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READER ✓ DOC The Lost River On The Trail of the Sarasvati » HANNAHREDHEAD ↠ The Lost River explores the geography history and mythology of the Sarasvati river drawing from various sources like folklore the Vedas archaeology local practices history geology and meteorology The book explains thatThe Lost River explores the geography history and mythology of the Sarasvati river drawing from various sources like folklore the Vedas archaeology local practices history geology and meteorology The book explains that the river its very existence and its course have been discussed and speculated over for years The magnificence of the Sarasvati has been detailed in scriptures like the Rig Veda Historians and archaeologists could not understand how it mysteriously ceased to exist Some of the even deem the river a mythThis book attempts the deduce facts from fable and makes a strong case for the existenc Remarkable book that tells the remarkable history of a remarkable river that sustained a remarkable civilizationIt is rare that a book flows with the same ease and felicity as the river it seeks to describe This is that rare book The river Saraswati when it flowed some five thousand years ago gave birth to the most massive and advanced ancient civilization that existed The almost million suare kilometers of land that formed the Indus Saraswati Civilization saw the development of the most advanced urban planning in the ancient world a system of standardized weights and measures that boggles the mind a social order that was egalitarian than has ever existed anywhere since When the river stopped flowing severely depleted by the double desertion of the Sutlej and Yamuna it caused a massive abandonment of the Indus Saraswati sites with its residents migrating to the Gangetic plains and elsewhere giving birth to a new phase in the evolution of the Vedic dharma which saw its birth amidst the fertile plains of the Indus Saraswati That the existence of this once mighty river is in dispute is itself a sordid tale of ideologies polluting academics Michel Danino writes fluidly engagingly makes this book a page turner Full review at

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E of the river It goes over the upheavals that the Indian subcontinent went through thousands of years ago explaining the dry weather erosion and tectonic events that changed the terrain altered river courses and may have made the Sarasvati disappear The book then chronicles explorations into the river started which began around the early nineteenth century when it was rediscovered by British officials doing topographic explorationsThe book also explains the culture around that time shedding light on the Indus valley civilisation and the rich and flourishing culture of Harappa The book goes on the show Readers and critics often talk about historical thrillers Sometimes they invent sub genres like archaeological thrillers or mythological thrillers while trying to pigeonhole some unputdownable action driven story dotted with physical or metaphorical blasts from the pastHere comes something which to uote the great Amitabh Bachchan stands taller than all such fictional works akin to रिश्ते में तो हम तुम्हारे बाप लगते हैंThis is history as a crime thriller Let me describe the situation in such termsThe EstateThere used to be a massive river fed by perennial sources bringing life and sustaining civilisation over a very large area One day geographical whims and other factors started killing it Slowly it withered and eventually died forcing its children to move away but not without its loving memory They mixed with others resettled and gave their memories a written shape while developing new features in their culture due to changing geography Eventually known history came to consider them as the starting point of historyThe InheritanceArchaeological seismic and hydrological studies submitted irrefutable proofs to show that the successors now inhabiting over a vast region had originated from the area and the people nourished by that once mighty river and NOT from some imaginary people who were otherwise being euated with rulers and heroesThe CrimeSome people panicked They were apparently well respected but had come to define their positions through rhetoric and ideology than evidence An intricate web of lies and deceit had been spun in the meanwhile to ensure divide and rule by declaring North Indians as invading Aryans and South Indians and tribal people as the 'original residents' Now that web started getting unraveled due to hard facts brought out by satellite imagery and excavations So those esteemed Marxist historians notably Romila Thapar Irfan Habib and RS Sharma swung into action They received support from other people with vested interests As a result versions of history which have got discredited than sixty years ago continued being taught in schools forcing billion plus people to forget their past and their own heritageThe FightbackFor that you have to read this book This incredibly meticulous and well argued book clearly establishes1 There was a Saraswati river fed by numerous streams and also feeding lakes other rivers and above all the people who had once set up one of the greatest civilisations in the history of mankind2 Those who had composed the Rig Veda and post Vedic literature were intricately aware of its existence and the role that it had played once3 The civilisation still being described as the 'Indus Valley Civilisation' is actually an Indus Saraswati civilisation at least if not the Saraswati Civilisation4 As a result of the gradual decay and death of Saraswati that Civilisation withered forcing the people to migrate eastward while retaining many many customs which are being practiced even today5 The so called Aryans were actually descendants of those who had lived during the Indus Saraswati Civilization6 THERE WAS NO ARYAN INVASIONIf you are an Indian please read this bookIf you have even the slightest interest in history please read this bookIf you are opposed to the teaching of lies and falsehoods just to suit the interest of rulers practicing 'divide and rule' please read this bookIt's actually a classic

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The Lost River On The Trail of the SarasvatiThe results of explorations into the river’s origins and course using modern technology like satellite imagery and isotope analysis The author has also used his proof of the existence of the river to bolster his theory that Aryans were indigenous to India and not foreign invadersThe Lost River was published in 2010 by Penguin India and is available in paperbackKey Features The book presents evidence for the existence and information about the course and demise of the Sarasvati from various fields of investigation It contains an extensive appendix with further information and a vast number of footnot A very well researched book that draws from different fields from archeology hydrography history DNA analysis soil and climate analysis as well as Local legends to trace the history of the Saraswati river and establish that the Indian civilization has been a continuous and living civilization for over 9000 years The narrative though is not at all a drab technical book but rather exicting An enjoyable read