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Doc ò The Truth About Forever 374 pages ´ Hannahredhead Ø That's what Macy has to look forward to while her boyfriend Jason is away at Brain Camp Days will be spent at a boring job in the library evenings will be filled with vocabulary drills for the SATs and spare time will be passed with her mother the two of thHem sharing a silent grief at the traumatic loss of Macy's fatherBut sometimes unexpected things can happen things such as the catering job at Wish with its fun loving chaotic crew Or her sister's project of renovating the neglected beach house awakening l Cute Boys Late Summer Nights and Blossoming FriendshipsMy umpteenth reread of Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl  made me realize how compulsively readable the contemporary books that made my 2014'15 were So the ueen of the genre aka Sarah Dessen had to make a comeback for my next rereadThey just don’t make them like this any I've yet to experience a new summer contemporary read that receives the surrounding hype of Stephanie Perkins's  Anna and the French Kiss  Morgan Matson's   Since You've Been Gone and Dessen's   The Truth About Forever Reading this made me recall how I achingly miss that feeling of fun and ease those iconic books that scream of summer provided when I needed it the most I mean remembering my reading experience of these books now feels like sifting through teen memories and even though I didn't encounter the described events personally I experienced so much joy reading them that they simply feel like mine And it's exactly this rush of emotion that I haven't felt in a while with a YA bookNow I definitely feel the keen need to revisit of the kind in the near future But in the meantime I've compiled a list of things I adored within this reread• The tiny random moments of resemblance Fangirl shares with The Truth About Forever I had to note it down with the former book still so fresh in my mind Wes's pickup truck coming to save the day Levi's red truck Macy's denying invitations Cath Bert pushing the doors with too much gusto Reagan's uirk• My favorite catering crew to exist in fiction aka Wish Catering with their tiny mishaps somehow always solved before the night is done I definitely had to rearrange my expectations when it came to them since I recalled the dynamics between the crew a tad different but still they were so good“They honestly seemed to believe that things would just work out And the weirdest thing was they did Somehow Eventually Although even when I was standing right there I couldn't say how”• One of my favorite scenes arose out of Macy sharing with Kristy her experience of being in a relationship with Jason whose constant need for perfection makes her fall short again and again in his eyes and conseuently makes her doubt her every move So Kristy makes sure to pass onto Macy her confidence“—would totally want to hear say she loved him You're smart you're gorgeous you're a good person I mean what makes him such a catch anyway Who is he to judgeHe's Jason I said for lack of a better argumentWell he's a fuckhead She sucked down the rest of her beer And if I were you I'd be glad to be rid of him Because anyone that can make you feel that bad about yourself is toxic you knowHe doesn't make me feel bad about myself I said knowing even as my lips formed the words this was exactly what he did Or what I let him do It was hard to sayWhat you need Kristy said what you deserve is a guy who adores you for what you are Who doesn't see you as a project but a prize You knowI'm no prize I said shaking my headYes she said and she sounded so sure it startled me like she could be so positive while hardly knowing me at all You are What sucks is how you can't even see itIt brought to mind this empowering exchange from Skam • The ongoing gotcha scare game shared between the two brothers Wes and Bert reminded me of the trailer for the upcoming film Tag and the true story behind it titled I've played a game of tag for 23 years The game came from a bad period in life that later blossomed into a concrete focal point for the brothers“Truthfully it's just this dumb thing we started about a year ago It pretty much came from us living alone in the house after my mom died It was really uiet so it was easy to sneak around”“Plus Wes continued there's just something fun every once in a while about getting the shit scared out of you You know”• Speaking of seeing Wes care for his younger brother Bert who's beyond nervous to go to a very important engagement Armageddon club was a huge sa woon worthy moment for me“Calm down Wes said stepping around me into the room and walking up to Bert He untangled the tie smoothing the ends Stand still Then Bert and I both stood and watched as with one cross a twist and a yank he tied the knot perfectlyWow Bert said looking down at it as Wes stepped back examining his handiwork When did you learn thatWhen I had to go to court Wes told him He reached up plucking the piece of tissue off his brother's face then straightened the tie again Do you have enough moneyBert snorted I prebought my ticket way back in March There's a chicken dinner and dessert It's all paid forWes pulled out his wallet and slid out a twenty tucking it into Bert's pocket No cologne okay”I do have to mention though that after the initial excitement slipped away I couldn’t help but notice the few irks that came to bother me the way Macy's mother was characterized Kristy barely appearing after Macy and Wes grow closer Wes himself not being given enough character building so that he essentially resembled a mirror image to Macy both have lost a parent both have a bfgf on hold both can't accept a compliment etc and it was too uneuivocally convient to feel real And then the it also hit a bit of a rut when the catering crew who were one of the biggest highlights for me didn't appear in the following scenesOverall I had a nice walk down memory lane by rereading The Truth About Forever but the memory of the book still holds appeal for me than the actual bookI did however really enjoy this Rex Orange County song that gets the mood of this read These next lines in particular I'll find a spot that's just for me and see if I can cope without An ounce of pain without an ounce of pain Said the likelihood just frightens me and it's easier to hide But I can't ignore it endlessly eventually things die Note I’m an Affiliate If you’re interested in buying The Truth About Forever   just click on the image below to go through my link I’ll make a small commission This review and can be found on my blog

