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REVIEW Two's Company î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ MEMORANDUMTo The ReaderFrom Carole MortimerSubject The Black Sheep and the Scarlet WomanIt is being drawn to your attention that Juliet's boss has left her half his company and all his troubles Carlyle Properties is near bankruptcy and Juliet has to share her inheritance with Liam MEMORANDUMTo The ReaderFrom Carole MortimerSubject The Black Sheep and the Scarlet WomanIt is being drawn to your attention that Juliet's boss has left her half his company and all his troubles Carlyle Properties is nea. Re Two's Comapny Carole Mortimer kicks off the 9 to 5 multi year HP series with this book At this point in HPlandia the editors figured out that we HP voyagers have our favorite tropes So they started categorizing certain tropes into specific series to make them instantly identifiable The 9 to 5 series is always going to be two people working together in a business setting just as the Wedlocked series is always going to be some kind of arranged marriage or marriage in trouble story I suspect this sort of additional advertising has worked very well over the years both series are still running strong today You can find a list of the 9 to 5 books here and the Wedlocked series list is here This one starts with our pale hollow eyed and underweight h traveling to an exclusive resort hotel in Majorca She there to try and track down the owner of the exclusive hotel conglomerate and was able to convince the owner's female personal assistant to reveal where he would be heading The h's surrogate father recently died and the big time hotel owner is his last living son The h inherited half of the father's English property development firm and the H has inherited the other half Unfortunately the H and his father had a parting of ways about ten years earlierThe h doesn't know what led up to the H's boycott of his family but he never even returned for his brother's funeral 7 years earlier The h needs to find the H because there are big property development decisions to be made and she has to have his input to act as they share control of the companyThe h is out on the terrace of the lovely hotel when a fellow traveler complains she is blocking his view The h is almost frightened by the traveler's remarks and after successfully eluding him she is even startled when he plops himself down at her solitary dinner table in the restaurant later that eveningHe orders her to eat which the h doesn't take very kindly It is very clear that this h is carrying some kind of enormous mental burden that rarely allows her to complete a meal or rest Eventually we learn that the bossy bullying traveler is none other than the missing son and heir After the h literally collapses at his Majorcan villa when he accuses her of being his father's mistress the h ends up being subjected to his verbal harassment for a few days and his increasingly seductive roofie kisses as she recovers from a diagnosis of mental exhaustionWe then make our way to England where the H will do a thorough audit of the property development firm introduce the h to his female personal assistant that he may or may not be having an affair with and make nasty remarks in between forceful roofie kissing of the hThe h also inherited the H's father's home complete with benevolent housekeeper who we eventually learn was the H's father long time lover but refused to marry him The H and h have a back and forth pushpull for a while and it becomes apparent that the h was pretty violently assaulted at one point or anotherThe h was also engaged to the H's younger brother but he died before they could marry CM lets us know that this death was mysterious but we aren't getting to the heart of the story yet Instead we have to have H tart shaming and accusations that the orphaned unicorn grooming h is trying to rack up bed post notches with all the men in the H's immediate familyThat would be the H's dead brother the H's father and the H himself The h is dealing with her own trauma and her conflicting Treacherous Body Melting Response in the midst of a mental panic attack every time the H assaults her with his lips The continual internal conflict is taking a lot out of the h and it may be that total physical collapse is imminent When the H isn't roofie kissing or verbally assaulting the h and accusing her of witchcraft he is throwing temper tantrums about not being able to find a certain project file from ten years earlier The h finally discovers the file in the desk of the H's father She gives it to the H and the H goes off on another rant It seems that the H's brother was the one in charge of that particular office high rise project The brother was a bad seed and used inadeuate materials and shoddy building techniues to gouge extra profits out of the project then the brother pocketed the embezzled proceedsThe building collapsed and a man died and the H's father deliberately falsified the entire documentation to hide the H's brother's guilt This knowledge frees the h from the burden of her own guilt as she now knows that she owes nothing to the H's father because he knew what his youngest son was like and continually covered up for himWe STILL don't know what happened between the h and the H's brother but the h thought that the H's father was helping her now she realizes that he was really covering up for the wrecking ball that was his youngest sonThe h also overhears the H and his beautiful personal assistant in a conversation that sorta indicates that the married assistant is pregnant with the H's baby The h is in love with the H by this point but she isn't down with that kind of amoral behavior So she plans to leave the H the company and give the house to the housekeeper as she really earned it The h just wants to be free of the whole lot of them but before she can make her final escape the housekeeper forces a confrontation between the H the housekeeper and the hThe big secret is that the H's brother was only marrying the h because his father liked her and promised him complete control of the development company if the brother married her He cheated on her constantly and one night his current bit on the side did not come through with the lance piking event he expected so his drunken self decided to rape the h They were staying in the H's father's house and the h started screaming while being attacked there was a big fight between the H's father and brother and at the end of it the h was severely traumatized and the brother was at the bottom of the stairs with a broken neckThe h has never been able to move on from that event and stayed on with the father in gratitude for what she thought was his trying to help her Now that she knows that her attack was just another in a long line of crimes the H's father tried to conceal for the brother and now that she is able to cry out her trauma the h is ready to run off to Majorca again and recoverThe H manages to track her down to his very own exclusive resort hotel and we learn that the H's personal assistant is also his sister in law The H is a widow who lost his wife and child during labor and the H's brother in law is panicking because the sister in law is pregnant and her sister died in childbirth The H isn't the baby's father and was just doing his best to help his only remaining family through a very scary timeThe H also declares his love for the h and does a pretty decent apology for getting things so badly wrong The Majorcan paradise has healed the h now that she is free from her mental burdens and is looking beautiful and healthy the h avows her true love for the H backThe two of them get married and we learn that the sister in law had a healthy baby boy the h is a little irked that the new baby got the H's name because in 33 weeks she will be producing her own The H is delighted at the news and totally in love with the h so we leave them celebrating cabbage patch deliveries in a pink passion HEA for another day at the office in HPlandiaThis one was okay the h's trauma was fairly obvious but that it ended in death was a little shock revelation The h was probably a little too insta forgiving of the H as well but it was really par for the course for an HP outing

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R bankruptcy and Juliet has to share her inheritance with Liam Carlyle his estranged son who has already assumed that Juliet seduced his father What Liam doesn't know is that Juliet was once engaged to Simon his despise. This novel was good I didn't expect a lot of things that happened to take place in the novel especially Simon and Juliet's pastI did like that Liam actually was a bastard it made me love his grovelling later in the novel The ending was hilarious

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Two's CompanyD younger brotherOne thing is for sure Juliet has decided to work with Liam to save the company but as for his notion that his father should have left him everything including Juliet She wants a strictly business affair. Juliet wanted to save the company of William who had been like a father to her and who gave her half the company Unfortunately in order to save this company she had to convince his eldest son to cooperate and his relationship with his father was cold for ten years When she finally convinces him to help her she was not prepared to him attacking her romantic side and trying to reveal all her hidden secrets Good but not one I would like to read twice