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Review Õ Mamma pappa barn 107 º Spaningsgruppen på Hammarby polisstation på Södermalm i Stockholm måste handla snabbt Tre olika fall hamnar inom kort på kriminalkommissarie Conny Sjöbergs bordLilla Hanna tre år gammal vaknar en morgon och finner att hon är alldeles ensam Hennes pappa är utomlands och alla tecken tyder på att hennes mamma harDe hitta mördaren i tidMamma pappa barn är del två i Hammarbyserien och uppföljaren till Carin Gerhardsens uppmärksammade deckare Pepparkakshuset 2007 Carin Gerhardsens böcker ska även ges ut i Norge Tyskland och Nederländerna och i december kommer Pepparkakshuset som pocket på PocketförlagetCarin Gerhardsen är född 1962 och uppvuxen i Katrineholm Hon är matematiker och har sedan examen arbetat som konsult inom IT branschen Hon debuterade 1992 med den filosofiska idéromanen På flykt från tide. I MUST find others in this series It was convoluted yet still easy to follow So much going on but brilliant in its delivery Sad yet intriguing Even when they weren’t talking about the poor three year old I wanted them to rush back to that part of the story I HAD to know what was happening with her Everything was tied up in a nice package by the end of it And there were than one member of the male persuasion that I would have liked to have seen strung up by his gonads

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Spaningsgruppen på Hammarby polisstation på Södermalm i Stockholm måste handla snabbt Tre olika fall hamnar inom kort på kriminalkommissarie Conny Sjöbergs bordLilla Hanna tre år gammal vaknar en morgon och finner att hon är alldeles ensam Hennes pappa är utomlands och alla tecken tyder på att hennes mamma har tagit lillebror med sig och flyttat därifrån Vilsen går hon hemifrån utan målPetra Westman vid Hammarbypolisen hittar under en tidig motionsrunda ett svårt medtaget spädbarn i en buske. 35I have rounded up my rating as believe the way the intricate plots intermingled and in the end collided bought a horrifying torment to a 'pleasant' conclusionAt times I did struggle with the storyline layout and had to go back and re read sections but overall a difficult story and plot that grasped my attention from the start

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Mamma pappa barnNär barnets mamma hittas död i närheten börjar jakten för att hitta Hanna innan mördaren gör detSamtidigt hittas en sextonårig flicka med trassliga familjeförhållanden strypt på en toalett på en Finlandsfärja Kvar finns hennes lillasyster som utsätter sig för situationer ingen fjortonåring borde vara i närheten av att hamna iOch medan utredningsgruppen kämpar för att lösa fallen drabbas den av såväl interna bekymmer som personliga tragedier Klarar Conny att hålla ihop gruppen och kommer. This is the second novel in the Hammarby series to be translated after The Gingerbread House and features DCI Conny Sjöberg of the Violent Crimes Unit and his team I was left unimpressed after reading the first primarily because the prologue featured a playground bullying scene which thereby made the motivations of the killer patently clear from the start and hence destroyed any mounting suspense I also found the investigative team lacked impetus and most of the discoveries were rather fortuitous Although Cinderella Girl had a much interesting premise and was an improvement on the first I was similarly disappointed Again everything simply falls into place by chance and relies on coincidence to pull together and the police team do very little deductive work in between shuffling lists missing the blatant clues and being preoccupied with their personal livesCinderella Girl opened with a bizarre prologue from 1964 depicting a scene of child abuse and its purpose in the story which unfolds and its full relevance is never explained The novel then fast forwards to 2007 and two sisters whose mother is an alcoholic and opens her house to her friends meaning the girls ages 14 and 16 are largely neglected and without an authority figure Elise and Jennifer smoke drink and stay out until all hours and when Jennifer goes on the euivalent of an alcohol fuelled boat party to Åbo in Finland after a night drinking she is discovered the next morning strangled in the toilets Her older boyfriend is the obvious suspect but with a list of over two thousand passengers from both Sweden and Finland identifying the other men she was seen with throughout the night is critical At approximately the same time detective Petra Westman discovers an abandoned infant and the body of a dead woman whilst out running in a park and identifying the woman and the child is her first priority Sjöberg shows faith in Petra as he places her in charge of running the investigation into these events whilst he and Jamal Hamad focus on the murder on the boat trip Alongside all this a three year old child randomly telephones seventy two year old Barbro Dahlström saying she has been abandoned by her mother and is home alone but when the police display a lack of enthusiasm to investigate Barbro sets out on a one woman mission and displays an unlikely level of citizenship From murders and paedophiles to an overly benevolent elderly lady Carin Gerhardsen favours the extremes in society for her charactersAlthough I thought the Petra Westman sub plot revealed in The Gingerbread House had little place in the story and made for an unlikely diversion I was pleased that this was addressed again in Cinderella Girl I was somewhat sceptical that after being the victim of date rape by two men one of whom remained unidentified she wasn't a little affected by the event Given that the incident was filmed and the identity of The Other Man who never appeared on film remains a mystery Petra is apparently living in fear of discovery especially after the strange phone calls she has been receiving in the middle of the night In contrast to the first novel which focused on Sjöberg he took a much backseat in this novel and Petra took the spotlight but I was rather sceptical she would have been so robust after a hideous violation such as date rape Sjöberg a forty nine year old family man and father to five children between ages two and nine has his own diversions preoccupied with a mid life crisis and fantasising about a witness from an earlier investigation who made a big impression Jens Sandén second in command is similarly preoccupied with his own issues as his twenty four year old daughter with learning difficulties is living alone and in a relationship with an unsavoury boyfriendAlthough the first novel often felt a little stilted to read I suspect by virtue of a poor translation this second outing is a much readable novel The investigation takes place over the days that follow and thereby served to highlight how little to team managed to actually discover by means of their own nous Much is made of Sjöberg and his famous intuition and Jamal Hamad with his methodical and systematic approach to his work but sadly there is little evidence of either bringing results in Cinderella GirlThe cast of secondary characters are extremes in society from those that prey on the vulnerable children that so often fall between the cracks of the welfare state and commit abuse to the self sacrificing elderly lady in Cinderella Girl Carin Gerdhasen manages to draw in everything from paedophilia child neglect domestic violence sexual harassment in the workplace to taking advantage of the vulnerable specifically in the case of Jenny Sandén's daughter This second novel again left me with the feeling that Gerdhasen's characters all perform a function and illustrate some diverse element of societyIn conclusion I have been left with the distinct impression that this is less crime fiction and a platform for Carin Gerhardsen to hold court on social issues On too many occasions DCI Conny Sjöberg and his team display blatant incompetence and if all Nordic Noir detectives displayed talent of this ability I suspect it would be a rather less popular genre than it is As in The Gingerbread House these two cases are solved by some unlikely coincidences and random chance occurrences and timely discoveries The end result leaves a feeling of dissatisfaction and reads like a lesson on the ills of western society and a warning to those that find themselves marginalised and at risk