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ePub ¹ Emmy Oliver ð Robin Benway Emmy’s best friend Oliver reappears after being kidnapped by his father ten years ago Emmy hopes to pick up their relationship right where it left off Are they destined to be together Or has fate irreparably driven them apartEmmy just wants to be in charge of her own lifeShe wants to stay out late surf her favorite beach go anywhere without her parents’ relentless worrying But Emmy’s parents can’t seem to let her grow up not since the day Oliver disappearedOl “Well that’s growing up isn’t it” my dad said “You don’t always have to know And things aren’t always fair You just have to keep moving forward A step in one direction” Yet another book that has me wondering just what is going on in the book marketingdesign world With a title like Emmy Oliver and the heart shaped finger prints on the cover pretty much everyone will pick this book up thinking they know exactly what they're going to get a cute romance In reality this book is not a romance Maybe it's 25% romance at the very most Rather Emmy Oliver is a coming of age story about friendships family growing up life in a small town and learning to be something on your own separate from your friends and family To call this a romance would grossly oversimplify a uiet moving and funny story about all these important thingsEmmy and Oliver were childhood best friends until Oliver's father kidnapped him as a kid The kidnapping shakes their entire small town and we see the lasting effect it has on everyone else from the friends Oliver left behind to the parents who become extremely overprotective of their own kids Then ten years later Oliver is found and returned home Emmy is unsure whether she wants to rebuild what they once had or even if it's possible but she is curious about the person who has returned and how much of her old friend lingers beneath the surfaceThis is such a sensitive and thoughtful story about many different relationships There's something about the way Benway handles her characterization that makes us care about every individual in this book Forget Emmy and Oliver for a second we also see Emmy's relationship with her two other friends Caroline and Drew through some of the best written dialogue I've read in a long time And we get a glimpse into the complex relationship Emmy has with her overprotective parents; both her love for them and her frustration with themHonestly I loved these characters and the dynamic between them I think Emmy Oliver is all the powerful because it feels so real and honest The people in this book feel both uniue and universal at the same time It is not cheesy there are no sex gods or instaromances of any kind it channels some feminist vibes and friendship is put before anything else Very highly recommended “You’re just a weirdo” he said “That’s all” Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr

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reader ☆ doc Emmy Oliver ↠ ✓ Emmy’s best friend Oliver reappears after being kidnapped by his father ten years ago Emmy hopes to pick up their relationship right where it left off Are they destined to be together Or has fate irreparably driven them apartEmmy just wants to be in charge of her own lifeShe wants to stay out late surf h Iver needs a moment to figure out his heartHe’d thought all these years that his dad was the good guy He never knew that it was his father who kidnapped him and kept him on the run Discovering it and finding himself returned to his old hometown all at once has his heart racing and his thoughts swirlingEmmy and Oliver were going to be best friends forever or maybe even before their futures were ripped apart In Emmy’s soul despite the space and time between them th ‘he looked like a stranger and then he met my glance and it was like i had never stopped seeing him’ oh be still my heart i swear this book was written specifically for me it was as if robin benway had asked herself ‘what would be jessicas ideal story because im going to write it’ and then she did lucky mei really dont know what to say but i honestly could have read 300 pages of this there was just so much that i wanted of i thought the story itself was concluded nicely everything wrapped up with no loose ends but i really wanted of oliver something so tragically interesting happened to him and yet we really only get to see the surface of what hes going through i mean the title of the book is ‘emmy AND oliver’ if it would have been nice if we could have gotten a least half of the book from his perspective i just felt like the main event of the book surrounded him so it would have been effective had we seen the story from his POV but overall i really really loved this it was fun and entertaining and uniue and warm and touching and interesting and just your classic feel good YA contemporary i am one happy bookworm 3↠ 45 stars

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Emmy OliverEir connection has never been severed But is their story still written in the stars Or are their hearts like the pieces of two different puzzles impossible to fit togetherReaders who love Sarah Dessen will tear through these pages with hearts in throats as Emmy and Oliver struggle to face the messy confusing conseuences of Oliver’s father’s crime Full of romance coming of age emotion and heartache these two eually compelling characters create an unforgettable sto See reviews at YA Midnight Reads45 starsI'd firstly like to point out that Emmy Oliver is a really misleading title While the title screams a romance dominated story I would say it's anything but that Sure there is a hella adorable romance but at it's core Benway's story is one about friendship growing up making your own path in life and importantly family Sometimes love isn't something you say it's something you doAt it's surface this book is about Oliver who is finally found 10 years later after being kidnapped by his father at the age of seven And now he's trust back into his hometown and surrounded by these people that he has no recollection of but everyone seems to remember him And in particular Emmy Emmy and Oliver used to be the bestest of friends when they were younger they share a birthday and are next door neighbours and while Emmy wants to go back to how they used to be she isn't sure that's possible since they're both not the same people they were 10 years agoI fell in love with Emmy almost instantly She's grown up for the past 10 years with a leash held ever so tightly by her parents since Oliver disappeared And all she wants to do is follow her own dreams and make up her own mind Surf go to the college of her choice She's undeniably independent and also a wonderful friend I loved how thoughtful she was but also sarcastic and embarrassingly awkward at the same time After 10 years of not seeing her childhood best friend and the first thing that she does Pokes her tongue out and crosses her eyes Honestly what's not to loveThe world continues to spin even when we want it to stop I thought Especially thenI really appreciated how this book highlights the importance of friendship Despite Oliver disappearing Emmy has always had Caro Caroline and Drew They're both wonderfully complex characters that are each explored with so much detail I feel like I know them enough to be my best friends I seriously ADORED their dynamic and it's one I envy No jokeI think this book deserves an award for just how brilliant family is portrayed here And not just Emmy and Oliver's families But also Drew's and Caroline's Family is never going to be perfect and that's why it is so special I think it's about dealing with each other's shit fighting and arguing but still caring for each other at the same time I think it's about loving each other for the good and the bad and the worst parts So thank you Robin Benway for such an honest reflection of what it can really be likeMom I groaned covering my eyes with my hand People don't really date any they just I don't know hang out togetherIs that the same as 'hooking up' my dad askedOh my God Now I covered my ears with both hands Am I grounded Can you just ground me Hearing you two talk about 'hooking up' is cruel and unusual punishmentOf course I cannot finish this review without dedicating part of it to just fangirl over the cuteness that is Emmy and Oliver Their romance takes the backseat in this one and reading it was like cotton candy There's no instalove or stupid drama thank God Also those flashbacks that were inserted every now and again MY FEEEELS I just felt like jumping into my kindle to be honestI did cry reading this book Surprisingly most of the time it was just because how  sweet and heartfelt  this book was But also sometimes because it was truly heartbreakingEmmy Oliver is a highly important novel that zooms in on all the important things about growing up family friendships and everything in between It's incredibly bittersweet and honest which is effortless in it's storytelling And it's why I know it's a story I'll never forget hugs book Cannot recommend this one highly enough especially if you want to feel all the emotionsThanks HarperTeen for sending me this copy for reviewINITIAL REACTIONTwo of my main reactions while reading this bookand This isn't just a romance book Emmy Oliver brings a lot of focus on family relationships which I absolutely loved And I totally cried at the end Not even crying just full on bawling Full review to come