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review A Dark and Stormy Knight 103 µ This Knight of the Crown is driven by a painful past and a patient fury and his entire life is a lie Sir Carlton Morley is famously possessed of extraordinary will singular focus and a merciless sense of justice As a man he secured his fortune and his preeminence as Scotland Yard's ruthless Chief Inspector As a decoraIve a life of drudgery but before she succumbs to her fate she craves just one night of desire On the night she searches for it she stumbles upon a man made of shadows muscle and wrath And decides he is the oneWhen their firestorm of passion burns out of control Morley discovers too late that he was right The tempting woman has become his weaknessA weakness his enemies can use against hi. How glorious it is to witness the most strait laced stern and obstinate hero act so out of character To think the most selfless woman could bring such an intransigent and strong man to his knees Brilliant “For future reference you’re being neither prudent nor good” I have been so curious about Chief inspector Morley from the beginning of this series wondering about his past his upbringing and what lead him to become the figure of authority he so carefully set himself to beA Dark and Stormy Knight not only provides a great insight at Morley’s tragic childhood but over Byrne strips him off his many layers of morals and inflexibility unveiling above all the man behind the badge and the mask I don’t think I will recover from Morley’s cracking jokes or the peek at his inner cocky point of view “Now was not the time to notice her nudity This was uite possibly a medical crisisHe refused to glance down at her breastsHe glancedHe refused to lookHe lookedWell he refused to appreciate Goddamnit” And what A Man lustful eyesThe story literally starts with a bang— pardon my crudeness but we’re not talking about guns here By chapter three I was so consumed with Carlton “Cutter” Morley and Prudence Goode first encounter I had to praise the author on social media about her writing skills for delivering such a masterful and sexy wicked scene My brain had just about fried and I could only nod my head in approval at the heroine choice of words to describe her very first completion under Morley’s tongue “ Bliss rapture heaven” GIRL SAME “She was too pleasured to be scandalized by their wickedness Too captive of her passions to be worried about discovery” I was pleasantly surprised with the pairing of Morley with such a sweet and candid heroine Prudence in her relentless uest for innocence revealed to be uite the headstrong woman I liked to see that side of her her resilience I love the romantic concept that only a gentle and delicate touch could open Morley’s cold and steel guarded heart She’d stripped him bare laid him wide open and dangerously close to defenseless The intimacy he felt forming between them the bond that wove between his ribs and hers stiching their ticking hearts together was made of some stronger material than the steel and ice he’d encased around his heart There’s uite a bit of angst built around Morley’s inability to trust Prudence despite her unwavering faith that at least her own husband will come to believe she’s telling the truth Though no amount of angst could hinder the chemistry between Prudence and Morley that he believes her guilty or innocent doesn’t matter much in Morley’s mind Prudence became a part of him his weakness and there’s much delight in witnessing him fail to observe the detachment he’s usually so fond of The need to protect her and his secret yearning for love will overrule his most strongest ethics Why did he have to be so unspeakably handsome Why did he have to be so categorically inaccessible Oh this book has it all mystery murder a vigilante fighting crime a marriage of convenience a tortured hero swooning romance sinfully loaded encounters an epilogue SO good it needs its own epilogue all of it beautifully penned by Byrne infused with humor heart and drama I’m IN LOVEI’ve been enjoying most of the Victorian Rebels series I’m seriously addicted to Kerrigan Byrne brand of historical romance she delivers sexy and passionate romance and heroes with an edge A Dark and Stormy Knight is book 7 of the Victorian Rebels series it reads as a standalone but in all fairness you’d have a better understanding and appreciation of all the side characters reading at least book 1 The Highwayman which I believe is currently on sale for only 99 pennies and is an AMAZING read “I am a knight A man with a code A warrior with a creed I vow from this moment onward to be YOUR knight wife They will believe you as I believe you ” More reviews and book talk at You can find me here too ☞

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This Knight of the Crown is driven by a painful past and a patient fury and his entire life is a lie Sir Carlton Morley is famously possessed of extraordinary will singular focus and a merciless sense of justice As a man he secured his fortune and his preeminence as Scotland Yard's ruthless Chief Inspector As a decorated soldier he was legend for his unflinching trigger finger his precis. Sir Carlton Morley is Scotland Yard’s Chief Inspector the epitome of respectability However he has a secret nighttime persona the Shadow of Night who seeks a different kind of justice from conventional law enforcement On one particular night while following a potential suspect he finds himself on the grounds of an unconventional brothel where women contract with men for services He stumbles upon Prudence Goode the daughter of a baron who has decided to seek one night of pleasure before her marriage to a man she recently discovered has no plans to remain faithful What was intended as an accidental one night encounter ends up having much longer term conseuences I’ve looked forward to this story since learning Morley was much than a Scotland Yard agent His origins are tragic and my hope was that he’d find an interesting partner who would appreciate the man Pru Goode was delightful and resourceful who wasn’t intimidated by him but admired his ualities The circumstances that reunited them was unexpected and led to an even interesting angle of the story However so much of the related investigation was behind the scenes and I missed being part of that discovery Some of the best moments however are between Morley and the other Victorian Rebels The dialogue is often sardonic and witty providing much needed comic relief The romantic aspects are over the top steamy but completely in character with Pru and Morley I continue to relish the audiobook version as Derek Perkins just owns these stories and characters He’s pitch perfect in all areas While the ending felt a little rushed I still enjoyed the story as a whole and am satisfied with Carlton finally getting his moment at happiness Thanks to Tantor Audio for my complimentary copy All opinions are my own

