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Nk but he didn't disappear on an epic bender like everyone thought He was murdered And he's heard that Emma Lee's been helping lost souls move on to that great big party in the skyWhy do ghosts always bother Emma Lee at the worst times Her granny's mayoral campaign is in high gear a car In the third book in the Ghostly Southern Mysteries series by Tonya Kappes Emma Lee Raines is finally starting to get a handle on her Betweener skills Emma has successfully sent off two different ghosts to the great beyond as well as snared the interest of her long term crush the local Sheriff Jack Henry who knows and accepts that she can communicate with the dead Now if only the town would stop jumping to the diagnosis of 'Funeral Trauma' every time she acts a little weird like while talking to a ghost her life would be going wellEmma Lee would like a break from dealing with the ghosts of murdered townsfolk But they just keep passing her name on to the next ghost leaving her to help them find out the whodunit of their murder And for such a uiet unassuming town like Sleepy Hollow apparently there is much going on than meets the eye especially with all the suspects in Cephus' disappearance and murderI can't help but like the way Jack Henry handles things with Emma Lee Here is a man who knows how to work around the weirdness in her life and still manage to get things accomplished Emma Lee's granny continues to be a larger than life character and a great comedic foil for Emma Lee Throw in the funeral home rivalry going on with Burns family and it makes for an unconventional small town mystery I am enjoying my trips to Sleepy Hollow and time spent with this madcap cast of characters and gave this book 3 solid starsThanks to Edelweiss and Witness for the opportunity to read and review the book

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A Ghostly Demise Ghostly Southern Mysteries #3Nival is taking over the town suare and her hunky boyfriend Sheriff Jack Henry Ross is stuck wrestling runaway goats Besides Cephus has no clue whodunitunless it was one of Mrs Hardy's not so secret admirers All roads lead Emma Lee to that carnival and a killer who isn't clowning around This was a fun light read about an undertaker who is a sort of ghost whisperer This is part of a series I will also be reviewing the next book in the seriez as I received both in exchange for an honest review I am already acuainted with some of the authors earlier works including the June Heal Charming Series Ms Kappes is a good writer who draws you in easily and is great with uirky characters and creative story ideas There is humor intrigue and southern flavorin this selection The main chacter only gets contacted by people whose sirits are unable to be at peace because they have been murdered Notwithstanding the fact that she is romantically involved with the head of local law enforcement Emma our funeral director investgates on her own with clues gleaned from the deceased The family members she has are a great choice for drama conflict and comic relief There is justvenough danger as well as twists and turns in the plot to keep it all interesting There were some swear words in this particular story so if you are sensitive to that be advised Also there is a reference in this particular work to the said law enforcement officer staying at Emma's place No erotic content at all These elements do not occur in all of her writing For additional informatio view my blog post

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Ebook ↠ A Ghostly Demise Ghostly Southern Mysteries #3 288 pages ½ The prodigal father returns—but this ghost is no holy spiritWhen she runs into her friend's deadbeat dad at the local deli undertaker Emma Lee Raines can't wait to tell Mary Anna Hardy that he's back in Sleepy Hollow Kentucky after five long yeaThe prodigal father returns but this ghost is no holy spiritWhen she runs into her friend's deadbeat dad at the local deli undertaker Emma Lee Raines can't wait to tell Mary Anna Hardy that he's back in Sleepy Hollow Kentucky after five long years Cephus Hardy may have been the town dru A Ghostly Demise Tonya KappesWhat would you do if you could see ghosts What would you do if you were an undertaker who for some reason has taken on another job Emma Lee Raines sees ghost You heard me She sees ghosts and her title is a Betweener She is there to assist guide and help ghosts pass on to the other side Some need to go to their final resting places and others just need peace But Emma’s day begins when someone she things has been missing for five years shows up as she is about to start her day Cephus Hardy appears He is her friend father’s and a deadbeat dad that supposedly just left town Cephus was the town drunk who just vanished five years ago But things within the small town of Sleepy Hollow are hectic and this is just what she does not need With her Granny running for Mayor against believe it or not another undertaker O’Dell Burns her boyfriend the Sheriff Jack Henry Ross wanting time with her alone but having to deal with goats on the loose eating the vegetables in someone’s garden Cephus’s presence is just what she does not need But now she has to find out who murdered him You see