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ve always dreamed of Will fate somehow bring your souls together or will you forever be alon Sadly i havent read the whole book yet so this is my review for Bearly Rejected Jewels ArthurSpoiler AlertBobcat Alana FMC has been shunned by her own clowder pack On finding herself alone she finds herself confronted by four bears Dax Aiden Rowan and Liam I actually loved Alana My heart went out to her and how she was treated by not only her family but her vile Ex mate Jason I rarely hate characters but he was an exception Him and Madessi Saving grace was her steamy protective and loving relationship with her bears Its a great start and with that knockout ending im dying for book 2 to see how this plays out A fab read

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A Twisted RejectionGrowing up as a shifter you are always taught that finding your mate is an amazing thing What Rejected mates short story collection This anthology is a group of short stories a chance to highlight these authors and give you an introduction into their series SHORT stories is a key word you need to keep in mind so they will be fast paced The main trope is rejected mates one of my faves so I had high hopes for these stories First book is “bearly rejected” by Jewels Arthur I have to say I actually really enjoyed this story It does end on a cliffhanger and I was a little upset to see there is NOTHING hinting at when the next book will be released This book is about a bobcat shifter who is rejected by her fated mate and therefore cast out of her pack Alone and on the run she comes across 4 bear shifters and things hit off pretty uickly For a short story I actually really enjoyed the characters and I’m anxious to see what happens in the next book since we know a showdown is going to happen with her old pack This one book makes the whole anthology worth it The second book is “halloversary” by Amanda CashureOkay I’m going to admit I just don’t understand the point of this book lol it is written in multiple POVs so I expected that those characters would end up together they don’t At least not in this book anyways it does end on a cliffhanger I think I mean the guys literally can’t stand the main girl and even try to kill her And the main girl is already in love with another man and that’s it The main girl wants to find mates before her father forces her to be with men he chooses She can’t be with the guy she loves because her dad threatened him away The guys she chooses want nothing to do with her and even set her up so they can attack and kill her They head out on the run and the guy the main girl is in love with shows up and saves her and they head off to be mated I mean the beginning really makes you think she’s going to end up with the group of guys not her ex So again I don’t understand the point of this book lol was it just to show her getting back together with her ex and for the guys to tell the story of how they got together and formed their uad I honestly don’t know but it’s a BIG no from me ALL of the characters were extremely unlikable The third book was “turn about” by Miki WardOkay this was a cute happy go lucky insta love kind of short story It was a simple and uick read There was no heat no passion The author has a very “formal” writing style Like they’re having tea with the ueen kind of formal But if you enjoy a uick and light happy and safe romance this ones for you No cliffhanger Not RH I just couldn’t continue so I don’t have reviews for the last few books I do plan to take a few days away and then come back and read the others and then I will come back and update my review Overall the idea of this anthology is awesome Get several authors to all put in a book with the same trope to showcase their writing and get readers hooked on the first book so they go and look up each individual series to continue on It’s definitely a good idea just like when authors make the first book of their series free so you get hooked and then have to buy the rest of the series to coNtinue on lol I would love to read like this these short stories just weren’t that great though Ugh I hate saying that but it’s my honest opinion I do plan to continue the bearly rejected series though I looked it up on but couldn’t find the book by itself maybe I just missed it But if not this anthology is worth it just for the “bearly rejected” book

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A Twisted Rejection mobi Ç Kindle Edition ã Jewels Arthur ã Growing up as a shifter you are always taught that finding your mate is an amazing thing What happens though when your mate rejects you When you don’t get that happily ever after you’ve always dreamed of Will fate somehow bring your souls together oHappens though when your mate rejects you When you don’t get that happily ever after you For those of you who are new to anthologies or have not hard the term before An anthology is a collection of short stories written by different authorsA twisted rejection is a collection of shifter stories Shifters of all shapes and sizesBearly RejectedBy Jewels ArthurThis little short story I think I the best one out of the whole anthology This is the one which has left me trying to find the next part of the story to find out what happens to Alana and her bearsI have found and followed Jewels on social media to find out what other great books she has writtenHOLLOW VERSARYBy Amanda CashureI didnt get this short story at all I just found it difficult to follow a d found in several places through out I kept losing the plot and struggling to keep up with the many male characters Tas puss Flynn Steve Lochy I'm not sure if there is Then Benny and our lead character SharonI found I wasnt too keen on this one but never the less what's not my cup of tea doesnt mean to say it's not someone else'sTheir forbidden secretBy Bella claireI skipped this one forno apparent reasonbut have just started and a few pages in so will update the review accordingly asapA twisted secretBy Alexis TaylorBeth HendrixNow this short story is sooo good One of thosei wish some how wasnt part of an anthology I would live to get my hands on a complete version of this It's such a great and gripping read Luckily the continuation of this story is featured in A twisted rejection Part 2 anthologyOverall I uite enjoyed this anthology Well worth reading as a few of these stories were awesome