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‭The truth as told by Mason Buttle Read ✓ 100 æ Mason Buttle is the biggest sweatiest kid in his grade and everyone knows he can barely read or write Mason’s learning disabilities are compounded by grief Fifteen months ago Mason’s best friend Benny Kilmartin turned up dead in the Buttle family’s orchard An investigation dOther boys in their neighborhood so they create an underground club space for themselves When Calvin goes missing Mason finds himself in trouble again He’s desperate to figure out what happened to Calvin and eventually BennyBut will anyone believe h.

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Mason Buttle is the biggest sweatiest kid in his grade and everyone knows he can barely read or write Mason’s learning disabilities are compounded by grief Fifteen months ago Mason’s best friend Benny Kilmartin turned up dead in the Buttle family?. Mason's voice reads so authentic and naively honest It's apparent this character was born from a very loving place in author Leslie Connor's mind You want to teach him so much but at the same time want to shield and protect him from so much A warning This book is surprisingly dark and heartbreaking Mason is bullied relentlessly and while he doesn't let it shake him I wanted to climb inside the pages of this story multiple times and show Matty Drinker a thing or two The relationship between the boys both predators and prey is very complex and difficult to read play out because I'm afraid it's SO realistic I'm not sure the lack of a resolution for a particular plot thread will suffice for readers who wish to see justice fully served Personally I would have settled for just a little bit of accountability out of a certain character but none is shownStrong work by Connor A book every kid should read

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‭The truth as told by Mason Buttle??s orchard An investigation drags on and Mason honest as the day is long can’t understand why Lieutenant Baird won’t believe the story Mason has told about that dayBoth Mason and his new friend tiny Calvin Chumsky are relentlessly bullied by the. I really have massivel enjoyed being taken by Lesley Connor into Mason Buttle's world into his mind and innermost soul For Mason he is such a sweetly conceptualised character a person with simply a humungous and all encompassing loving heart who despite his family's many recent and not so recent tragedies his serious learning challenges his constant fight against and fear of relentless bullying both at and after school and that in spite of his universally known penchant for always telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth the police and in particular Lieutenant Baird still keep hounding and not really believing Mason regarding the death of his best friend Benny Kilmartin in the Buttle family orchard still manages to face each day honestly courageously and with a hopeful belief that things might get better even after his new best friend Calvin Chumsky also disappears for a while and once again Mason is being uestioned and viewed with mostly and sadly suspicion by the police Now I do well realise that there are some readers and perhaps even a sizeable minority who have likely been angered by the fact that in The Truth as Told by Mason Buttle the ending does not feature main bully chief antagonist villain Matty Drinker coming either to any type of understanding regarding his nastiness and what his behaviour has wrought or indeed being arrested and officially charged with at the very least criminal negligence regarding Benny Kilmartin's death after Mason's missing handsaw being discovered hidden in the Drinker family's garage clearly presents that it is Matty who sawed through the rung of the Buttle orchard playhouse ladder and caused Benny to fall to his death But in my own humble opinion that same ending is in fact while of course painful and aggravatingly infuriating also for all intents and purposes woefully realistic no matter what naysayers may claim to the contrary And I for one do very much applaud Lesley Connor's honesty and realism as often than not in the real world in real life vicious bullies like Matty and his cabal of eually vile acolytes are shielded and enabled by not only their families but also by inactive passive and unwilling to interfere teachers school officials and yes indeed in The Truth as Told by Mason Buttle also by the police not immediately pressing charges when it becomes abundantly and totally clear who and what actually has caused Benny's demise For while yes of course I totally would have wanted Matty Drinker facing criminal conseuences for causing Benny to have his fatal fall from the playhouse ladder the fact that he and his mother are able to skedaddle out of town and that the police do not really seem all that willing to pursue the matter any further either is in fact and indeed how often bullying and even violent episodes of the same are allowed to spread and fester enabled and sometimes even condoned by adults by supposedly good and decent deemed individuals like teachers police officers and the like not doing enough not wishing to rock the boat not wanting to create issues fissures etc although I do indeed uestion a bit why Lieutenant Baird is so constantly hounding Mason about Benny's death not believing him but when it then becomes obvious at the end of The Truth as Told by Mason Buttle that Matty Drinker is most certainly the main culprit is the person who obviously caused and precipitated Benny's fall that he and his mother do not have all that much difficulty skipping town and removing Matty from the limelight of suspicion and that the police is also not all that willing to now pursue the Drinker family and in particular Matty in the same way that Lieutenant Baird had previously been hounding the Buttles and especially Mason And finally I do therefore definitely and continuously shake my head at in particular those adult readers of novels such as The Truth as Told by Mason Buttle of realistic children's fiction where nasty and dangerous bullies are not automatically and by necessity totally and utterly caught out and severely punished vociferously complaining about this since come on precisely this type of sad scenario is far too often what absolutely does tend to occur in the real world For indeed with regard to realistic fiction for children I always do prefer truth reality and not some happy go lucky and perfect fantasy of the bullies and the nasties always getting their deserved dues in the end and being held to account for their behaviours and actions as sorry but that does not always and yes even only rather rarely happen in life itself