he is no longer missing but his body not his spirit is somewhere and she needs to find where Meeting Cephus is a hoot because before he will tell anything all he wants is yearns for is an ice cold Stroh Imagine what happens when Emma tells Jack that she sees Cephus Imagine his reaction Wanting the ice cold is one thing but not giving her any information about how he died or his death is another Poor Emma needs to resolve this really fast But what does Jack think about her ability to see ghosts There is no body evidence or any clues pointing to his death How can they start an investigation As things progress and you meet all of the town gossips and we learn about Bea Leotta Mary Anna Hardy and the rest clues come to the surface even as simple as Granny giving out buttons to those voting for her and wait until you hear what happens when someone is voting for the opposition Granny is a riot and running for Mayor and owning the funeral home is uite a different blend Driving her moped through town and being chased by the Sheriff you can picture this right out a Laurel and Hardy Movie Filled with humor gossipers and some who are glad that Cephus is gone and the truth behind his drinking revealed just who wanted him dead Chaos occurs the minute Cephus sees his archenemy Terk who he thinks if going out with his wife What he does will remind you never to shun the dead or take them for granted as poor Terk winds up having to go to Dr Clyde Emma has all she can do to contain him while Granny places a sign in front of Eternal Home with her slogan for getting elected mayor But Charlotte Rae her financial expert is not happy with the sign and the conversation is uite humorous Added in now the carnival is in down and the man in charge Digger hits on Emma all the while trying to get clues to the murder This ghost is relentless and throughout the book he manages to interfere with her date nights His son Teddy comes back to town claims his wrestling coach took him in as a father further insighting our ghost But between Terk and Leotta or Vernon Blake and Leotta his wife seems to be getting around With Vernon and Bea an odd item and his wife dating this ghost just wants to pin his murder on anyone that might fit the bill But Emma is determined to be the undertaker sleuth and the author created an original character whose traits are similar to Jessica Fletcher Ms Marple and maybe even Jennifer Hart Things will spiral out of control as someone else winds up dead Imagine what happens when the body of a carnie has a stake through the heart Link this death to one of Granny’s campaign signs and just maybe someone doesn’t want her to win Could this whole thing have anything to do with O’Dell Burns and those in his camp Things really spiral out of control when Emma decides to visit Vernon and finds Cephus’s ring in the grass But what happens when she texts Jack finds her way to Dottie’s place and the goats are let out Sanford needs to get them reeled in and the entire incident is out of an episode of Saturday Night Live Accusing Vernon was only a ploy and if he was the killer Cephus would have crossed over Oh Well He’s still hereEmma Lee Raines will not give up and Granny will do anything to become Mayor This puts them both at odds with the Jack Henry who keeps warning Emma to stay out of the investigation But finding herself at the old mill an explosion that was supposed to deal with her and then Digger Spears getting killed someone really wants to stop her from finding out who killed Cephus Bea Allen is bent on getting O’Dell elected Emma Lee offers free funeral services to Digger’s family and things spiral even out of control But information from an investigative reporter that used to run the only paper in town that is now closed leads her to information that just might solve the mystery of who killed Cephus and why A gambling debt but what was it for A truth that comes out that changes everything and even Cephus will be surprised in the end Having to deal with Cephus his whims and his ghostly body was hard enough but two even Digger and Cephus would now haunt her presence until the mystery is solved Who killed them both and why What happens when Emma figures it out Will the killer strike again Will Cephus and Digger ever cross over or will they follow her around forever An election with startling results A funeral undertakerdetective that risks it all to find a way to send two Betweeners to their final resting place Author Tonya Kappes created a story that might remind readers of the series Dead Like Me where the reapers take the souls and then help the person cross over to the other side So what happens at the end will make you smile laugh and wonder if poor Emma will ever be able to catch her breath and have a break from her job as a Betweener But if you look deep down inside the story you will realize that the author brings to light family loyalties devotion deceit lies betrayals and a town that comes together when things go wrong One small town of Sleepy Hollow whose residents put their differences aside when a member of their community needs help A novel filled with mishaps fun humor mayhem and an undertaker who I am sure will have murders to solve and adventures to relate to readersFran Lewis just reviewsmj magazine