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The first in USA TODAY bestselling author Alice Clayton’s Redhead series is a playful and erotic romance between an aspiring actress and Hollywood’s hottest new leading manWhen Grace Sheridan returns to Los Angeles to become a working actress it’s a second shot at a life long dream With some help from her bes uirky sexy fun with lots of heart I loved it 45 stars Grace Sheridan has always had stars in her eyes and wanted to be ”famous famous god damned famous” After a failed attempt straight out of college she is now 33 years old and has moved back to LA I became one of those sad sacks— I only lasted in Los Angeles for eighteen months I limped away feeling like a failure for the first time in my life I let the city and the industry beat me But now I was back It took me ten years to make it back and this time I wasn’t going anywhere She moves in with her best friend Holly who stayed in LA all those years ago and is now running her own talent management agency The book starts out at Holly’s home it’s the launch party for her new business While at the party Grace meets Jack Hamiltion a 24 year old actor who Holly represents He just got cast as the lead role for a highly anticipated movie based on a series of erotic romance short stories Woman are going NUTS for these books and this new movie so Jack is just about to be launched into super stardom Grace has never heard of these books the movie or of Jack But Holly makes uick work pimping them out “Jesus fine Calm down” I said “Did you just sueal? Yes I will freaking read them” LOL Sound like anyone you know? When Grace first meets Jack she’s of course attracted to him but knows he’s younger than her and doesn’t think too much of it Toward the end of the evening they have a couple brief encounters and their banter is some of the best I’ve read There is no denying they have some sort of chemistry and they can go back and forth for days Jack being the down to earth guy that he is finds Grace’s humor wit and uirky charm appealing and he makes uick work pursuing her and finding little ways to see her “OK you caught me I wanted to see you Is that so terrible? I’m bored and you’re fascinating” There are texts phone calls and little outings full of funny incidents Nothing goes uite right for Grace but Jack is right there through it all laughing and teasing making it all better and adding to the fun They are just so good together they get each other make each other laugh and their sexual chemistry is off the charts there is LOTS and LOTS of sexy time for these two “You will be the death of me Sheridan I can already tell” He sighed unfolding his long legs to get out of the car “Yes but it will be a good death I’ll be gentle You won’t even know I’m coming” He turned back and grinned “That’s what she said” Perfection “Oh and Grace?” he continued walking toward his car He stopped when he reached it and leaned back against the door “I will definitely know when you’re coming And so will you” he said biting down on that lower lip Fucking Perfection Grace is a little immature for her age she’s got baggage and minor confidence issues but I loved her She had the funniest internal dialogue Jack seems mature for his age he’s smart funny silly but can bring the sexy BIG time I absolutely LOVED him And did I mention he’s a Brit? Oh yeah The age difference really was a non issue in my eyes They both look young they’re hot they like each other and it’s good He is the reason to her neurotic ways and they have such a great balance I love that this book is pretty low angst There really is no drama for the sake of drama no stupid no lies It’s all very straight forward and functional as they navigate their new situation and challenges that arise mostly brought on by their careers “I love that you’ve become so important to me” he added gazing at me from under heavily lidded eyes “I love that you are so totally wrapped up in my life now” I answered my heart thumping wildly what were we saying? The dialogue banter and jokes in this were hilarious It got a wide range of reactions out of me from just a smile a little laugh maybe a snort here a belly laugh there It was hysterical With comedy there really is that balance of what is overkill There were times that things were a bit much nicknames were overused crazy exaggerations will power of champions anyone? view spoilerWho can go weeks givingreceiving oral sex for hours on end DAILY and not have actual sex? I just don’t get it I mean it ended up being sweetcute that they waited but come on hide spoiler

