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Scarlet and the White Wolf Volume 1 The Pedlar and the Bandit King Download ¿ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ò Scarlet of Lysia is an honest peddler a young merchant traveling the wild undefended roads to support his aging parents Liall called the Wolf of Omara is the handsome world weary E explodes into violence and Liall unexpectedly fights to save the lives of Scarlet's family Scarlet is forced to admit that the Wolf is not the worst ally he could have but what price will proud Scarlet ultimately have to pay for Liall's friendshi. This is a clever very loose reinterpretation of the Red Riding Hood fairytale but with a young man named Scarlet as the lead character Like Little Red Scarlet an odd name for man feels the lure of adventure of breaking away from the home hearth to dare into dangers of the world And he meets his big bad wolf in the guise of a mysterious leader named LiallI want this to be all about the beautiful Scarlet hooking up with the virile Liall but the author insists on building a rich compelling world full of tribal rivalry and maneuvering to set their romance against This is a journey of patience not only for the innocent almost asexual Scarlet or the determined Liall but the reader as well There is a lot of information to keep track of and there is the whisper of Liall’s mysterious background unfoldingI do like that the author doesn’t take the easy way out with the romance Both Liall and Scarlet remain true to their characters throughout; they must fight their way towards understanding and empathy There certainly is an attraction on Liall’s part but for Scarlet it’s a very slow rather reluctant awakening I appreciate this build up even as I want and want it sooner In the end the story development and world building are fluid and uite wonderful This is a bit frustrating read at times but the story is so strong and these two are left in such a place that I just have to keep reading on to the next book in the series To see how it all unfolds

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Needs to cross When Liall jokingly demands a carnal toll for the privilege Scarlet refuses and an inventive battle of wills ensues with disastrous results Scarlet is convinced that Liall is a worthless immoral rogue but when the hostile countrysid. Review for the whole series well currently including up until book #4 but there is to comeI don't have words for how much I loved this whole series I love fantasy but so far most fantasy I've read was lacking in the romance department So to find a series that combines both and in such a great way makes me super happy So happy I'll just have to add it to my small collection of favouritesI found these books because I was reading an anthology by the author and really liked her style She also uses language so beautifully that I simply had to look for books by her And I was not disappointed I'm a new fan and will read everything she ever writes Everything And I can't fucking wait for the next books in the seriesI can't even decide whether I love the high fantasy setting or the lovely lovely romance between two most amazing guys Scarlet I love that name for a man by the way and LiallSo I'll start by gushing over the world and how extraordinarily it comes to life We have different races politics and intrigue magic and beliefs and mysteries in the past and unknown futures We have the most beautiful places that give so much rich atmosphere to everything that is happening and Liall's home country is really growing on me Well I could do without most of the people there ; but the country itself wowI'm in love with both Scarlet and Liall They are very different and have very different roles to play too and while I first fell hard for cute stubborn proud Scarlett Liall captured my heart right afterI think their relationship is most rewarding for a reader It is really really romantic there is sexual tension between them there is conflict to overcome that is never annoying—and I get annoyed very easily believe me I love their banter their declarations of love their hopes and fears their passionate sex I just love themI love how Scarlet who has a less important position in the scheme of things is never set aside or becomes just an attachment to Liall He's got agency a role to play although he isn't in the best position to do just thatSo this is the perfect bookseries for me and I really really want to read right awayYou can find the notes I took for each book separately here and there is also a teaser from the first book a text passage that I loved very much and made me smile so very much“So you thought you could slip past the Kasiri did you Whence comes such confidence”The pedlar stood and stripped the severed leather laces from his hands before he angrily kicked them toward Liall with the toe of his boot “I’m not confident I have to get to the other side of this mountain and you won’t let me by That’s all”“Ah but I will for a price”“I don’t like your stinkin’ mucked price” he snapped Behind him Peysho chuckled then prudently coughed and looked awayLiall dropped his voice and moved a little closer to the irate youth “The price or me”The pedlar met his eyes unflinchingly but did not answer immediately and Liall saw that he was struggling with his answer He fought