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The Ghost review ☆ 103 ✓ The stunning new novel from the No 1 bestselling author of Fatherland; Enigma; Archangel; Pompeii and Imperium “The moment I heard how McAra died I should have walked away I can see that now I should have said ‘Rick I’m sorry this isn’t for me I don’t like the sound of it’ finished my drink and left But he was such a The stunning new novel from the No 1 bestselling author of Fatherland; Enigma; Archangel; Pompeii and Imperium “The moment I heard how McAra died I should have walked away I can see that now I should have said ‘Rick I’m sorry this isn’t for me I don. This one is somewhat of a departure for Robert Harris despite the main character Adam Lang being clearly a version of Tony Blair and Lang's wife being a fictional euivalent of Cherie Blair this is essentially new ground for Harris as the novel is not based on true events as such and therefore not historical fiction as per usual for HarrisWritten with Robert Harris usual flair for an intelligent thriller 'The Ghost' provides us with an intriguing and exciting story with thinly veiled nods aimed at Tony and Cherie Blair effectively social and political commentary perhaps at their expense All in all whilst being compelling in the way that all Harris novels are this isn't as strong as the majority of his novels to dateIt has also been suggested that as a former supporter of Tony Blair but subseuently disillusioned this was Harris perhaps with some kind of literarypolitical point to make with particular reference to Blair's role in the invasion of Ira Definitely worth reading and much better than the movie adaptation although definitely not amongst Harris best novels by any means

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Me he had finished I was done for”After five books set firmly in the past Robert Harris returns with a contemporary novel that brings the reader face to face with some of the biggest issues of our time the result is a gripping and genuinely thrilling re. For the most part this is a story which will draw you in and keep your attention but I felt that it petered out a bit towards the end I don't know why there is any discussion amongst readers about whether any parallels can be drawn between this fictional world and real world politics The basis for the story is so blatantly obvious Adam Lang is beyond doubt a parody of Tony Blair Ruth is Cheri And so onThe story is narrated in the first person by the ghost writer who is commissioned to write the former prime minister's memoirs The name of the ghost writer is never revealed but he is a replacement for the original ghost who had been Lang's aide and who had met an unfortunate end when he fell or was pushed from a ferryThe ghost's escapade is fraught with danger His greatest problem and this is a great part of the book because it really stirred me up is that he brings a lot of that peril upon himself by his foolish actions I found myself having to exercise great self restraint as I resisted the temptation to yell at the pages of my book No Don't do that Don't go there Don't make that call Don't send that email and so on He's an intelligent man but he can be so foolishThere are a few major shocks and there are a few incidents in the book which I am sure Harris intended to be shocking but were entirely predictableAs I indicated in my introduction following the biggest twist of all towards the end of the book it fades away and the last few pages are a bit disappointing when compared to the excitement that rolls through most of the story up to that point It is easy to believe that most of the events described in The Ghost could really have happenedAll in all this was a great read I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys thrillers and I shall certainly bee reading books by Robert Harris My dilemma is whether to choose Fatherland or The Fear Index

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The Ghost’t like the sound of it’ finished my drink and left But he was such a good storyteller Rick I often thought he should have been the writer and I the agent that once he’d started talking there was never any uestion I wouldn’t listen and by the ti. I ordered The Ghost half halfheartedly I had watched and loved the Polanski film and thought there was no way the book could be better than the film But it turned out that the film is almost like a scene by scene adaptationcopy of this book by Robert Harris The story is interesting A ghostwriter is sent to the mysterious and fortified abode of a disgraced former British prime minister to help complete his autobiography after the previous writer turns up dead The new ghostwriter uncovers a sinister conspiracy behind the prime minister's successful career and the death of the previous ghost writer The Ghost is mostly set in Martha’s Vineyard which is the ex prime ministers temporary abode It is a book of place Harris does a great job describing the desolate beauty of Martha’s Vineyard in the off season The book is also a great political thriller I don't want to use trite expressions like allegory for the current political scenario There is no allegory here Harris hits us on the head with his interpretation of the reasons behind Britain’s entry into the Ira war Harris is a great entertainer The hyperbolic similes and metaphors were fantastic and reminded me of Graham Greene's writing In fact if Greene had been writing in the 21st century he might have created a protagonist like the ghostwriter always dependent on the next drink and keenly aware of everything that is going around him but resigned to his own fate and that of his country There are even hints of unnatural forces at work when the ghostwriter enters a car used by his predecessor and unuestioningly follows the directions of the car’s navigation system which had saved the final destination of the previous user the dead writer “ For the first time in my life I was confronted with the true meaning of the word predestination I had just passed the Victorian whaling church wearily I surrendered to fate” The journey in the car leads to the unraveling of the mystery Towards the end of the novel the ghostwriter who is the first person narrator says completing the autobiography was like working on an Ouija board rather than a keyboard The dialogs are laced with wry British humor Polanski used many of the clever and sharp dialog created by Harris in his film The plot came across as preposterous at times But who cares You are in the hands of a master Robert Harris is like an experienced movie actor who simply turns up on the set and delivers an effortlessly brilliant performance I will be checking out of his work