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Gamble on Engagement McMaster the Disaster #2 Free read ¿ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ Book 2 in the McMaster the Disaster series complete with all new Disaster Diary entries Josie McMaster is on the move to London for a top secret stint as a ghostwriter for a high profile celebrity It's her dream Tten a biography but how hard could it really be Of course the paparazzi is not helping matters constantly publicizing the 'when will Jake Hall pop the uestion' betting pool which is completely ridiculous considering she and Jake have only been dating a short while or is it55980 word count. This book was a bit dumb and not in a good way like the first one

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Book 2 in the McMaster the Disaster series complete with all new Disaster Diary entries Josie McMaster is on the move to London for a top secret stint as a ghostwriter for a high profile celebrity It's her dream job; she's got a beautiful place to stay in the English countryside full acces. The book is just okay Something about this seuel was much less satisfying than the first one The first one got off to a rocky start everyone in Josie's life was hounding her about entering the lottery but picked up steam after Josie was already in it This one however is mired in silliness the entire time from the annoying seat mate to the completely expected ending The problem is Josie I think Josie shone in the first book only in her interactions with Matt and Jake and they aren't here enough to make it enjoyable to spend time with her The celebrity client is hardly present enough to take their place and the client is no Jake or Matt In the first one I was rooting for Josie who seemed like a nice enough girl In this one she strikes me as much less mature and incredibly lazy Did she really think this was a free trip to Europe and that she wasn't going to have to actually do the job she was being paid to doAnd then there's this out of place story that crops up on Josie's ill fated trip to Spain and doesn't go anywhere I imagine it'll come back in the third book At least I hope it does otherwise it didn't need to be there at all At some point in the story I realized Josie felt like a slightly likable version of Becky Bloomwood from the Shopaholic series Even with Josie being a palatable heroine than Becky the shenanigans in Gamble on Engagement wore me out a lot faster I made it to the third Shopaholic book before giving up but I'll be stopping here with Josie

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Gamble on Engagement McMaster the Disaster #2S to the celebrity and three months to complete the best ghostwritten autobiography anyone has ever seenIn true McMaster the Disaster fashion Josie tumbles head first into scandal apparently than just an average ghostwriter in the eyes of this new celebrity Not to mention she has never wri. I really liked the first book in the series so I read the second Gamble on Engagement It truly is a great disappointment for anybody at all familiar with EnglandThe first book Bridesmaid Lotto was written by an American about America The second book is written by an American largely about England and it is so full of inaccuracies and ridiculous assumptions as to really ruin the book except for those Americans who know little about Great Britain So lets examine it1 The ONLY princes in England are members of the royal family They are Prince Charles and his two sons ALL other scions of various noble families whilst being related to the royal family are NOT princes1a Thus Prince Leo was not a prince2 Other members of the royal family are Earls and Lords Their sons are Viscounts etc and do not gain titles of Earl or Lord until their fathers die I'm not really up with this title stuff so those Brits who know about it please excuse my ignorance3 Nobody in England goes out and buys a castle unless they are mega rich and basically nuts Firstly there are VERY few if any castles for sale secondly there are not that many of them thirdly they are usually highly inefficient buildings costing a fortune in upkeep And finally who keeps a gigantic building like that EMPTY What's this business of 'wings' 'his wing' 'her wing' good Lord apart from princes from Saudi Arabia or Dhubai who has the loose money4 NO 'scion' of some noble family has access to any real money unless he makes it himself Most of these types either join the forces; sometimes ending up senior military figures; or enter some profession or if they're lucky enter the family business NOBODY 'buys a castle' because he likes 'his solitude' LOL5 The idea that these guys are 'soft' or 'silly' as the story implies couldn't be farther from the truth6 The idea that the housekeeper would for a moment hope to be the love interest of the lord of the manor is another reason for a LOL These employees are highly professional and would certainly be totally UNinterested in such an idea Also the very idea that an English nobleman would be interested in the help beyond a uicky with some willing local girl behind the stables in their 'teens is far from reality Sorry I'm not a stuffy type I just know the facts6 NOBODY takes the best part of a 2 day train trip to Marbella To save money they might drive in a large RV if they have a family I guess Otherwise THEY FLY Duh Rachel Astor obviously did absolutely NO research whatever However even if she HAD done any she would still have been unable to write such a story without serious help from an English co writer if only for the sake of realism It's a pity because her first book was such fun AND realistic and made this book even irritating to me For goodness sake can you imagine a woman from Manchester in England writing a book about the deep south such as New Orleans or the midwest Now THAT would be a laugh rightI might read the third in the series if the story is placed in the US otherwise I'll probably give it a miss Regretfully I think Ms Astor isn't good with foreign country research