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SUMMARY » Dragon Slayer ò Ingram is a coward and weakling—at least according to his father the king and the royal court He cannot use a sword he faints at the sight of blood and even his brilliant abilities as a strategist are not enough to overcome his failings When his father loses a bet to the notorious Lord Mallory over the matter of a dragon slaying O marry himThen his father reveals that he is putting Ingram to a greater purpose giving Ingram one last chance to prove he is not worthless All it reuires is betraying his new husband. This was a very enjoyable mm fantasy read about a prince who is shuffled off into a marriage to a Lord under his jerky father’s orders to act as a spy But poor Ingram soon realizes that everything is not as it seems his new husband is than a dragon slaying brute his father’s demands are rooted in baseless paranoia and he even finds within himself aspects and depths and courage that he never realized he hadI liked Ingram and Mallory very much; they have a slow but sweet developing romance It’s the kind when weighted looks mean so much even if the person being looked at doesn’t realize it yet But the reader doesThis is a very fun light read it has some angst as Ingram deals with his low self confidence and the verbal abuse from his father but overall it’s not dark and the mood is like a mix of fairy tales and a Jane Austen level of romance where things are a slow build often based on dialogue and growing trust as opposed to heaving smutty sexy times For sexy times it’s romantic but very “clean” at the level of kisses hand holding and maybe something fade to black Don’t go in wanting in depth sexy times Go in for a sweet developing romance in a fantasy setting In a way this could also be enjoyed by someone looking for a mm YA fantasy as well it's that level of cleanAs for the ending it ends on a HFN with story to come I read some reviews that mentioned a cliffhanger ending and from my view it doesn’t read that cliffy There’s still looming Danger and unresolved uestions but the MCs are solid and I left off both satisfied with this story and excited to read whenever the next one comes out Recommended for those who especially like light fantasy with their mm and are fine with a sweet romance Recommended and a very fun read This was my first book I've read by Carter and I'll definitely check out

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A strategist are not enough to overcome his failings When his father loses a bet to the notorious Lord Mallory over the matter of a dragon slaying he pays his debt by ordering Ingram t. Review posted at The Armchair ReaderI really have grown to love Isabella Carter's books So I was really excited for this one which not only promises to be an in depth story because it's the first of a series but also that I know she likes to really dig into her fantasy worlds In many ways you can see that this book is a setup but if you didn't know it was the first book of a series I think you'd find that it felt like a whole book It isn't just setup but it does a really good job of giving us the story and leaving the ending open So yes it's important to know that this is the first of a series so that even though you get some resolution you won't be surprised that there is a bit of a cliffhanger endingIngram has become the weakling that his father has always accused him of being Though he's learned that nothing he does can make his father the king of Abelen proud he's found his own strengths They aren't in what a prince is expected to be strong at swordplay but he has a fine mind and has shown himself to be an expert strategist with the King's miliaryAbelen is still growing and recovering from a rebellion little than twenty years previously The country and King has become insular with the Lords abandoning their keeps to spend most of their time in the capital of Solberg The royals have grown further apart from their people But an old feud lingers from Winterveil the northernmost region of Abelen Lord Mallory is a young man but has inherited the feud He makes a wager with King Roderick that if he kills the red dragon who has gone into madness and is killing indiscriminately that he will wed one of the King's children When he brings the head of the dragon to court and Roderick casually gives him Ingram Ingram is hurt and scared to be thrown away to such a dangerous manBut is work in such an alliance on both sides The King gives Ingram a mission one that finds him at an impasse when he learns just how wonderful Mallory is and how much living in a place like Winterveil is like home than his own familyThere is so much that I could say about this book but it really should be experienced while reading it and honestly there is so much going on in the book so many characters with each one having their own machinations in place that it was a little hard for me to keep up This is a book that does well as the first of a series it holds up Still for those of you who like to get a lot of the action and information at once and don't want to wait for the seuel you might want to do that this time Because while I really loved this book and I was totally sucked into it I also feel like there is a lot of subtlety that will benefit from a second or even third read and will also make sense after I can read the next book in the series Hopefully that will be soonI know a lot of you who are fans of Less Than Three Press like I am and this is really their kind of book the uintessential LT3 fantasy though maybe a little less sweet than many of them Ingram goes through uite a bit of angst about his relationship with his father It's tough to watch not only because I grew to care about him but also because it makes for difficult reading at times I want him to realize what is happening to him But we're privy to information that he isn't and he also has to deal with a lifetime of manipulation by the people around him the people he cares most about So while his choices and thoughts are frustrating they're also true to his characterThere's one point I'd like to touch on The relationship between Ingram and Mallory in this book is very light I imagine that the relationship arc is going to take place over the whole series so don't expect much romance in this first book Mallory does court Ingram in his own way but it's a very slow getting to know you kind of thing It's actually very sweet and it's a very slow burn romanceSo I definitely recommend this one Unless you want to wait I say go ahead and get this now and read it I'm so glad I didn't wait and decided to read it right away because it was a really fun read for me


Dragon SlayerIngram is a coward and weakling at least according to his father the king and the royal court He cannot use a sword he faints at the sight of blood and even his brilliant abilities as. This was a lovely story and I loved every minute of it First of all it has forced marriage trope I liked that idea it was always fun to read Ingram had my heart from the get go I felt so much for Ingram and wanted to console him when his father treated him badly Ingram was loyal to his father first even if his father thought of him as coward and weak simply because Ingram was of a thinker rather than a knight on the field Urgh I wanted to kick the King's ass on Ingram's behalf I loved Ingram's self journey to become a stronger man after realizing his feeling for Mallory his new husband and that blind loyalty could result in wrong actAlthough this was written from Ingram's perspective 3rd person I found myself easily care for Mallory as well The little moments that they had gave me clues about what Mallory felt for Ingram like when he showed Ingram the piano or when they played chess or how he often visited Ingram in his room and that Mallory didn't come into the marriage with his hands tiedI loved the world build and loved the portrayal of the lives Ingram and Mallory had at Winterveil including how Ingram slowly gained the respect from Mallory's friends and loved ones I am looking forward to the seuel whenever that may be PS All sex happened off page Sorry smut fans