down a surge of irritation Princes had knelt at his feet once Who was this illiterate merchant to refuse him Who did he think he was“Come now” he coaxed “You will not injure my feelings I am no charming prince this I know But still am I an ogre”“No” the pedlar judged after a moment studying him “You’re a wolf”“And you do not like wolves”“I like wolves fine so long as they stay clear of my path Wolves and men don’t mix”Or men and men Liall supposed he would have liked to say Peysho had shooed the tribesmen off and taken himself away with them leaving Liall with the pedlar the campfire and the soft snowing night around them “What about wolves and pedlars” Liall asked softly daring another step“I don’t” the pedlar began He stopped and swallowed hard looking up at Liall There was no fear in his eyes “I don’t see why you’re vexin’ yourself is all”“Vexin’” Local dialects often threw Liall He waited for the boy to explain“Why are you going to so much trouble on my account I can’t be worth this much bother”Liall began to suspect that this one was not terribly experienced with the desires of men “Are there no mirrors in Lysia Give me your name” he urged“I” The boy closed his mouth “Let me pass”Liall shook his head slowly It made the pedlar angry again“Damn you why not”“Because I’m not through vexin’ myself I suppose”Notes Book 1 the writing is fantastic as is the settingworld with it's racescultures magic and entanglements the main characters Scarlet and Liall are both intriguing and lovable I think I love young and forthright stubborn Scarlet a little —because cuuute—but Liall has already captured my heart too very slow burning romance with an enemies to lovers theme that had me smile very much Notes Book 2 great development of characters their love for each other and the whole world and plot in the seuel beautiful language vivid description of the voyage and Niall's home country OMG such sweet and passionate love scenes believable struggle in the relationship without it getting annoying and the promise of a lot to overcome the new situation for Scarlet and Liall is a tricky one and I hope their relationship will not strain too much under it but so far they got stronger through everything I hope Scarlet will not take the backseat too much but I am confident the author will do right by himNotes Book 3 everything cool I said about the first two books D intriguing new secondary characters loved the ueen and Cestimir—I love him especially hated the bitch—what's her name Liall and Scarlet sigh they had some very lovely scenes together but they needed to overcome a lot in this book too which was not always pleasurable to read but I still loved it Maybe a little less drama would have been better for me but it's all good I love how they always make up and talk and that's really mature Liall might be surprised by turn of events in the end but I wasn't so I'm really looking forward to the next book; also Scarlet's future seems to be getting and interesting DNotes Book 4 sigh best ending ever I can't believe I have to wait for books now While the conflicts are not really solved I loved how the story was paced and I can't wait to find out I am so curious and excited for the next book I love my guys I love how they grow in their relationship I even love how they struggle and hurt with each other I love them So much I want the next book Now

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Scarlet and the White Wolf Volume 1 The Pedlar and the Bandit KingScarlet of Lysia is an honest peddler a young merchant traveling the wild undefended roads to support his aging parents Liall called the Wolf of Omara is the handsome world weary chieftain of a tribe of bandits blocking a mountain road that Scarlet. Review edited on 2722014Did not finish this bookBeing gay or accepting of ueer people in general is not an excuse for misogyny I say it when bloggers like Perez Hilton sexually harass an actress claiming I'm gay so it's okay and I'll say it when a book is riddled with too much misogyny for my brain to processIt's one thing to enforce gender roles in a society inspired by our own It's another to create a society from scratch where polygamy is allowed and each wife is essentially a slave Not even necessarily a sex slave because this book apparently assumes every man is secretly gay andor homo leaning bisexual I guess women are inferior lovers on top of inferior beings or somethingOh and it's one of these books where the heteronormativity is still present apparently Add the misogyny to that and the passive men in a same sex relationship are mocked as much as women I think one of the main characters is good because he only mocks him instead of outright calling him a non manly abomination Yeah no Thank you but noAlso I really don't need to be told on every page that the characters are handsomeETA I don't know why it took me so long to notice but I haven't even mentioned the worst part about those two chapters The premise of the romance in this book is rapeI'm not kidding Maybe it gets better later on but when Scarlet and Liall first meet Liall goes I want to fuck you but I won't physically force you so instead I'll prevent you from taking this road which means I'm taking your livelihood from youRape is not just physically forcing yourself on someone Consent under pressure is not consent So this is rape