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Ong buried memories Things such as meeting Wes a boy with a past a taste for Truth telling and an amazing artistic talent the kind of boy who could turn any girl's world upside down As Macy ventures out of her shell she begins to uestion her sheltered life I hadn't even heard of Sarah Dessen until I came across this book on my frend Mahyars read shelf I noticed the 5 stars and as we share a liking for certain types of books thought I'd investigate this author further It didn't take much persuading 1st person POV heavy on the emotion I was definately up for it And I wasn't disappointed Oh no this book has to be one of my all time favourites I'm not going to give a re tell of the story because other reviewers have done thatbut what I will do is try to tell you how this story made me feelSo here goes Having lost a parent when I was about the same age as the heroine Macy I understand the emotions running through this story I know how difficult it is for the remaining parent to try and be the person everyone knows and also grieve for their partner To lose a partner is different to losing a parent I also understand why Macy ended up with Jason there is always a danger when we lose someone we love that the turmoil of our emotions attracts us to people who are in the long term not good for us too safe or too wild or too contoling and was so glad that he was out of the picture for most of the story So when Macy decides to live dangerously and go to work for Wish I was overjoyed this was the next step for her to escape the safe and emotionally numb and sterile life that she had been living and start to find herself again I loved all of her new friends Delia who plays opposite to her Mom and Kristy who takes on the role of sibling best freind and best of all Wes who was emotionally far older than his years and balanced the emotionally retarded character of Jason Whilst Monica and Bert have the role of younger siblings So the guys from Wish become a kind of surrogate family you notice the only father figure is Pete who never really plays an active part in story so is distant like Carolines Macys sister hubby I think all of these things hilight the choices and decisions Macy had to face in this an improtant turning point in her life I liked that an already emotive issue was not further complicated by sex with Macy having to choose which path to take with regard to that The only downside for me was what would Macy have done had Caroline not told her mother about Wes Wes and Macy form a close friendship and Macys mom disapproves to the point where she activly prevents Macy from seeing him and his good character had Macys mom continued to exert her control over Macy would Macy have been strong enough to disobey and go her own way Having been under the emotional restrictions of a controlling parent I can say from my POV probably not she would have got back with Jason and spent the rest of her life with an emotionally retarded man ruled by his ability to control people via a mindless set of lists So thumbs up to Caroline who orchestrated and manipulated her mother with no one knowing and in doing so set the wheels in motion for everyone to start the healing process and find themselvesSo would I read anything by Sarah Dessen again You bet

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The Truth About ForeverThat's what Macy has to look forward to while her boyfriend Jason is away at Brain Camp Days will be spent at a boring job in the library evenings will be filled with vocabulary drills for the SATs and spare time will be passed with her mother the two of t I thank this book for giving me an important insight on what could be going on in the mind of a 16 year old girl in today's worldYou see I am a father of a girl of that same age The age of the Macy the narrator main protagonist of this book My daughter is my only child For the past 16 years I have been trying to be a good father But what is a good father Since there is no school in good parenting most of my styles come from what I thought were the good points my father showed me or what I thought he should have done or showed to me but he did not This could be wrong Reasons 1 Those experiences were for a father son relationship; 2 I grew up with 3 other siblings; 3 I was 16 31 years ago almost 1 generation in between So times indeed changed alreadyMacy loves his father They run together every morning The father dies of heart attack one morning when Macy is too lazy getting up from bed So Macy thinks that her father would still be alive if she was not lazy that morning She blames herself but she doesn't tell this to anyone As an outlet for this guilt she tries to excel in everything she does in school in the library where she works or in her occasional job at Wish Catering She thinks that by being excellent she will be able to please her dead father and that somehow will ease up her guiltSince the birth of my daughter I've been trying to be a hands on dad When I was growing up my father was almost always at home because he was a plantation owner so he did not have to work at all So in a way he was there when I needed him but just like many traditional fathers he was distant especially when he was busy playing chess drinking with his friends or reading newspaper He stayed seven years in college but was not a diligent my impression student and I could not remember an instance when he helped me with my homework except to correct my grammar or pronunciation when I read aloud my speeches prepared as reuired by my teachers I knew that my father was proud of us when we got good grades medals or distinctions for excellent performance in school but he did not show any emotion in front of us I thought that I would have been happier as a child if he jumped up and down when I bought home medals from school or when it was announced that I was in the top 4 of my graduating clss in high schoolSo when I became a father I was like that Always jumping up and down and really appreciative of whatever good news my daughter told me Each day Each school report card Each school year I always tried attending her school events I was always eager listening to whatever news she brought home from school Pre school Elementary High schoolLittle did I know that she was feeling the pressure She thought that I was expecting too much from her She thought that I would like her to achieve what I achieved I knew this not even from my wife but from my wife's older sister who was closed to my daughterSo where did I go wrong Where is that balance between too little and too muchThat was the dilemma of Macy in this book The Truth About Forever Where is that point to strike and the seesaw will stand still She thinks that Jason does not love her despite her trying to do her best in her work in the library She feels the pressure that she has brought to herself She assumes so many things that the unnecessary emotions have bottled up and so the seesaw is not balanced and her feelings are all mixed up and her life is in turmoilI'm too old to appreciate her romance with the tattooed Wes and I did not really care about his dark past Maybe my daughter would love this book But for me I still liked this but not for that reason that same reason why my Goodreads friends liked this I read this as a father and I liked it Thank you Tina for recommending this book Thank you Sheryl for lending me this copy Thank you Maria for being my reading buddy I struggled finishing this book I felt the pressure but it was worth it Thank you Thank you