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Download Spin Control Ebook ✓ 608 pages á Chris moriarty Ç Call Arkady a clone with a conscience Or call him a traitor A member of the space faring Syndicates Arkady has defected to Israel with a hot commodity a genetic weapon powerful enough to wipe out humanity But Israel’s not buying it They’re sellingW literally hooked up with an AI who has lived many lifetimes and shunted through many bodies But while they have their own conflicting loyalties to contend with together they’re just one player in a mysterious high stakes game I liked this book without really understanding what was going on Like most books in the cyberpunk subgenre of science fiction the concepts usually lose me I guess I just don’t have the mind for them It’s kind of like being a luddite while working in the computer industry which I am and in which I do Still I really liked reading this book The prose was terrific It was very readable My problem though was that the author threw around a ton of jargon that I only partially comprehended This is the second book of a series though it’s not a direct seuel to the first Still I wonder if I would have understood if I read the first book or if I would have simply stopped at the first book if it had the same complexity of this one I read this because it is on the Worlds Without End LGBT Spec Fic Resource having been nominated for a Gaylactic Spectrum Award in 2007 Come visit my blog for the full review

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Call Arkady a clone with a conscience Or call him a traitor A member of the space faring Syndicates Arkady has defected to Israel with a hot commodity a genetic weapon powerful enough to wipe out humanity But Israel’s not buyin You can tell a book is ambitious when it takes on the Israeli Palestinian conflict and this book is at least as smart as it is ambitious The Israeli Palestinian conflict is only one of the threads in the story but I think it is done justice In the future the Strip is irradiated and the battles are fought on both sides by soldiers piloted by AIs who think they are war gaming rebooted whenever they begin to suspect the war has a human cost The soldiers are collouially referred to as 'Enderbots' and I wish the book hadn't stopped to tell me where the name came from because it ruined my feeling of cleverness for knowingEarth is largely poisonous from years of war with a moribund fertility rate but it does have the one thing the colonies and ring need and cannot manufacture water The only people left on Earth are those who have refused to leave religious fanatics and die hard nationalists The ring despises those who live on Earth as backwards and superstitious savages and Earth hates the off worlders for their embargoed technologyAnother book would have been satisfied with this but Moriarty simultaneously explores the culture of the Syndicates a society created by second generation genetic engineering Arkady a clone from the syndicates is unfamiliar with words like 'employer' and 'mother' but lives happily enough surrounded by his clone sibs until he gets sent on a terraforming mission where they discover something which will change the balance of power in human and post human spaceThe Syndicates don't seem to have crime only 'deviancy' which can mean anything from ideological impurity to heterosexuality Actually it's unclear whether the perversion is heterosexuality or sex with anyone who isn't one's genetic twin and I suspect it's the latter Then again if you're a society bent on perfecting itself by genetic engineering sexual reproduction is fairly perverseObviously Earth and the Syndicates are not going to get along very well and of course poor Arkady a scientist who specializes in ants finds himself on Earth in Jerusalem the focus of politics espionage and power brokering out of his depth and out of his element with no one to trust and everyone trying to figure out how to use himAnd of course this book also has Li and Cohen as well as the fairly adorable routerdecomposer a character I wouldn't mind seeing againIt's interesting to me that although this is among other things a classic spy thriller in which no one can be trusted and there are no good guys or bad guys the novel still manages to be uplifting in its end as if after all it believes in something Kindness perhapsYou will probably not stop reading this book until you finish it so do not like me start reading it at 900 at nightThe only thing not fantastic about this book is the cover in which a wire frame woman's body is composed of a mesh of lines that all converge awkwardly on her crotch looking like Kotex ad from the nineties

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Spin ControlG it They’re selling it–and Arkady–to the highest bidder As the auction heats up the Artificial Life Emancipation Front sends in Major Catherine Li Drummed out of the Peacekeepers for executing Syndicate prisoners Li has no This is set in the same universe as Moriarty's Spin State but is not a direct seuel Because I was so completely impressed with the use of current state physics in Spin State it took almost half of this book to get over my disappointment that this book is not the same Sure there is passing mention of Bose Einstein and particle entanglement but that is not part of this story at all Moriarty here digs into evolutionary informatics but that didn't engage me as much However after I accepted this novel for what it was a 26th century thriller set in IsraelPalestine with human posthuman and artificial intelligence characters I was pulled inApparently Moriarty's third novel Ghost Spin has been in progress for the past four years and not yet published I looked up her blog and found that she has had a child since 2006 so maybe it will be a while I hope not too long