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DOC À READER The Host ¹ FREE È HANNAHREDHEAD Ê Melanie Stryder refuses to fade away The earth has been invaded by a species that take over the minds of human hosts while leaving their bodies intact Wanderer the invading soul who has been given Melanie's body didn't expect to find its former tenant refusing to relinMelanie's body didn't expect to find its former tenant refusing to relinuish possession of her mindAs Melanie fills Wanderer's thoughts with visions of Jared a human who still lives in hiding Wan I really did enjoy this book It is narrated in the same style at the Twilight book in the first person The things that make this book really good are the internal dialogue between the main characters Melanie and Wanda I am told that this did not work too well in the movie but as a book it makes great interesting readingThe story an alien invasion has happen we the humans have lost or have we? The Aliens call themselves Souls; they think it is the closest translation from our language They are parasiticsymbiotic in nature They are inserted into through the back of the neck and attach themselves to our brains and control our bodies They have done this on at least eight other different planets The society seem to have 3 classes Healers their Doctors Seekers their police force and the general populace they are never referred to as then Souls Their occupation seem a seeking of knowledge and experiences that maliciously or ambitious The aliens so not seem to be well armed and do not like violence The Invasion has been of stealth slowly taking over people and their neighbours before any realised Most of the technology seems to have been concentrated on healing and space travelThe reason I ask the uestion is did ne lose is because on all the other planets they have conuered they have never met a species that is a conflicted emotional and diverse all at the same time The other species offered little or no resistance and the aliens were just accepted The Aliens seem to have no personality of their own in their natural states The personalities seem to be the sum of their experiences from previous and current hosts The only real method of telling if some have been taken over is their eyesMelanie is one of the few humans left till she is captured she tries to kill herself rather then submit to being taken over but the aliens heal her body The Soul she is bonded with is called the Wanderer because of all the worlds she has visited but never settled on for than one hosts life time Usually this is it the Soul takes over and replaces the Host with full access to their memories and carries on living their lives Melanie being the fighter she is refuses to go uietly he is presence and voice constantly with the Wanderer As the story goes on we find this is happening and strong will Humans refuse to be giving the aliens' full controlUsing or being led by Melanie Wanderer finds possible the last outpost of pure Humans If she has any hope of surviving Wanderer must make peace with Melanie; then together they must try and convince the humans they mean no harm Both sided must put aside their preconception of the other and try to find common ground This is a great story about the human spirit The language is definitely at a higher level than Twilight probably because Meyer has realises her fans have grown older Meyer's writing style has a good story telling flow to it I enjoyed reading the whole book The only think I would grip about is the lack of action in the book; there was action in the football game and the bonus chapter Alone then in the rest of the book However she was writing for emotional content then action This is an intelligent different story seen through the eyes of both Humans and aliens

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Melanie Stryder refuses to fade away The earth has been invaded by a species that take over the minds of human hosts while leaving their bodies intact Wanderer the invading soul who has been given Okay so I was reading along and thinking all hey this is pretty interesting Not bad Stephenie And then I got to about page 80 or so and OH MY GOD THERE IT IS AGAIN THE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE SAPPINESS OH MY EYES MY EYESI just can't do it CAN'T DO IT AGAIN Not the older man and the younger woman and the 5 page discussion of why they can't have sex yet because NO DEAR YOU'RE JUST NOT READY EVEN THOUGH YOU REALLY WANT IT BECAUSE LOOK YOU'RE A GIRL AND YOU CAN'T POSSIBLY MAKE YOUR OWN DECISIONSBUT JARED I LOOOOVE YOU YOU ARE MY SOULMATE BECAUSE WHY? I DON'T KNOW I JUST LOVE YOU MAYBE BECAUSE OF YOUR STRONG JAW AND GOLDEN SKIN AND BLOND HIGHLIGHTS AND LACK OF A PERSONALITY THAT IS PROBABLY IT I LOVE YOU TOO MELANIE AND I WILL PROTECT YOU AND NEVER LET YOU DO ANYTHING EVEN THOUGH YOU ALREADY SAVED YOURSELF AND YOUR BROTHER FROM HORRIBLE ALIENSi think i need to go lie down now

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The HostDerer begins to yearn for a man she's never met Reluctant allies Wanderer and Melanie set off to search for the man they both love Also see Alternate Cover Editions for this ISBN ACE ACE #1 ACE #2 GAHAAAAGGHSODTODSHTAHAAHOSHDTODSODHTOHDTOHTOSDHTSHHHHHHTHIDSDOIOSHDTOIHThose are accurate phrases fitting descriptions of my reaction at the end of this book Unfortunately those cannot be precisely translated into the English languageHoly Crap HOLY CRAP I can't even process my thoughts to write a review for this This book was so stunning so amazing so crazy good that I can't even describe it XD I'm extremely impressed of Stephenie Meyer This beats Twilight by a long shot; it's SO much better She writes so much better in this book and the complex in depth plot is nothing compared to Twilight's shallow oneThe idea is so cool The characters are awesome and lovable Stephenie Meyer is incredibly skilled with emotion; that's her strongest suit She writes emotion in a way that makes you feel everything the character feels When the character is in pain the reader is in pain too Meyer writes love in a way that makes you love everything and everyone the character loves with a strong passion Even though he was just a character I loved Jamie as strongly as if he was my own brother And I was in love with Ian as strongly as if I was Wanda and he was actually real Stephenie Meyer is a ueen of emotion; I don't think anyone can write it like she canThis was just so much better than Twilight and that was so relieving Even though I enjoyed Twilight it's nice to see that the same author is capable of writing something that isn't shallow in the slightest and writing something so much better than Twilight This book just blew me awayI actually cried at the end In fact I cried several times throughout the book it was so good The funny thing is I didn't cry at the end because of the reason that everyone else cried I cried because what everyone thought was the end of the book WASN'T the end I cried because Meyer changed it from the perfect bittersweet sad ending to a happy dovey ending I wish she made the ending the chapter before the last the one before she skipped pages in the book I'm trying not to spoil things here ;DApparently Meyer is making a second book I kind of wish she wasn't While it would be nice to read the next one I feel like The Host would be best as a stand alone novel and to make it into a series would just ruin it This is a storyline that would best not be continued I don't knowAnyways The Host is a phenomenon and everyone who hasn't read it must go get it now It is an essential read XD