is not hide spoiler

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Hell HousePte ue le lieu est à la hauteur de sa réputation résonnant des crimes et des orgies u'elle a accueillis par le passé la maison Belasco semble les attendre Prête à posséder les audacieux ui oseront pénétrer en son se. Matheson created one of the most brain freezingly frightening haunted house novels of the 20th century in HELL HOUSE Stephen KingPRETTY SPOILERY REVIEW READ AT YOUR OWN READER DISCOVERY RISKI've had this book on my list of horror classics for so long but I was really just waiting for the right edition I don't like reading classic horror in a modern re release format I want a beat up mangled smelly old paperback that's been read and handled at least a hundred timesI finally found one at a used paperback store in a little town we visited a few weeks ago I photographed it and posted the picture on bookstagram yesterday and then on a powerful whim I decided to read it and purposed in my heart to finish itWhich was easy because of the Coronavirus Self Distancing uarantine and because of this book's magnetic ualityI've never read a Richard Matheson book before So this was my first time experiencing all the things I've heard about him from my favorite authors like Stephen King Jonathan Janz Ray Bradbury and Adam CesareIt's hard to go into an iconic read like this without bringing in everyone else's opinions Playing in the back of my mind on a loop are thoughts about comparing it to THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE by Shirley Jackson which I've read and loved all the complaints of sexism homophobia and misogyny as well as a general buzz of Matheson being too sexual in his horrorAs soon as I started reading the thoughts were silenced and I easily slipped into a blissed out horror lover's coma Matheson has a knack for easy engaging prose I feel like he writes down exactly how he sees the scene in his mind there are no additional fussy details to get in the way or complicate the translation from his mind to the reader's mind it's an easy leap and makes for vivid cinematic storytellingHELL HOUSE is a familiar trope most horror fans love A wealthy socialite invites an assorted mix of guests to spend a few nights in a haunted house to do some research in exchange for a comfortable all expenses paid for retreatCharactersFlorence Tanner A god fearing spiritual mediumDr Lionel Barret and his wife Edith who comes along because her husband has polio and they have an almost platonic nursepatient relationshipBen Fischer Who is also a medium and has stayed in this particular house before and survived its powerful evil presenceImmediately upon arrival Belasco House wastes zero time being creepy as hell I loved that one of the guests had experienced the house before and could act as a storyteller for the others so that the reader could enjoy the manor's backstory without having to go through tedious or slow burning discoveries along the way My favorite moments were Fischer's tellings of all the horrors that took place in the house If you haven't read it I don't want to spoil it but imagine the most depraved cultish behaviors and then multiply it by tenfold We're talking messed upThe story moves along at an excellent pace never a dull moment My favorite character was Florence Tanner the spiritual medium She is relentless in her pursuit of the house's mysteries and uite brave in the face of untold horrors and evil Because I previously had heard about all the misogyny and sexism I was hyper aware of it almost annoyingly forced to look for it and came up surprisingly short I'm not saying fellow reviewers are wrong or overly sensitive I'm just saying that for me I found Florence Tanner to be a remarkably brave strong female protagonist There's a scene between her and Edith that must have been uite the controversy back in this book's day and I found it to be timelessly erotic Matheson was able to pull off something that other authors try to do but are awkward about it or use cringey descriptive language So I admire Matheson's ability to effectively write sexual scenes really wellLet's talk about EdithEdith's transformation in this book is perhaps the most provocative Even though all the physical encounters with the supernatural happens to Florence Edith is on a very psychological journey and I think the distinction is profound and the most fascinating part of the storyAt first she's portrayed as being this subservient partner to her much older disabled husband Over the course of the novel it's clear that he's in love with her Dr Barret doesn't mistreat herThe sexually charged dark presence in the house definitely preys on Edith's repressed past and brings all of her sexual trauma to the surface So where is all the homophobiaI have no idea I would love for someone to explain it to me The spirits that haunt House Belasco definitely reference homoerotic acts as sinful The ghost calls Edith a lesbian as an insult but its a part of the spiritualreligious themes of the story Belasco was a manipulative abusive depraved sexual cult leader hell bent on destroying women So it was par for the course to use repressed sexual energy as a weapon against his female victims Edith takes the brunt of the mental sexual assaults while Florence takes the physicalAnyhoodlesI'm writing an essay now instead of a reviewFinal thoughts As a pillar of classic Haunted House stories this one deserves all the praise it gets in the horror community I can see why Matheson's writing style is so influential among horror legends who aspire to communicate with their readers as efficiently as Matheson I've read so many stories that take on this book's premise KILL CREEK by Scott Thomas and THE DARK GAME by Jonathan Janz come to mind and I can see Matheson's fingerprints in their stories as an homage to HELL HOUSE Really really cool I'm glad I read this book and can give its due diligence moving forward in my reviews