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The Unidentified Redhead?Funny borderline neurotic Grace is perfect in her imperfections and the sexual chemistry between her and charming yet blissfully unaware Jack is off the charts With laugh out loud dialogue and a super steamy romance that will get your heart racing sneaking around in LA and dodging the paparazzi has never been so f I'm going to do another one of my reviews in reverse where I get the small gripes out of the way before stating why the book was worth my timeMy review pendulum is going crazy over this book I know my thoughts are sitting at around a 35 star rating but I don't know whether to round up or down Unidentified Redhead was a fun and sexy read In fact it was repeatedly fun and sexy So what's the problem you ask? Well let me go right ahead and answer that for you I'm going to ask you to imagine this picture your most hyper friend with her arms raised and running around like a chicken with her head cut off screaming WAHHHHHHAGGGGHHHHH Then you'll understand Grace She's absolutely a riot but she's also definitely amped up to the extreme Because of this and the few things I'll mention below I reserve the right to drop my rating to a 3 at a later date But for now I'll stick with the fun factor and go up to a 4This book was funny There were several giggle worthy moments However there was no real break in between one liners and silly scenarios The first couple of times it happened during sexy time I found it endearing Then I started to want them to get down to just being sexy At some point funny starts to become a gimmick Scaling the humor back a bit would have made the book's best one liners and banter stand out that much As well I found myself grow weary at the nicknames a plenty A cute little personalized nickname can be adorable but Jack and Grace had several for each other Not only did they nickname each other but they nicknamed body parts oonie and had cutesy little phrases like holy chex mix Again if this had been reigned in just a touch it would have made the fun nicknames stand out as even endearingButat least they avoided the use of baby Score a point for this Blech don't call me baby you have enough nicknames for me alreadyOh suck it Sweet Nuts I taunted Hyper reactions and ridiculous nicknames aside I had a blast while reading this book Smutty time was satisfying and I found the characters to be people I'd want to know Not only was the banter completely amusing between Jack and Grace but it was also uite refreshing between Grace and her best friend We've probably all had one of those friends who likes to mess with us and not let us off the hook for things Here's some of Holly's uirky personality Oh would you shut up about your historical nonfiction Holly interrupted Honestly it's like you're sprinting towards the retirement homeGet on the stick woman Literally Get On That Stick Jack was yummy with a capital Y First off he's British Described as just over 6 ft with waves of golden and caramel hair green eyes build noted as slim yet firm and rocking what I assumed to be a killer grin I was liking this one We all need a break from the typical massive dark and brooding alphas every so often even if those guys are yummy too I especially loved that he wore clothes that fit his body without being too baby gap tight I'm thinking California casual without a hint of meathead in sight Yes pleaseFinal thought If you need a fun book to shake yourself out of a rut and won't mind a couple of hyper personalities and humor at every turn even when you're not necessarily wanting it I'd say that Unidentified Redhead would probably be a great fit Plus there's lots of sexy sexy momentsI leave you with this random fun nonsense Of course a seagull shit on my head

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kindle Æ The Unidentified Redhead Ð Paperback Ý alice clayton Ý The first in USA TODAY bestselling author Alice Clayton’s Redhead series is a playful and erotic romance between an aspiring actress and Hollywood’s hottest new leading manWhen Grace Sheridan returns to Los Angeles to become a workT friend agent will that dream become a reality or at thirty three has Grace missed her chance at the big time? And when an unexpected sizzling romance with Jack Hamilton the entertainment industry's newest “it” boy threatens to shine an uncomfortable spotlight on her life how will that affect her careerand his DNF 60%I picked this up wanting to read something light and funnyFor some reason I had an impression that this book is a good chick lit and will make me laugh out loud but I was sorely disappointedI found the main protagonist Grace really really irritating She was 30 but acted like a teenager She is attracted to Jack who is younger to her and they enter into a relation This is fine but she keeps on thinking about her previous sexual encounters before she met Jack which made me feel IckyThere is no humor and I did not like the writing I felt the story wasn't just going anywhere I had to force my self to reach where I did just to know if something happens before I gave upAll in all this book is definitely not for me and I will not be reading this series further