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Reader µ O Aluimista ´ 197 pages ↠ Paulo coelho ↠ Paulo Coelho's masterpiece tells the mystical story of Santiago an Andalusian shepherd boy who yearns to travel in search of a worldly treasure His uest will lead him to riches far different and far satisfying listening to our hearts of recognizing opportunityEcognizing opportunity and learning to read the omens strewn along life's path and most importantly to follow our dream spoilers and bitterness ahead be forewarnedI'm not sure that I can capture my utter disdain for this book in words but I'll give it a shot I read this book about three years ago and just had to re read it for book club It was a steaming pile of crap then and guess what it's a steaming pile of crap now The main reason I hate this book it's trite inspirational literature dressed up as an adventure uest You go into it thinking that it's going to be about a boy's uest for treasure If you read the back there are words like Pyramids Gypsy alchemist Turns out this is just The Purpose Driven Life dressed up with a little fable It's Hallmark Hall of Fame territory set in an exotic locale Which pisses me off to no end as I normally try to dodge that sort of thing but here it is masuerading as the type of book I normally like It's cliche didactic and poorly written Just as with Aesop's Fables there's a moral to the story And Coelho keeps backing up and running over it just to make sure that we get it and he capitalizes important key words necessary to understanding it lest we overlook their significance If there's one thing Paulo Coelho can do it's flog a dead horse Essentially boy thinks he's happy in life He's a shepherd who gets to travel the world has all of his needs met and owns a book which he can always trade for another book when he goes to market What can a boy need Boy is then told by a mysterious stranger that he's not happy at all Why not He has failed to recognize his Personal Legend Everyone has a Personal Legend which is life's plan for you However most of us give up on our Personal Legend in childhood If you are fortunate enough to hang onto and pursue your Personal Legend then The Soul of the World will help you obtain it All of nature conspires to bring you luck and good fortune so that you can fulfill your destiny whether it's to be a shepherd on a uest for treasure at the pyramids a butcher a baker a candlestick maker or one would assume a prostitute drug dealer or porn star Hey we're all fate's bitch in The Alchemist But I digress Boy seeks out his Personal Legend and finds it's a long hard road to obtaining what you want in life But with faith perseverance and just a little goshdarnit good luck the boy learns to speak the Language of the World and tap into The Soul of the World and fulfills his Personal Legend And what does he learn That what he sought was back home the place he started from Oh silly boy So in summation here is what you should learn from The Alchemist1 Dream And while you're at it dream BIG2 Follow your bliss3 Don't be surprised if you find obstacles in your way but you will overcome4 It's good to travel and encounter people from other cultures5 What we most often seek is right in front of us but sometimes we have to leave home to realize itTo all of these important life lessons I can only say Well no shit Sherlock If Coelho knew anything about alchemy he would have been able to transform this crap into gold Alas it's still crap Cross posted at This Insignificant Cinder

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Paulo Coelho's masterpiece tells the mystical story of Santiago an Andalusian shepherd boy who yearns to travel in sear I need to start this review by stating 1 I can't stand self help books and 2 I'm a feminist no I don't hate men some men are uite awesome but I am very conscious of women and our place in the worldShort summary mild spoilers A boy named Santiago follows his 'Personal Legend' in traveling from Spain to the Pyramids in Egypt searching for treasure Along the way he learns 'the Language of the World' the 'Soul of the World' and discovers that the 'Soul of God' is 'his own soul'If the statements in uotes above 'personal legend' etc fascinate you then you'll enjoy this book If you think they are hokey and silly then you'll think this is a terrible book If you think statements such as When you want something all the universe conspires you to achieve it and All things are one are moving and life changing you'll love this book If such statements have you rolling your eyes then this isn't your cup of teaIts not that I find anything wrong with these messages They are important but must be balanced with responsibility In my experience 'following your dreams' or personal legend is not the only way toward wisdom and strength Is the person who struggles to put food on the table every day for his or her family consciously realizing that he or she may not be following his or her 'personal legend' any less heroic than some traveler who leaves everything and everyone he or she is responsible for to go on a spiritual uest Coelho comes close to labeling such people as losers in life which I find completely off the mark as some of these people have the most to offer in terms of wisdomThe issue of responsibility is also part of this book's sexism The main male characters in the novel have 'Personal Legends' they are either seeking them or have achieved them or have failed to achieve them But Coelho never mentions 'Personal Legend' with regard to women other than to say that Fatima Santiago's fiance is 'a part of Santiago's Personal Legend Thats fine but what about her own Personal Legend Instead of traveling to find her dreams she is content to sit around do chores and stare everyday at the desert to wait for his return This is her 'fate' as a desert women The fact that women don't have Personal Legends is even galling considering the fact that according to Coelho even minerals such as lead and copper have Personal Legends allowing them to 'evolve' to something better ie goldIn the ideal world presented in THE ALCHEMIST it seems that the job of men is to seek out their personal legends leaving aside thoughts of family and responsibility and its the job of women to let them and pine for their return Of course someone has to do the unheroic inconvenient work of taking care of the children the animals the elderly the illIf everyone simply goes off on spiritual uests deciding they have no responsibility other than to seek their Personal Legends no one would be taking responsibility for the unglamorous work that simply has to take place for the world to runOn the other hand what if both men and women are allowed to struggle towards their 'Personal Legends' and help each other as best as they can towards them but recognize that their responsibilities may force them to defer compromise or even 'sacrifice' their dreams This may seem depressing but it isn't necessarily Coelho seems to think that Personal Legends are fixed at childhood or at birth or even before and are not changeable they have to be followed through to the end no matter how silly But in my experience many people have chosen to adjust compromise and even 'give up' on their dreams only to find that life grants them something better or they have a new better dream to follow a path providing greater wisdom For me these people have a realistic humble fair and less cliched vision of the world than Paulo Coelho's vision in THE ALCHEMIST

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O AluimistaCh of a worldly treasure His uest will lead him to riches far different and far satisfying listening to our hearts of r A good parable like The Prodigal Son should comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable The problem with this little book is that it does precisely the oppositeCoelho's message and boy is this a book with a message is that each of us has his own Personal Legend and that if we recognize that legend and pursue it sincerely everything in the Universe which is after all made up wind stone trees of the same stuff we are will conspire to help us achieve it Corollaries 1 people who don't recognize their legends are never happy 2 people who fail to realize their legends are afraid and 3 people who refuse to pursue their legends even when they know what they are are both unhappy and afraid I admit I've left out a nuance or two here and there but not many There aren't than three or four nuances in the bookI fear that the result of taking such a message seriously will be to make the successful even self satisfied the narcissistic self absorbed and the affluent self congratulatory At the same time those who are unfortunate will blame themselves for their bad fortune those who lack self esteem will lose what little they have and the poor will see no not God as the beatitude says but the poor will see they have only themselves to blamePerhaps I am being too harsh I can see how a few individual young persons hemmed in by parental expectations and seeking their own paths may find enough hope and courage here to help them venture forth But I am convinced the damage done by books like this like The Secret The Celestine Prophecy and anything ever written by the late Dr Wayne Dyer or for that matter anything he may ever choose to channel from beyond the grave is far greater than the little good they may achieveIf you like parables don't read this book Go read a book of Hasidic tales collected by Martin Buber a book of Sufi stories collected by Idries Shah or a book of parables and sayings by Anthony de Mello insteadOr then again you could just try Jesus Jesus is always good