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Fit to be TiedOnship has growing pains and sometimes Miro stews about where he stands with his fiery lover Could the heartstrings that so recently tied them together be in danger of unravelingThose new bonds are constantly challenged by family intrusions well intentioned friends their personal i. Once again Tristan James outdoes himself He takes this story and shines a light on all the deeply nuanced corners and crevices It's a fantastic performance for a superb story I have one thing to say about this story Buckle up 'cause this ride goes from zero to a hundred sixty in three point one seconds flatOkay so obviously I have to say than that but I really wanted to use that gif At the beginning of the story we find ourselves back with Miro and Ian beingMiro and Ian It's been about eight months since they've become partners in private too and their private relationship is not all kittens and rainbows What was sad was that I always did that always wanted it all instead of being happy with what I had My friends had different theories about why I pushed when the person I cared about—and in this case desperately madly loved—wasn’t ready The idea everyone liked the best was that because I was a foster kid who was passed around from pillar to post until I was legal when I saw my happily ever after I went after it like a charging bullEven though privately Miro and Ian are having some growing pains their professional relationship is the same as ever Seriously In the first chapter alone there's two foot chases a roof jump and Sam Kage being a badass It's AWESOMESo what do I think you need to know The story is once again told entirely from Miro's perspective Chickie Baby Drake and Cabot and Dr Hartley all make appearances And I really really don't want to give anything away with this review suffice it to say I think I said Holy shit times than any other book this year This was a roller coaster ride of action and emotion that I didn't want to end Fans of All Kinds of Tied Down will not be disappointed with this installment “What the fuck Ian I’m your partner Before anything else I’m the guy who—”“No” he roared “Before anything else you’re my life you stupid prick” Okay okayone thing of several that I absolutely loved NSFWview spoilerIan finally topping Miro and pounding him hardDay um So so goodSide Note Miro's fabulous clothing and shoes are now being worn by both Miro and Ian so if you participate in that drinking game keep the ER on speed dial is all I'm sayin' someone's gonna need a stomach pump hide spoiler

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free read Fit to be Tied 106 Ä Deputy US Marshals Miro Jones and Ian Doyle are now partners on and off the job Miro’s calm professionalism provides an ideal balance to Ian’s passion and uick temper In a job where one misstep can be the difference between life and death trust means everything But every relationship has growing pains and sometimes Miro stews aNsecurities and their dangerous careers including a trial by fire when an old case of Miro’s comes back to haunt them It might just be enough to make Ian rethink his decision to let himself be tied down and Miro can only hope the links they've forged will be strong enough to hold. Mary Calmes what do you do to me I enjoyed the first Marshals book It was a typical Calmes with action and a friends to lovers story THIS though THIS was Calmes crack on steroids This book kept me awake until 2 am last night And then I was upset because I couldn't keep the story straight any between the REALLY long blinks I kept having so I had to put it down and finish it today instead Miro and Ian have been together for about 6 months now And all is not sunshine and rainbows They love each other yes They want to be together yes But there is a big SOMETHING that is coming between them It is the source of many arguments Neither man is right Neither is wrong But this something is there and it's the elephant in the room that won't be ignoredThis part of the story alone would've given the book 5 stars from me Why you say Because as much as I adore Mary she rarely puts the angst in her stories between the MCs themselves The angst is external to the relationship 9 times out of 10 in her other stories But when it's actually IN the relationship she flat out nails it and makes me have the feelz like nobody's business So I BEG for Mary to put the angst between the MCs She makes it hurt so good I'm evil that way And if that wasn't bad enough remember the serial killer that Miro had to converse with behind bars reminiscent ClariceHannibal Lector from Book 1 Yeah well he escapes prison of course And he's after Miro his favorite person There is a sadistic side to Ms Calmes You've seen this side of her before with another character Jin She doesn't hold back this clever woman It was full on Silence of the Lambs in this book Never a dull moment But it wasn't the typical level of suspend your disbelief that I have to employ sometimes for Calmes I actually felt like I was reading a suspenseful thriller I was hooked and I enjoyed every minute of it I was so excited to see that Miro and Ian's story wasn't over when I heard this book was coming I thought their HEA was done with Book 1 And it may be done again But I have a sneaking suspicion Mary has left things open just enough to bring our boys back again There is no cliffhanger we get our HEA but it could happen For those who fan girl or fan boy all over the 6'4 of muscled hotness that is Sam Kage multiple cameos here for youOne of her best Thank you Mary I will be rereading very soon Drinking game disappointment Number of times Make no mistake appears in the book ZERO She's breaking form Number of times Forgive me appears in place of I'm sorry two Much less than usual And no peacoats Psssst I think she's onto our game ARC kindly provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange for an honest review Review also posted to Jessewave

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Deputy US Marshals Miro Jones and Ian Doyle are now partners on and off the job Miro’s calm professionalism provides an ideal balance to Ian’s passion and uick temper In a job where one misstep can be the difference between life and death trust means everything But every relati. I didn't like the book I was engaged for about 15% of it I agree with everyone's reviews especially MostlyDelores and Rosareally Rosa said I’ve been reading Mary Calmes books for uite a while and she’s always been detailed oriented—actually no There’s “detailed oriented” and then there's “Mary Calmes oriented” She’s always been slightly intense when it comes to details Okay that’s part of her charm But it seems like in the last few books she’s gone from detail intense to detail insane^^ThisWhereas Jory was uirky and funny and adorable Miro is a pastiche of this dialed up to 11 The shoes Oh my god the shoes I want to beg Mary to not put me through the brand name dropping ever again but she sells so much of this crack why would she ever stopI'm happy to own that it's not Mary it's me She hasn't changed and I guess I have It's like the moment you have to admit you don't believe in the Easter Bunny any Sad Emma is sad All right Mary it's a date Miro whats his name me a bottle of Kahlua Friday night My place The cozy armchair in my study Maybe a uilt; the forecast is pretty coldactual photo of my ability to resist this bookmy expected level of enjoyment based on my last year of Calmes crack