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アムリタ Free read ´ 105 Á Mayu eine gefeierte junge Schauspielerin stirbt unter tragischen Umständen Sie hinterläßt eine ungewöhnliche Wahl Familie die die Trauer um die Verstorbene zusammenhält Sakumi die ältere Schwester durch deren Augen sich die Geschichte entfaltet Yoshio einen jüngeren Bruder der mystische Kräfte besitzt eine noch juR mystische Kräfte besitzt eine noch junge Mutter deren Freundin und Ryuichiro den Geliebten Mayus der einen Roman schreibt mit offenkundigen Parallelen zu ihrer GeschichteSakumi Yoshio und Ryuichiro begeben sich auf eine Reise durch Kummer und Leid verloren geglaubte und wiedergef. I adore Banana Yoshimoto for the ability to create atmosphere I find myself at ease in She is for me the master of ‘ichi go ichi e’ this elusive Japanese awareness of treasuring the unrepeatable nature of a moment “Amrita” like many other works by Yoshimoto is a perfect novel embodying itMany people have a problem with “Amrita” saying it is too weird or about nothing in particular Some characters possess powers most people don’t they can enter other people’s dreams they have premonitions they are deeply connected to themselves and others For me though this is not some magic I myself sometimes have premonitions usually in the form of dreams but an element of reality many feel uncomfortable with but I feel perfectly in peace withWhat I love about “Amrita” is that the story has no beginning and no end it’s not aimed at transforming any character but they do change has no climax and doesn’t seem to have any clear message It is all about emotions and feeling that the moment is there and will soon belong to the past When Yoshimoto writes about staying up late coming downstairs to the kitchen to make coffee at 3am she makes me want to do exactly the same It’s been a long time since I read such perfect descriptions of holidays spent on getting a suntan and doing nothing as the main character and people close to her enjoy in Kōchi and later on Saipan“As people we narrowly get by with our lives each day energy from our soft delicate actions appearing like cherry blossoms only once and once for a short while Eventually petals fall to the ground”“Amrita” is also a novel about family bonds trust and autonomy family members give to one another Reading about so many unhappy families in Japanese literature here it was a breath of fresh air to see a family considered ‘strange’ for being unconventional by the conservative protagonist but healthy imperfectly happy and at ease People who truly enjoy spending time in each other’s company For all the above I hold Yoshimoto in the pantheon of authors who move me evoke deepest emotions and make me pay attention to the joy of simple moments And this is what I treasure

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Undene Erinnerungen verbotene Liebe der Erlösung und Genesung und einer Begegnung mit dem Geist der Toten auf einer fernen Insel im PazifikAmrita das Wort stammt aus der Hindu Mythologie und bedeutet Göttertrank Lebenselixier das Unsterblichkeit schenkt ist eine Hommage an das Leb. In Sanskrit Amrita means immortality And this book was in between surreal and reality I've read few magical realism before but never one like this A fresh kind of vibe Talking about plot as what Yoshimoto said this book is very simple It was about daily life and what's happening around I love how it relates to most of familiar scenes in life people come and go incidents happen loneliness and betrayal friendship and families gifted and ungifted As what Yoshimoto said in foreword she might not write any lengthy story any after this one but I really wish she would still do It was not that bad honestly It might sound like a girl ranting and scribbling her life through out the pages but the memories her heart and thought was so vivid I could actually felt it deeply inside my heart The characters were my favorite From Sakumi herself to Yoshio and Ryūichirō Even Mayu And I kind of love Saseko although she's somewhat a bit spooky It was so various and uniue Noodle and Mesmer and even the Berries' owner But I must say the part of Yoshio's story was a bit bizarre to me With such talent and gift at that young age I was mesmerized when he told Sakumi that he met Mayu like what else can you do kiddo No punchline or twist nothing too profound it was just as it is So random odd and paranormal but very thoughtful Not many would love this book I think but it was okay for me though I rant to myself too sometimes just like Sakumi did or probably I just got hypnotized by Mesmer Love the ending as well and all the heartfelt letters 35 stars

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アムリタMayu eine gefeierte junge Schauspielerin stirbt unter tragischen Umständen Sie hinterläßt eine ungewöhnliche Wahl Familie die die Trauer um die Verstorbene zusammenhält Sakumi die ältere Schwester durch deren Augen sich die Geschichte entfaltet Yoshio einen jüngeren Bruder de. The main character of this Yoshimoto book is uite similar to all of her novels a young modern Japanese woman who has endured great trauma but manages to keep an open heart to the world despite it A lot of tragedy besets the particular narrator of this book Sakumi; before it even begins her father and then sister have passed away and she has had an accident that causes her brain damage Despite the heavy scene that sets up this novel is breezy and fantastical It may be about family and loss but it's also about youth traveling love and magic It abounds with mystical powers ghosts mind reading and unexplained events It's true magical realism in the vein of Salman Rushdie or her modern Japanese peer Haruki Murakami But Amrita is much feminine and warm than either of those authors works Although there are fantastical elements it's still normal life that she is concerned withYoshimoto strong suit is perfectly describing momentseating street food late at night with the narrator's pre teen brother listening to a friend sing at a bar waking up in the morning in a strange room She loves the moments in which you might stop to record in your mind exactly what's around you for a beautiful and brief second A large section of the book is taken up by a vacation to the tropical island of Saipan She perfectly captures the contrast between a slow island culture in which past future and present seem to be the same thing; and then the narrator's metropolitan life which seems busy for no reason This is definitely Yoshimoto's most experimental novel That may not be saying much considering how sparse the prose in her other novels is but Amrita jumps in time and place uite often She's purposefully lost the sharp editing of Kitchen The book is uite long and suffers a little from the narrator's constant analyzing of her state of mind Occasionally the thoughts directly contradict themselves so much that it resembles an unedited journal entry I also can't help but feel like the translation is a little clunky in these parts; something just isn't coming across I couldn't fault anyone for becoming weary with the writing for that reason but once I accepted the uninterrupted flow I became really comfortable with Sakumi's voice Many big events do happen in the book but is also leaves the reader with the feeling that nothing has happened that this book is simply one big loop through the circular patterns of a life All the characters are so well drawn that they will keep living after this particular window closes That's great fiction