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In this breathtaking new story from the astonishing imagination of James Patterson a girl has to save herself from an army assembled just to capture her and maybe save the planet while she's at itMaximum Ride is a perfectly normal teenager who just happens to be able to fly the result of an out of control gove. Eew This book sucked SOOO BAD James Patterson seems to have a talent for making every next book in this series worse than the one before I declare the Maximum Ride series as now officially RUINED This book was boring full of lecturing global warming yapper all of which I already KNOW and lacking any adventure There were no action packed chase scenes no thrilling fights that Maximum Ride used to always be full of Instead the MCs are stuck in Antarctica of all places trying to help stop the climate change Wow How exciting NOT As for the conflicts of the story there are basically none left There are no true great villains any Now that Ari is dead the bad guys are ceasing to be complex Now what Max and the flock are fighting against are lacking depth two dimensional robotic evil freaks who go Mwa ha ha I'm going to kill you and take over the world GRR Ugh It's not only the plot that has totally flumped in this book The characters I deeply regret to say are dying The flock used to be the reason I loved the MR series their personalities were so complex and awesome and they were so fun to watch Especially Max She used to be such a great narrator her voice had been great and strong and she used to be tough funny sarcastic cynical and kick butting Now there's no Max any but a completely different person stuck in her body She's turned into this weak lovestruck mopey pathetic softie who falls for anything and does what anyone tells her to I mean come ON Where has the totally cool Max gone And who is this new freakJames Patterson has taken the whole special human thing WAY too far The flock members are getting WAY to many new powers Wasn't it ENOUGH when Angel got to read minds breathe underwater CONTROL other people's minds AND talk to fish Now she has to change her appearance too And noooo Nudge can't just be able to tell what people have done when she touches things She has to all of a sudden become magnetic WALLAH suddenly Iggy can feel color AND heck he can see sometimes too Gee And of course it's NOT gross enough that Gazzy farts all the time NOW his farts have to have COLOR Gross Oh and of course who could forget Fang Heavens no he HAS to be able to turn invisible too Who would have guessed Ugh I don't see how Patterson can still explain all these fantasy cal powers with SCIENCE It's not science any okay It's now officially magic You killed science two books agoNot to mention the fact that Total now has wings WTF And apparently the Voice isn't Jeb any Huh In my opinion Patterson changed his mind and decided he didn't want it to be Jeb any and know he has no idea who the Voice is going to be so he's just going to brush it off and pretend it can just be some mysterious thing that we don't know about Jeez Like everything else in the MR series it's not thought out at allWant to know another thing that's not thought out at all The color of Max's hair Okay I am SO confused about this it's not even funny In the first book she's described as having dark blonde hair Then somewhere in the second book she's described as having LIGHT blonde hair THEN in this book she's described with BROWN hair OMG Make up your mind Patterson What the heck is her hair color It's really bugging meAnywayslooong sigh Maximum Ride has managed to give me yet ANOTHER huge headache The books have never failed to make me feel like bashing me head against the wall and dumping the stupid pages in the toilet Urgh I wonder how James Patterson can possibly make the 5th book worse then this one But I know it will surprise me and be even suckier than this one Whoop de doo Off to read the next one and get some head bashing aches Yippee

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The Final WarningRnment experiment Max and the other members of the Flock six kids who share her remarkable ability have been asked to aid a group of environmental scientists studying the causes of global warming The expedition seems like a perfect combination of adventure activism and escaping government forces who watch the. The release of a seuel is an anticipated event especially if the seuel is written by a wildly popular best selling author like James Patterson Approximately 48 million copies have been sold of the previous three books in the Maximum Ride series so hopes were high that Final Warning the new installment would be just as entertaining When a seuel fails to live up to the standards of the previous books in the series readers feel let down There are three issues that affect the uality of Final Warning First there is a lack of adventure in this installment of the action packed Maximum Ride adventure series It seemed to be of an extended brainstorming session instead of actual problem solving Second the length of this book is an issue For a novel that has a retail price of 20 272 pages is pretty skimpy – especially when you consider that The Angel Experiment the first book in the series had 432 pages Finally and most importantly is the story itself If the story had been interesting and new the reader would be able to overlook the page length Instead of adding anything new to the story Patterson chose to focus on the issue of global warming and have The Flock the six bird kids we’ve come to love assist with scientific research in Antarctica Final Warning appears to be of a filler book than a necessary part of the series In fact if a reader were to skip Final Warning there probably wouldn’t be a problem catching up when a fifth book is published Instead of a character driven storyline Patterson has given us an extended public service announcement on global warming and while global warming is a serious issue we need to think about a young adult adventure novel might not be the best place to hammer the issue home

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The Final Warning Free download Õ 8 ´ In this breathtaking new story from the astonishing imagination of James Patterson a girl has to save herself from an army assembled just to capture her and maybe save the planet while she's at itMaximum Ride is a perfectly normal teenager who just happens to be able to fly the result of an out of control goFlock like a hawkBut even in Antarctica trapped in the harshest weather on our planet Maximum Ride is an irresistible target in constant danger For whoever controls her powers could also control the world Maximum Ride is James Patterson's greatest character a heroine who manages to be human and fearless at onc. AAAAAAAhhhhhh This series is fun The first three books are an action packed fun adventure with decent characters There are plot holes but the point is believable teenage angst in the midst of constant danger This 4th book has some good parts involving the characters dealing with adults' expectations of them But it is also a full on boring crappy global warming propaganda pamphlet with some random bad guy thrown in out of nowhere and an extra bad hurricane due to global warming of course that fortuitously saves them They've been fighting killer flying mutant wolves robots and clones and now they suddenly see that GLOBAL WARMING is the true threat STUPID It is utterly inconsistent with the plot and theme of the series to jump from shadow government organizations and amoral corporations bent on enslaving and killing the mutant bird kids in order to take over the world to playing with penguins and ratifying the Kyoto Treaty yes this 14 yr old heroine got that specific The bad guys are global warming extremists and apparently unrelated to the overall bad guys from the other books The next book is set up at the end as they fly off to meet at some distant coordinates and get back to fighting robots this whole book appears to be a lame tangent you could skip completelyThe global warming debate is an interesting and important one in my opinion but keep the preaching out of a series completely based on action teen identity and familylack of family roles This book feels like Patterson felt an urge to save the world and sold out like Michael Jordan selling underwear If you want good novels with consistent environmental themes that make sense try Hoot and Flush by Carl Hiaasen