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PDF Ì BOOK Grim Tornians #1 FREE í King Grim Vasteri is the most feared warrior in the Tornian Empire He has been sent by his Emperor to find and retrieve compatible females for their dying civilizationRetrieve compatible females for their dying civilizati Re readStill love Grim So much so he makes up for the sometimes annoying Lisa and her stepford children There is an expression in this book I love and want to use in RL Basically instead is saying Really They say Truth I wonder what people will do if I start saying that45 starsI really enjoyed this one Great world building good secondary characters great hero and heroine and 2 adorable little girls who played a big part in the story but did not take away from the sexyhotness of itLoved Grim He was so insecure but so alpha Perfect combination Hilarious how he thought she should not have than one orgasm You knew you were in for a fun ride at that point Loved how he called her My Lisa So sweetLoved Lisa She was not a whiner She was an excellent mother she fiercly protected her daughters and she did not cry over what happened She made a life for her family and gave Grim the love and acceptance that I wanted for himCarly and Miki are adorable Although Miki seems to speak like a 6 8 year old rather than a 3 4 year old But they are sweet and add many cute moments throughout the bookI loved that when Grim and Lisa had disagreements or misunderstandings or were hurt they TALKED about it and worked things out No needless drama That was wonderful to experience There was plenty of intrigue and drama from outside their relationship the author did not need to add it within their relationship Happily she did notWhy mot 5 stars I HATE dead ex themes especially when they are beloved Normally I would mot have read this book but it was highly recommended by several GR friends I am so glad I read it but I still hated all of the Mark this and Mark that talk I just wanted her to MOVE ON So this cannot be 5 stars because there was way too much talk about her ex Mostly good some bad and some sad he did die after al I also would have loved for the little ones to call Grim daddy It would have been so sweet Grim just sounds sogrimSafety gang safe unless the dead ex bothers you but even then you should give it a try

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Nian Empire He has been sent by his Emperor to find and Re Read 04252014Re Read 07202014Re Read 08072015 Lyndsey’s Rating Scale 1 Horrible DNF 2 Not Horrible BUT Not Much Better 3 – It Was OK BUT Nothing Special 4 The Good Stuff 5 Loved It Can’t Live Without It Buying the Hardcopy Overview My summary of this story I was kidnapped by an alien and I owned that ht Lisa a widowed mother of two is kidnapped by super hot aliens OF COURSE Almost at once she assesses her situation and demands that her children be retrieved if she is to continue on this new path There are many growls and posturing but luckily Grim an undesirable male arrives and sees an opportunity to finally have the family he’s always desired So Lisa gets to bring her kids Grim gets a family and everyone better like it or Grim is going to kick your A So the new little family arrives at their destination to find that life isn’t so bad on an alien planet especially when you marry the king At this point I’m sure you’re thinking how is this different from any other nabbed by an alien story It’s different BECAUSE every other story didn’t have LISA She’s like a momma bear seductress fierce warrior and politician all rolled into one person all authority care and common sense Yes a female character with common sense Who would have thought that would be popular Essentially Lisa saves Grim her family and sets the Tornian Empire straight on how females should be treated and how females should act It’s a great story Thoughts Likes Dislikes OK First off MK you seriously need to invest in some beta readers editors or something For that reason I am willing to sacrifice all of my personal time to help you out in that area with no benefit to myself at all since I’m only drooling thinking about the next book  So now that it’s been pointed out that this story has some serious editing issues if you have a problem with this sort of thing please just don’t read the story It’s a great story as long as you can overlook the editing issues otherwise you’ll be seriously annoyed I’m hoping that this author is going to re issue this book in the future after it’s been reviewededited MK you should totally do that because people really need to read this story without being distractedMy likes EVERYTHING Stories involving human women being nabbed by aliens are like crack to me The only thing better IMO would be a human female nabbed and seduced by multiple aliens please let me point you in the direction of Ninth Orb not a nabbing but sci fi ANYWAYS Reasons I loved this story 1 FMC Lisa not only had a brain but she knew how to use it Lisa was also NOT extremely needy or reliant on Grim She definitely valued his opinion but otherwise she could do her own thing and be ok 2 MMC I loved that Grim acknowledged his short falls when it came to understanding Lisa He had no clue what he was doing but he at least made an effort to adjust and not by becoming a puy 3 Supporting CharactersWorld I know there’s always a plague or war which decimates the female population but I was glad to see that not all females were gone only that they were Btches I thought it was interesting that the males could have other women but if they weren’t Tornian then they basically had no status didn’t they just kidnap 12 human women and give them the elevated status of Tornian Seems like any female they could breed with would be prized at this point It was an interesting elementtid bit Grim’s personal guard and household these men were great and I thought they adapted well My favorite supporting characters were the dress maker’s family I’m drawing a blank right now on names but I’ll update later The only thing I would have changed about this story would have been the love scenes The author starts off with a fairly detailed encounter of their love making but then it just kind of happens at future intervals without much fanfare I’m not saying I need to know every detail of every encounter but I would have liked to see how their love making progressed Maybe have Grim be a little aggressive in the bedroom I know he turns into a softy when Lisa is involved but DAMN let’s have a little hair pulling and a spanking to keep Lisa focused that’s all I’m asking for Maybe even a little dirty alien talk I have no clue what that would sound like but I bet it would be HAWT Happy Reading Lynz

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Grim Tornians #1King Grim Vasteri is the most feared warrior in the Tor Previously posted on com45 stars and a plea to fellow readersThis was an excellent story at the heart of it Great concept Solid basic design and heartfelt executionWas it perfect execution No But herein lies my plea to fellow readers and I will subject you to it prior to my actual reviewThe large NY type Publishing houses take horrible advantage of readers; that's a known fact They take even horrible advantage of writers as I've learned in the past year or so To that end I will bend over backwards for a writer who endeavours to bring his or her vision for MY entertainment to printed life without the aid of a big houseI am beyond tired of complaints about editing issues for self pubbed works Its a proven fact we can read through horrific misspellings and know what is intended; in fact we don't even notice most errors So if an author or someone who desperately wants to be one but can't get past the NY houses takes the time and blood and sweatand yes likely tears to write something and self publish it for MY escapeI am damned sure going to overlook a few errors I will give every opportunity for them to hit Particularly when it is obvious that the basics are there and are solid and are well developedand all that's missing is the big house backing which you pay for and the authors do not reap rewards from to correct things that spellgrammar check missed I doubt Sylvia Day corrects her own spelling I would like to see her submitted galleys before they get to print Professional editing makes for a smooth read but costs readers takes from the actual author's bottom line and allows publishers Draconian contractual rights to the propertyand no I am not an author Just an avid readerNow for the review I loved this story I love the characters and connected with them instantly I loved the world and I am hoping for a series to come out of this as its clear there are great lives to be lived vicariously I loved the honest genuine effort that went into this story and I root for the author and their continued good fortuneand by extension my ownWrite on M K Eidem and all my best wishes for youand of course for the Tornian Empire