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Sin's Dark Caress Free download Þ 5 Ä O’Hara continues her gripping paranormal saga of shapeshifters vampires werewolves and darkest magic with Sin’s Dark Caress as an NYPD Detective joins forces with a powerful forensic witch to investigate a rash of gruesome murders that plagues the city hoping to prevent an ancient insidious evil from reeIth a powerful forensic witch to investigate a rash of gruesome murders that plagues the city hoping to prevent an ancient insidious evil from reentering their wor. Although Sin’s Dark Caress didn’t have any sex or any sexual tension for that matter although the author did try I enjoyed reading the 3rd in The Dark Brethren series There was just so much going on that it was hard to miss what wasn’t there But of course it was not labeled as a romance nor was it labeled as having any kind of romantic element it in The plot was unmistakably riveting I was so engrossed; I was hard pressed to concentrate on my real life My mind was always going back to the uestions swirling around in my head; who exactly are the Dark Brethren Will McManus and Bianca finally acknowledge their feelings towards one another And what exactly whowhat is McManusThe ending was surprisingly unpredictable and supercharged The dragon had me at hello I almost criedbut then I realized dragons aren’t real

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O’Hara continues her gripping paranormal saga of shapeshifters vampires werewolves and darkest magic with Sin’s Dark Caress as an NYPD Detective joins forces w. It has been a while since I have read something in the Urban Fantasy genre and I've missed it Having read Night's Cold Kiss and Death's Sweet Embrace last year I jumped at the opportunity to read Sin's Dark Caress as part of the AWW Australian Women Writers challenge I am participating in and was uickly drawn back into O'Hara's dark fantasy worldForensic witch Dr Bianca Sin features in this installment called in by NYPD homicide detective Lancelot McManus when young women are found brutally murdered an infant ripped from their womb and the Dark Brethren's mark painted nearby in blood While the FBI blame a black market baby ring McManus Bianca and Oberon's team know that there is something much sinister happening I enjoyed the plot of Sin's Dark Caress which blends action mystery and magic with a touch of romance There tends to be a fair bit of grisly violence in the story but it supports the gritty tone of the series While the last two books in this series veered towards paranormal romance Sin's Dark Caress is properly urban fantasy The relationship between Bianca and McManus is an aside rather than central to the story though O'Hara does ensure the romantic tension between the pair remains present throughout Bianca has appeared briefly in other installments of this series as a member of Oberon's elite team She is a forensic specialist and also a witch but has never bonded with a familiar a necessary process for a witch to come into full power In Sin's Dark Caress her powers are activated when her pendant hatches to reveal a dragon Kedrax Dragons are the first guardians of the veil between this world and the dimension where the Dark Brethren are trapped and Bianca's new power along with McManus's surprising birthright are crucial in preventing their escapeSin's Dark Caress is a fast paced read with plenty of action exciting twists and strong characters With its mix of murder mayhem and magic I think its the strongest book of the three and though it could work as a stand alone I would recommend reading the previous installments

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Sin's Dark CaressLd Sin’s Dark Caress is supernatural suspense combined with a captivating love story that will appeal eually to dark fantasy lovers and fans of paranormal romanc. I received this ARC from the publisher via EdelweissTracey O'Hara's Sin's Dark Caress was phenomenal This series is really turning out to be a good one It doesn't follow the standard series format where we see the same characters again and again and I kind of like that It's how I'm formatting my series as wellSo we meet Bianca Sin this time around she's a forensic witch working on murder cases where magic was involved and using her abilities to try find clues from the magic left behind Her partner McManus as his first name isn't really used helps out as well McManus is human noting incredibly super about him He also has a bit of a drug problemHe and Bianca are working on a case involving a set of murdered young women who have had their stomachs ripped open and their unborn children are missing But something is very odd about this case for some of the victims were never said to be pregnant by their loved ones Dark forces are involved and it soon gets very dangerous for both Bianca and McManusI will admit that the beginning was a little slow I can't recall how long that lapse went on for me but it does pick up And once it does there's never a moment where I want to put it down Bianca is a fabulous character She's spunky fun and takes her work very seriously McManus on the other hand is a handful He's the sarcastic bad boy type Getting into trouble at every corner yet he has a good heart That much is made abundantly clear from the get go There wasn't a whole lot of romance going on between McManus and Bianca They tried once in the past something that's mentioned but it didn't work out But they're still friends partners Yet there's definitely some tension between the two and possibly some lingering feelings You can pretty much tell where the romance is going but as the danger in the book is stacked pretty high romance will have to waitThe body count continues to rise and Bianca and McManus are no closer to discovering who the murderer is than they were at the beginning It was pretty mind blowing I admit to falling for things I should've seen as being suspicious But that's also fun sometimes because then you are just as shocked at the murderer as the characters areAntoinette and Kitt both make brief appearances which just amps up the fun for me I like seeing the other characters pop in for a bit Oberon from Night's Cold Kiss is there tooA darkly delicious read that comes packed with action excitement magic murder and dragons This series definitely has some strong potential O'Hara continues to surprise me with every book This is definitely a series to be readOverall rating 455 starsSin's Dark Caress releases July 1 2012