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A Dark and Stormy KnightIon in battle and his imperturbable strength But as a boy he was someone else A twin a thief and a murderer until tragedy reshaped himNow he stalks the night in search of redemption and retribution vowing to never give into temptation as it's just another form of weaknessUntil temptation lands uite literally in his lap taking the form of Prudence GoodePrim and proper Pru is expected to l. 5 Million ‘You’re My Biggest Prize’ StarsALL THE FEELS Mind blowingly enrapturing heart dauntingly romantic and soul touchingly emotional A Dark and Stormy Knight is PERFECTION in its masterful writing I believed I was prepared for this book well I was wrong the way I fell HARD for these two and their utterly brilliant story surpassed all my wildest bibliophile's dreamsHe was the knighted war hero Chief Inspector because he had to be and he’d become the Knight of Shadows because London had needed him to beSo he wouldn’t have spent the past twenty odd years so acutely alonenot be so bloody brokenAh how my heart broke for Inspector Morley I knew   at least I thought I did already from the previous books how broken and lonely Carlton felt but to witness it first hand omg I just wanted to wrap him in my arms that's how utterly alone he felt how tortured he wasNow occupying his days as Chief Inspector and his nights as a vigilant he has no time or desire for liaisons of any kind not that he allows anyone to get close to him so when Prudence falls right into his lap their insane and palpable instant attraction doesn’t allow him to turn her awayMorley blinked down at her suddenly wishing he’d ever thought to steal a moment from crime reports and newspapers to crack the spine on a book of verseBecause the woman in his arms was a poem and he hadn’t the words to describe herThe kind of siren that would dash a man like him on the rocksAnd still he’d go willinglyKissing her was dangerous As was the sweet detention of her armsPrudence Goode had just discovered all her present and future to be a farce and that all around her were keeping her in the dark and even making ‘fun’ of her and her cheating fiancée and his many affairs As she was not allowed to cancel the betrothal she decide to make one sole decision for herself one night at her own terms with a lover of her choosing and let’s just say that the fates had something planned for her than a lover for hire lolThat one single night replete with passion and carnal desires and fulfillments they never expected to see each other again – not that both hadn’t tried to find one another but the anonymity of the encounter and their common complicated situations didn’t allow for it to happen Well not until Morley is called to a murder scene on a wedding day to find none other than Prudence the bride covered in blood and with the murder weapon in her hands And like things weren’t complicated enough she announces to him she’s with child his child Let’s just say that Morley obsession with order was blown to smithereens lol His solution marriage to himHe was a Chief Inspector A vigilante A knight Her lover A husbandHer husbandWhat a complicated man she’d married Possessed of dichotomy between a heart capable of such uneualed valor gallantry and courage tied to a mind bedeviled by skepticism enigma and for lack of a gentler word fearI absolutely ADORED Morley and Pru together The setting of their first encounter and then the surprise baby and marriage of convenience were the perfect stage for their passage from lust to love and to witness their blossoming love and adoration just made my romantic heart soar A true EPIC LOVE STORYNot only were they scorching hot together and their sexy times were epitome of steamy  but Ms Byrne gave them such incredible depth and complexity that it made me love them that much for their fragility and their flaws as it did for their ualities Their growth and mature reactions even when heart broken just made me fall even hard and the way that Carlton acknowledge his mistakes and groveled omg talk about a major swoon fest SO MANY brilliant lines there was one there that gave me all of vibes of my favorite uote of Mr Rochester another of my ultimate fav that just put him up there with the most swoon worthy of book boyfriends“You are the epitome of every desire or dream I’ve conceived of since before I can remember and that is a very specific kind of torment An unparalleled beauty a superb lover a woman of grace and kindness and intellect whom I can only respect and admire A fantasy in the flesh here in my house With my name”The intimacy he felt forming between them the bond that wove between his ribs and hers stitching their ticking hearts together was made of some stronger material than the steel and ice he’d encased around his heartOh my there was no chance to resist falling for this man for this couple A Dark and Stormy Knight left me spellbound with not only these characters but also with all the previous couples specially with the delicious male banter and camaraderie between all the man in particular with Dorian Ash and Argent I lived for those little snippets between the Victorian Rebels' males and I was left joyous as can beKerrigan Byrne had me already obsessed with her exuisite and masterful writing and this book just proved once again why she is my gothic romance ueen The genius story setting the passionate and intricate characters the unforgettable love story and the suspense background such just right from the first page and leave us with a heart warning sensation that lasts even after days of finishing the book That is proof of the epicness right there and I’m always here for it Already counting down the days until the next book 3 3 3 3 3 “What do you have to say for yourself”“I—I love you too”“I want to reward you”“You are my greatest prize” ARC kindly provided by the author via Oliver Heber Books for an honest review For full review check out my Blog posthttpgisspotreviewscomindexphp2