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Healthy attractive and economical bento box meals will revolutionize your lunchtimes Let Makiko Itoh the Net's leading bento blogger get you started on your bento journey25 bento menus and over 150 delicious recipes BentoNow that I actually have a job where I get this break in the middle of the day called a lunch I found I wasn’t uite sure what to do at lunch Stop working Okay I can try that Eat Yes But what are all these interesting lunches eaten by everyone around me We’re not just talking brown bagging it here We’re talking Mom stamped balanced and varied healthy lunches including salads yogurt fruit soups lunch entrees of all types Mom lunches made by moms used to making healthy lunches for their kids My sandwich just didn’t seem to cut it didn’t seem very interesting and well after a lifetime of sandwiches I was ready for something new and imaginative Where to start I wasn’t uite sure but I did understand that my Ziploc lunch bag was definitely passé as far as lunch style went The staff fridge at the hospital was stuffed with all types of specialty lunch bags that could double as purses in the outside world except for the special linings designed to keep your lunch cold or hot as you needed While shopping I decided on a neoprene lunch bag as it is the most convenient for me small light durable and I can chuck it in my backpack easily for a bike or a drive to work I’m not really sure how my lunch research actually led me to the books The Just Bento Cookbook by Makiko Itoh and the Ten Minute Bento by Megumi Fuji but it did and the books have opened my eyes to a whole realm of lunchbox possibilities Gone are the hard rectangular plastic lunchboxes of my youth today’s lunch transporting beauties the bento box of many styles and sizes originates in Japan Bento boxes can be elaborate and large or they can be small compact boxes of suare round rectangular or oval shape perfect for lunch for most people The most convenient types are the plastic ones which allow you to pop the bento in the microwave if you want to warm your lunch There are some spectacular stainless steel bento and bento type boxes as well as gorgeous traditional wood bentos but the microwave isn’t a choice with them Actually any type of container can house your bento lunch as bento is a state of combining foods in an aesthetically pleasing manner in a container rather than specific to the container itself Bentos also scream healthy as they tend to be packed with rice veg pickled veg a tasty protein of some type tiny condiment containers as needed fruit and I’m sure you could cram some triple deep fried chicken into a Bento box however you’d have portion control happening so your unhealthy offerings would be limited On the whole Bento healthy menus are expansive and exciting If you’ve been having a hard time eating well the Bento makes it tremendously easy to change that around There’s also a bento style for kids and youthful people called Kawaii which means lovable adorable or cute They style really is a lot of fun for kids but can help also completely liven up lunch for a food bored adult For instance you can include cut out rabbit shaped sandwiches cute bento food picks or various shaped cutouts of vegetables At the very least you can add a silicone cupcake liner or two to separate the foods in your bento box and to add some colour punch Find and add a heart shaped liner and that is a great visual image and message There’s some food lovin’ going on here The books are a great way to get some great Bento lunch ideas There are also numerous great websites packed with info So if you’re completely bored with your lunch there’s no reason not to glean some great bento ideas and pack a new lunch altogether Resources for Bento SuppliesFenigo Canada at wwwfenigocom`Bentoco Japan at for Bento WebsiteshttpjustbentocomwwwcookingcutecomrecipeshtmwwwbentoblognetworkcomI have previously published this article copyrighted 2012

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The Just Bento CookbookBoth Japanese and Western Sukiyaki style Beef Donburi Bento Egg wrapped Sushi Bento Spanish Omelette Bento Bunny Sandwich Bento and Every bento photographed in full colorComprehensive practical bento making guideline I haven't felt this excited about a cookbook in a long long time The recipes from this book that I have tried about a third of the book so far have turned out the first time no tweaking or perfecting reuired It does reuire a little planning and organization to put a meal like this together but it's been totally worth it for us to have economical healthy and really yummy lunches for my husband to take to work It does help that the author puts an organizational timeline with every menu I also love the fact that recipes are sized for one or two people except when something is freezable for future meals That makes it so much easier to not waste food or money And my husband who is picky in the sense that he likes a lot of variety hasn't gotten bored with any of the recipes either Winner

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Download Ebook ó The Just Bento Cookbook 127 pages ´ Healthy attractive and economical bento box meals will revolutionize your lunchtimes Let Makiko Itoh the Net's leading bento blogger get you started on your bento journey25 bento menus and over 150 delicious recipes both Japanese and Western Sukiyaki style Beef Donburi Bento ES choosing a box menu planning speed and safety tips staple ingredientsTimelines help streamline your morning preparationGlossary of Japanese ingredientsAn invaluable resource for bento beginners and aficionados alik I've followed Makiko Itoh's recipes and blog posts on JustHungrycom and JustBentocom for a few years and I'm happy to report that her informative accessible style and great photography has carried over from her blogs to this cookbook Itoh also provides helpful information about how to prep ingredients how to plan for time management when making bento in the morning and how to buy a bento box or other appropriate food carrying container which will suit the user's needs I can't wait to get started on some Chicken Kara age or Ginger Pork