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Scar Wilde originally produced as a pl. A combination of drama and humoras usual Wilde criticizes appearances and social hypocrisy of the aristocratic society and the different view of actions of men and womenand the most important point about the harsh judgments of people over others while it's so normal for the human nature to fluctuates between right and wrongthis play was published at 1893

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Lady Windermere's FanAy at London's St James Theatre in 189. An enjoyable play that I liked than The Importance of Being Earnest and An Ideal Husband Many Goodread members classify Lady Windermere's Fan as a comedy and although there are definitely some witty parts you know the Oscar Wilde wit but I found the play to be of a drama Slightly disappointed that I figured out who Mrs Erlynne was before I got to the end and what part she really played Four stars

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review Lady Windermere's Fan 103 ✓ Lady Windermere's Fan is a comedy by Oscar Wilde originally produced as a play at London's St James Theatre in 1892Lady Windermere's Fan is a comedy by O. Wilde's wit never bores me which is why he is one of my favorite authors Below are a few uotations I particularly liked from Lady Windermere's fan scandal is gossip made tedious by moralityIn this world there are only two tragedies One is not getting what one wants and the other is getting itWhat is a cynicA man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothingThat is the worst of women They always want one to be good And if we are good when they meet us they don’t love us at all They like to find us uite irretrievably bad and to leave us uite unattractively goodI can resist everything except temptationExperience is the name every one gives to their mistakesRepentance is uite out of date And besides if a woman really repents she has to go to a bad dressmaker otherwise no one believes in her And nothing in the world would induce me to do thatIdeals are dangerous things Realities are better They wound but they’re better