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Dare to Love Free download î eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ß Nivea is determined to convince Lord Landis love and betrayal are not synonymousThe only tangible benefit Dare Landis has of finally claiming the title of Maruis of Raynsforth will be that the current maruis has finally gone to the Devil where he belongs Until then Lord Is ridiculously handsome friend home from school all those years ago But getting him to notice her has proven to be an impossible endeavorIs it possible for Nivea to shatter Dare’s carefully crafted facade and show him how to love97879 Words. Nivea Horsham has been in love with Dare Landis the Maruis of Raynsforth since she was introduced to him When Nivea's step mother arranges for Dare to share a ride with her she hopes that this will be the time that he notices herDare is not ready to settle down even when all of his friends are He likes that he is a rake and beholden to no one But will what happens at the wedding he is attending change all thatI'm going to be honest I thought I would really like this story based on the write up I read Unfortunately it just fall flat for me The hero was a jck and the heroine didn't think enough about herself to stop chasing said jckThe first thing that irritated me was that Dare was with 2 other women in the story before getting together with Nivea The first one being at the very beginning which I was ok with since the story had not really started yet But I don't want to read about the hero in a story getting together with someone other than the heroine after their story startsyuckAnother thing that bothered me was that the weight of the heroine was brought up constantly Yes I liked that the she wasn't a tiny little thing but don't keep going on and on about it At one point in the story after Nivea had ridden a horse all day for maybe 3 days straight her maid says like I'll have to take in your dress as you've lost half a stone Seriously you would lose 7 pounds euivalent to 12 a stone in 3 days of riding a horse If that could actually happen I'm going to start riding a horse every dayI just couldn't like either of the characters and couldn't get into the story although I did finish itAs this is the first book by the author I will probably give her another chance and see what she comes up with nextThanks go to Kensington Books via NetGalley for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review

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Nivea is determined to convince Lord Landis love and betrayal are not synonymousThe only tangible benefit Dare Landis has of finally claiming the title of Maruis of Raynsforth will be that the current maruis has finally gone to the Devil where. A wonderfully romantic sweetly emotional historical romance Dare to Love was a brilliant read that I absolutely loved I expected a standard rakewallflower romance going into it but it turned out to be than that and I really enjoyed itNivea was a wonderful heroine She was definitely outside of the mold Heavy set somewhat plain and too sweet to trade sharp set downs with the rest of the nobles she was a different type of heroine And that's what made her a memorable character She was a genuinely kind loving person who could bring love to a man stubbornly opposed to love I thought she was just lovely and I really liked herTo be honest Dare was a complete ass at first He was so repelled by the idea of love that he often said hurtful things and pushed people away After hearing about his family life and how they twisted love into something hateful it become much understandable But that wasn't what sold me on him What really made me like him was that he changed over the course of the book After letting himself trust Nivea he realized that he had been wrong about love Not only did he apologize for his behavior he did his best to make up for it He proved that without the shackles of his past he could be a very sweet and kind man who was a worthy hero I thought he was wonderfulThe romance was great Nivea had loved Dare for a long while seeing the good ualities in him that he tried to keep hidden Dare on the other hand started off as dismissive toward Nivea But as he learned what there was to her he slowly fell for her as well They definitely had some chemistry too and the heat was turned up a few times I thought they were a perfect coupleThe plot moved uickly and I was totally engaged the entire way through I absolutely loved the story and the ending was perfectDare to Love was a fantastic utterly delightful historical romance that I truly loved It was sweet emotional and simply wonderful Romance lovers this book is a must readI received a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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Dare to LoveHe belongs Until then Lord Landis will continue to enjoy life on his own termsas a heartless rake who’s beholden to no oneNivea Horsham knows there’s to Dare than he reveals to the world She’s loved him since her older brother brought h. A debut novel from Alleigh Burrows I enjoyed the story and the writing I’m just not so sure that I loved the hero Going in I knew that this story was a wallflower rake story I just was not aware how well that Burrows would play with the formula that has served others so well for so long Nivea is a wallflower staying in the background for her is part social shunning and part personal choice A bit on the heavy side for the taste of her time not gorgeous and stunning uiet and endearingly sweet she isn’t able to withstand the slings and arrows that the other debutantes are so freely throwing about With few to no prospects for marriage and completely adored by her own family she is comfortable and happy holding her own personal crush on her brother’s good friend for many years Dare is an unapologetic rake and is actually uite dismissive of those who don’t instantly meet his needs and those who do are dismissed thereafter Handsome and completely enjoying his life Dare is completely uninterested in marriage and really doesn’t seem to ‘like’ women even as he runs through them like water When Dare needs to accompany Nivea to her sister’s wedding – the time spent together is a novelty for him Nivea calms him settles him in ways that he never thought possible and staunchly refuses to rise to his verbal bait which Nivea bears with grace It was a testament to her own kindness and gentle reactions to his boorish acts that stuck with him I loved that Nivea was no fawning and gushing maiden She grew and learned as the story progressed but she never lost the real sense of who she was – and would allow herself to be Her uiet confidence and gentleness in herself hiding her deathly fear of horses and riding along with her very eligible status has other men noticing the diamond in the rough and Dare just can’t believe he is jealous And he tried really he did – to explain his bad behavior to acknowledge Nivea and how she helped him be better want to be better I could understand him but I just didn’t see that his apologies excuses and issues were enough I will say that Burrows did everything right in trying to redeem him in my eyes his story was sad and his reasoning made sense and Nivea’s ability to gentle him did feel honest and real I just really didn’t like him Even disliking the rake I couldn’t help but love the story and I needed to know if Nivea would be happy in getting her wish A wonderful romance that is well written from an author that is sure to become many reader’s favorite I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review I was not compensated for this review all conclusions are my own responsibility