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This is Doctor Who's first exciting adventure with the Daleks Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright travel with the mysterious Doctor Who. This was the first ever novelisation of a Doctor Who tv story first published in the mid 60s To most fans of the show this book is all kinds of wonderful being hugely nostalgic and a crackingly well written novel in its own right Back then this was the only way to relive an episode VCRs or DVDs were far fetched science fiction ideas than some ones in the show David Whitaker was Story Editor on the original serial and here he takes Terry Nation's script and really adds life and depth Told in the first person from the point of view of Ian Chesterton the story kicks off by choosing to replace the whole school scenario of the first episode of an Unearthly Child with characters meeting each other for the first time after a traffic accident on Barnes Common It's a pretty atmospheric opening The Doctor is hostile and sly playing his mindgames with Ian The psychology of walking through those police box doors is explored uite comprehensively by Whitaker Due to the limited point of view some characters don't get as much of the limelight as they might have done notably Susan Her alien ualities get lost in retelling and her early baptism of fire having to retrieve the radiation drugs alone through the petrified forest is only briefly mentioned as she recounts the episode to her friends It's also fun to learn a bit about the Tardis facilities and I would like to know what Venusian Night Fish or Martian Summer berries taste like Other additions to the script are a full description of a Dalek mutant a Glass Dalek Everlasting Matches an amusing boxing match that Ian arranges to try to get the Thalls to regard fighting in the same way as other physical sports the seeds of a romance between Ian and Barbara an un sonic buttonhook and Ian's smoking habit Whitaker writes well and has a nice line in poetic phrasing but he also knows how to colour a story with little character points and humour I have only fond memories of reading this book back in the 1970s and I greatly enjoyed the recent reread I'd like to think that the new reprints of these books will inspire a new generation of children in the same way as they did me when I was a little boy wandering about that big building filled with books with orders from my mum to 'choose one'This new edition has an introduction by Neil Gaiman an about the authors spotlight of David Whitaker and Terry Nation original illustrations and a between the lines feature about the script to novelisation process

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Doctor Who in an Exciting Adventure With the DaleksHals from the evil intentions of the hideous Daleks Can they succeed And what is important will they ever see their native Earth agai. Most of my experience with the Doctor started in 2005 with the 9th Doctor and I'll admit that at first I was intrigued by a time traveling madman that looked sounded and acted like a British version of a good friend of mine I've had sporadic run ins with prior incarnations since I was a small child but they were solitary episodes with no background to what was going on When I did find them I mainly watched them because of the simplistic set designsNow that I'm several decades older and my tastes have evolved concurrently with the 'Grim Meat hook Future' paradigm of science fiction it was an absolute pleasure to start re familiarizing myself with the introduction of the First Doctor in all of his malicious glory to the KaledsA fairly straight forward plot told from the point of view of one of the Doctor's new companions and adapted from an early serial Doctor Who's Exciting Adventures with the Daleks seems to be broken into 3 main acts The Doctor seems to be the central pivot of the plot than a full blown character in and of himself This is both good in that from Ian's perspective the Doctor is shown to be than a bit of a dick and bad I always feel a little disappointed when a titular character is reduced to co starring status I did enjoy the descriptions of a war torn Skaro and the early limitations placed on the Daleks they can't move off of metal floors or their casings stop receiving power little technological marvels beyond presumably atomic warheads and using static electricity for power generation The descriptions of the Thals were bland in a noble savage reclaiming their societal heritage way and the telegraphing of Barbara's feelings towards an oblivious Ian could have used some work but I will admit that their may be some temporal prejudice on my part in terms of reading a 50 year old storyOverall it was a fun uick read and I'm interested in checking out both the original serial that this was taken from and the rest of the reprints of the Target Dr Who books

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review Doctor Who in an Exciting Adventure With the Daleks Õ eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ This is Doctor Who's first exciting adventure with the Daleks Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright travel with the mysterious Doctor Who and his granddaughter Susan to the planet of Skaro in the space time machine the TAAnd his granddaughter Susan to the planet of Skaro in the space time machine the TARDIS There they strive to save the peace loving T. One of Doctor Who's original leading men reads the first story novelization with Doctor Who and the DaleksWritten when audiences would rarely if ever have a chance to see the original seven part story this was based on author David Whitacker makes some interesting choices in the novelization of Terry Nation's original scripts The first is to have the story told from the first person perspective of travelling companion Ian Chesterton This choice makes for some interesting moments in the story such as seeing and hearing Ian's reaction to first finding the TARDIS and being inside a Dalek but it also takes away one of the most iconic moments in television with Barbara's first encounter with a Dalek Perhaps Whitacker felt the scene couldn't be done justice on the printed page Whitacker also uses the story to introduce readers to the Doctor and the TARDIS borrowing some of the elements of the first episode of Doctor Who in the first several chapters This alternate look at how the TARDIS crew came together is interesting and I find it particularily fascinating that Ian and Barbara don't know each other before entering the TARDIS hereAlso of interest is the final stages when the Daleks are clearly controlled by a glass Dalek something that would have been nearly impossible to achieve on the budget of the 60s though it was attempted years later during Colin Baker's reign Not sure if this was meant to tie into Whitacker's two Dalek stories during the Troughton era with the Emperor Dalek though I did find msyelf thinking of Davros when we first met the mysterious force behind the Daleks Differences aside this is a nice telling of the orignal adventures with the Daleks Some portions of the story are truncated some expanded but for the most part it works Whitacker's storytelling is well done though Ian does seem to be a bit focused on looking into the eyes of his travelling companionsAs read by William Russell the man who brought Ian to life on the small screen the audio book is a treat Definitely a must hear if you're a fan of Doctor Who