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Rescued by the FirefighterA Fresh Start Paula Reynolds is looking for a new job a new home a new everything except for love Determined not to repeat old mistakes she's staying away from romance She nev. Ashley's husband had died in Afghanistan There was a storm and the firefighter Devon who came to her rescue when a tree fell on her house was now her husband Paula Ashley's wedding attendant and cousin met another firefighter Clint at the ceremony They talked briefly and Clint wanted to get to know her better He wasn't comfortable around women since his last girlfriend had met someone else and broken their engagement just before their weddingPaula had grown up with a mother that didn't want her after her father took off when she was a baby Her mother had recently died and Paula had moved in with Ashley and Neely's dad her uncle Fred He was good to her and told her she could stay as long as she needed while she looked for a job Ashley returned from her honeymoon and offered to let Paula buy her house but Paula felt like she needed to find a job first She saw Clint again when they were both invited over to see pictures from Ashley and Devon's honeymoon Clint and Paula were both in their late 30's and definitely interested in each other although both were hesitant for their own reasons Clint was a Christian and spoke to Paula about his beliefs Paula had witnessed the faith held by her uncle and cousins and felt like their beliefs were something she missed out on growing up During the next year Paula learned about the faith that Clint her uncle Fred had along with her cousins and their spouses She began to pray read the bible and attend church She and Clint became friends He offered her advice on the selling of her mother's house and Paula began to change She became aware of the mistakes she had made in the past and her sleeping with guys mistaking sex for love She had a hard time telling Clint about her past her lifestyle and that of her mother Both had slept with multiple men It was a lifestyle that she grew up with As she and Clint grew in their relationship they both realized that it had become than friendship They had fallen in love but Clint was hesitant because he felt he had gotten no closure of his relationship with Elise and it took the entire year for Paula to tell Clint that she had slept with than just one man Clint admitted to feeling guilty for sleeping with Elise He admitted that to Paula after they had become uite close They both realized that they wanted to sleep with each other but felt it would be the wrong thing to do They were put together in various social situations which was something that Paula wasn't used to She didn't have a group of friends before she came to live with her cousins Her cousin Neely was married to Jon and she was pregnant They got together to play games and for dinner occasionally All this was new to Paula Clint helped her to let go of her past and move on Paula sold her mother's house and got a job as a secretaryaccountant She purchased Ashley's house that she and her first husband owned Paula met Clint's parents and they liked her They asked Clint about his intentions with her and he told them that he was planning on marrying Paula but he hadn't said anything to Paula yet He wanted to give her time to work through her faith issues and to let go of her past He still had to work out his problems with Elise She had called him and let him know that she wanted him back Paula found out that Elise was coming back to town from her cousin Ashley Ashley told Clint and Elise and Paula met when Paula and Clint were out on a date Elise made it obvious that she wanted him back Clint soon realized that he no longer had feelings for Elise It was later that they met and he told her Elise was angry She told Clint that she had made a mistake in leaving him and marrying someone else two years back Her husband had left her and she wanted him back Clint told her that he was no longer interested in her Paula knew she was happy with Clint and after talking with him realized that he was committed to her Paula met with Elise who was angry at first and explained her relationship with Clint to Elise She also explained some of her past and how she had learned from her mistakes She tried to explain to Elise that she had to forgive herself and look to herself to find happiness and not try to find it in other men Paula felt like Elise understood what she was saying by the time they were through talking She hoped she had helped Elise It was getting close to Christmas the next year when Paula found out that Neely was in labor It was snowing out and the roads were bad She got into a pretty bad wreck on her way to the hospital and it was Clint's firehouse that got the call to come to her rescue Paula was unconscious when they took her to the hospital and Clint was worried He told Paula that he loved her as they took her away It was hours later that he told her again after she woke up Neely had a baby boy that they named Nick after Santa Claus Ashley and Devon announced that Ashley would be having a baby probably in June Clint and Paula were going to be married Fred announced that he and his girlfriend Alice would also be marrying shortly after the new year arrived Clint was certain that he had rescued Paula from herself and that she was ready to become the wife and mother that he needed and wanted He had lost faith that it would happen Paula had rescued him too He had gotten over Elise and was going to become a husband and father

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Er counted on falling for handsome firefighter Clint Donatelli Clint is used to saving lives but with the beautiful Paula he faces a challenge Getting to know her is a dauntin. Rescued by the Firefighter is Paula and Clint's inspirational and compelling story of forgivenessIn the beginning I had a hard time getting into the story because of Paula She had built up a wall around herself not letting anyone in or close to her I began to get closer to her when she started taking the wall down and letting you get closer as she began to open up about her loveless childhood her resentment and anger at her mother over her childhood and relationships with men ending in disappointments the last relationship ending with her losing everything she had worked so hard for Clint has had his own relationship problems His wife with no warning just up and left him and he has yet to know whyAs walls came down and events began to happen along with some surprises I fell in love with Paula and Clint's story and found it hard to put the book down till I had finished itI like how Gail Gaymer Martin uses real life issues that connect real people and real problems in her stories I relate to the characters feeling a part of the storyI received a free copy of this book from the Author in exchange for my review All thoughts and opinions are my own

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review Rescued by the Firefighter Ï eBook or Kindle ePUB Þ A Fresh Start Paula Reynolds is looking for a new job a new home a new everything—except for love Determined not to repeat old mistakes she's staying away from romance She never counted on falling for handsome firefighter Clint Donatelli Clint is used to saving livG task especially since he's just as wary of relationships When he learns a stunning secret from her past he must choose to live the way he's always lived or trust in a new lo. I liked the book although I didn't at first but after a few chapters I got into it Wish the author would of redid the beginning so that it wasn't all about depressing Paula