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PDF ☆ BOOK Silence By Becca Fitzpatrick FREE Â Nora Grey can't remember the past five months of her life After the initial shock of waking up in a cemetery and being told that she has been missing for weeks with no one knowing where she was or who she was with she tried to get her life back on track Go to school hang out with her bestNora Grey can't remember the past five months of her life After the initial shock of waking up in a cemetery and being told that she has been missing for weeks with no one knowing where she was or who she was with she tried to get her life back on track Go to school hang ou I HAVE ONLY THREE THINGS TO SAYONE THIS BOOK WAS SO SO SO FREAKIN' EPIC AND UNPUTDOWNABLETWO PATCH JEV CIPRIANO WAS THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO METHREE I CANNOT WAIT ANOTHER FREAKIN' YEAR FOR THE NEXT BOOKAnd if you haven't read Silence yet READ IT NOW

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Eeling that a part of her is missingThen Nora crosses paths with a sexy stranger whom she feels a mesmerizing connection to He seems to hold all the answersand her heart Every minute she spends with him grows and intense until she realizes she could be falling in love Again Silence can be summed up in one memeBad Decision #1Upon waking up in a graveyard with no memory of how she got there or what had transpired Nora kicks the shin of the first person who tries to help her and blunders away possibly increasing the chances of running into her captorsNow normally this a very sound reaction and fits in with Stranger Danger but this is Nora we're talking about She'd suspect the toaster of doing her in if it burned her toastBad Decision #36After coming home from the hospital she goes back to said graveyard alone to look for answersBad Decision #95Breaking into a Nephilim hideout with no prior planning and with a dude she has no memory of Bad Decision #187Goes back to the Nephilim hideout alone after nearly getting caught last timeBad Decision #672Getting back together with Patch or Jev or whatever the hell his name is Nora“Fine I'll throw on some clothes Turn around I'm in my pj'sPatchI'm a guy That's like asking a kid not to glance at the candy counter” What a keeper ladies and gentleman I can imagine court proceedings going like thisJudge Defense how do you plead to these cases of sexual assault and rape Patch Well your Honor they were wearing really short skirts and I just couldn't help myself A man has needs By the way can I get your phone number This is also a guy who erased his girlfriend's memories without first asking Nora if I don't know she might want to keep them I agree with the rest of the world that Nora shouldn't be allowed to choose her own breakfast cereal without supervision but that's not his decision They're her fucking memories But oh no it's for her own good Me powerful man and you weakling woman Now go to the kitchen and make me a sandwichAnd three books in and I still can't figure out why an all powerful angel would name himself after a dog It's like Satan going incognito as FluffyBad Decision #1753Worrying about Daria a potential ally stealing her man when there's a maniac going around starting a war What does she look like And now I'd stooped from insecure to superficial Stringy unwashed hair doughy around the middle unibrowI wondered if that translated to curvy and gorgeous with the brains of an astrophysicist It's so reassuring that the fate of the world is resting on this girl's shouldersThen she has the audacity to be infuriated when Daria turns out to be a bombshell and possesses brains in her pinky nail than Nora has in her entire body He's over you just so we're clear He chose me not you so obviously I'm the better person because every woman's self worth comes from a manUm have you ever thought about bettering yourself Nora In The Iron ueen Meghan asked Ash to train her in swordplay and Puck to teach her how to use Summer magic even though it made her physically ill All so she could contribute to upcoming conflicts and not have to rely on others to save her ass all the timeNora simply goes I don't want to fight then whines when Patch goes to fight the bad guy alone You are a liability Nora Face fucking factsBad Decision #6953Fainting during crucial moments I felt myself swaying swaying Falling into nothing I was unconscious before I hit the groundThe last thing I remembered was the roar of air past my ears and the world crashing to black I wonder if it's due to her iron deficiency that was mentioned in the first book and never makes a reappearance hence forthBad Decision #10985Waaay too obsessed with smells It held the slightest trace of mint and black pepper He wasn't wearing cologne but there was an intriguing hint of fresh cut grass and rainwaterLeather spice mint Does she just like randomly press her nose up against strangers and inhaleTechnically Not a Bad Decision But Nora Acting Like a Bitch #245607After Nora gets out of the hospital her mom instates a no visitor rules so she can rest But precious little Nora thinks this is child abuse and agrees with Vee when she says her mom is a witchUm hello How 'bout some respect That is the woman who raised you single handedly after your dad died If someone called my mom a witch I'd slap them back into their mother's wombThen she finds out that her mom's dating her supposed archenemy's dad and throws a whiny fit What do you want me to say That I'm happy for you I'm not We used to make fun of the Millers We used to joke that Marcie's attitude problem was mercury poisoning due to all the expensive seafood their family are And now you're dating him Because gasp how dare she not stay faithful to her dead dad that's been gone for years How dare she not base her dating options around my lifeGrow the fuck up NoraTechnically Not a Bad Decision But Nora Acting Like a Bitch #8763012Remember Vee Poor Vee who is constantly weight shamed and put down by NoraWell she's at it again And then I'm going out with Vee for doughnuts or whatever junk food she happens to crave todayI've sworn off guys If I need romance that's what Netflix is forI'll believe it when I see it I thought with a smirk And the crowning jewel I was a little worried what Vee and I would talk aboutbut I reassured myself that that was what made Vee and me do compatible I could strategically steer our conversations by raising certain subjects and Vee could blather on forever about them To think I've been using the word 'compatible' wrong all these yearsBad Decision #136895389This entire book We spend so much time learning shit that we already know from the previous two books The memories were splintered and damaged but they were there I'd learned all this before I get it It's a Twilight knock off so it has to have four books even though it has less substance than a tissue It has to be called a saga even though it's as much of a saga as a salami is to a brickWe all know I'm going to read Finale I didn't slough through 1000 pages of crap only to give up on the winning lapStay tuned darlingsBonus Writing Tip He watched the angel's face darken as if with blood Now replace 'blood' with something else pudding sap blueberry jam As if suggests anything can run through an angel's veins Go wild everyone

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Silence By Becca FitzpatriT with her best friend Vee and dodge mom's creepy new boyfriendBut there is this voice in the back of her head an idea that she can almost reach out and touch Visions of angel wings and unearthly creatures that have nothing to do with the life she knowsAnd this unshakable f yaaasss finally this story is giving me plot patch and nora are giving me communication and this book is giving me life this series has been a guilty pleasure for me so i dont feel the need to write a major in depth review but just know things are finally progressing in a way that is worthy of this story and my high expectations are finally being met this book has restored my hope for the direction this series is heading and i couldnt be happier definitely the best installment of the series↠ 4 stars