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FREE READ Ç The Promise of Jenny Jones í A desperate mother takes Jenny Jones' place in front of a firing suad in exchange for Jenny's promise to see her daughter safely to California Though she and the six year old Graciela get off to a rocky start Jenny will do everything in her power to keep her promise even with the child's cousins in hotCousins in hot pursuit Then she is mysteriously drawn to the handsome cowboy Ty Sanders and though neither know it yet their purpose is the sam. Don't think you'd like a heroine who smokes cigars cusses like there's no tomorrow and can whip the hero's butt in a fight Then you probably haven't read this book yet Breaking all kinds of stereotypes the author creates an untraditional heroine you can't help but admire laugh with and cry forJenny Jones accused of killing a man in self defense is awaiting death by a firing suad when she is approached by a rich dying woman who offers to take her place Naturally there is a catch Jenny must promise to deliver the woman's daughter safely into the arms of her Father in California Jenny is a loner who thinks kids are barely half human but decides her life as pitiful as it may be is worth the aggravationJenny not only finds herself saddled down with a snot nosed prissy kid who prays for her death each night but hot on her trail are the kids' money grubbing cousin's who are bent on killing little Graciela so they can grab her inheritance To make matters worse Jenny is also being followed by Ty Sanders a real sexy dude who appears to want Graciela for his own perverted reasonsTy unbeknownst to Jenny is also on the same mission He is Graciela's uncle and has been sent by his brother to retrieve her He'll do everything he can to save his niece from the hands of the obviously insane Miss Jenny Jones Still as nutty as he finds her he can't help being attracted to her She fascinates him and this scares him than Graciela's murderous cousinsEventually these two hard headed tough as nail people realize they need to stop beating the crap out of each other and join forces if they intend to bring Graciela home safelyThe three spend time together and struggle to keep themselves alive but will they be strong enough to protect their hearts from breaking when they're forced to say goodbye at the end of the tripTHE PROMISE OF JENNY JONES is often times hilarious and extremely touching Author Osborne handled Jenny's gradual transformation from loner to big hearted woman so beautifully I had tears in my eyes throughout a major part of the book I also liked the little girl Graciela's transformation from a stuck up little brat to a sensitive and loving little girl And of course Ty was also a terrific hero whose first mistake is assuming he is going to tame Jenny The character growth in this story is just amazing Because the character's are so well drawn and actually get to know each other before they jump into bed the love story between this unlikely couple is completely believable and the sexual tension intenseThe grittiness humor realism and emotion of this story are just a few of the things that make it so special Maggie Osborne knows which buttons to push to melt this reader's heart Very highly recommended

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Hough she and the six year old Graciela get off to a rocky start Jenny will do everything in her power to keep her promise even with the child's. Loved it A great fun and at times emotional historical about a down and out woman who gets a second chance at life – and finds a perfect love that surprisingly does bring some tears at the end Saved from the firing suad in Mexico Jenny switched places with a dying woman in exchange to bring the woman’s 6 year old daughter to the father Robert in California The daughter is an heiress and according to many greedy relatives she would be better off dead so they could inherit the family fortune Jenny’s word is gold and a promise is a promise The daughter is a handful and really makes this story come alive If you love kids with personality in your romances this is a must read Unknown to Jenny Robert’s brother Ty is on a mission to help locate Robert's wife and daughter he hasn’t seen in six years As you can imagine Jenny and Ty cross paths in Mexico and the sparks start to fly as do the bullets It’s a fast paced story filled with action humor and a lot of heart The relationship between Ty and Jenny evolve into something bone deep and the heat was steaming off them I discovered this author last month with ‘Silver Spoon’ and am now glomming her backlist


The Promise of Jenny JonesA desperate mother takes Jenny Jones' place in front of a firing suad in exchange for Jenny's promise to see her daughter safely to California T. 5 Unreserved Heartfelt Shiny Stars After you give a promise see the person you gave it to is out of the deal It's just you and the promise Jenny Jones Inside a fetid prison on the rugged and dry land along the Mexican border a young woman who has nothing left to lose but a frayed dictionary in her pocket is spending the last hours of her life waiting to be executed Her name is Jenny Jones and her unflinching honesty is what will have her face the firing suad come dawn She could have lied there were no witnesses she could have said she didn't kill the soldier who tried to rape her but she didn't Pleading for self defence has been useless as the sham court judging her was convinced no man in his right mind would have forced himself on the likes of Jenny a mule skinner a freight hauler a coarse woman with calluses on her hands than years on her shoulders But for all the troubles it has always caused her this time unwavering honesty might also mean salvation when a second chance at life arrives in the form of another young woman who too has nothing left to lose Marguarita Sanders Barrancas is dying of consumption With only few days in her maybe hours and having decided to confide in the reputation of an uncompromising word of honour she's ready to take Jenny's place in front of the firing suad if only Jenny will promise to safely deliver her daughter Graciela to California and to Robert Sanders her estranged husband and the child's father The product of an unwanted and ostracised marriage between feuding families old Mexican aristocracy Barrancas and new American landowners Sanders little Graciela will be the heiress of an immense fortune once Marguarita is gone and a long string of greedy and unscrupulous cousins is ready to kidnap her for ransom at best or to downright kill her to inherit in her stead at worst Grasping the last chance to survive Jenny accepts the deal easing her struggling conscience by knowing this way she'll at least assuage Marguarita's desperation and promises to smuggle little six year old Graciela to California at all costs accusing prissy pampered bright infuriating little six year old GracielaIn the meantime unbeknownst to both Marguarita and Jenny Robert has sent his younger brother Ty looking for the child A tough and dashing cowboy Ty is soon hot on his niece's trail all the way down to Texas but he's certainly not prepared to find her escorted by an intense rough edge mouthy and determined woman as prickly as the cacti punctuating the road from El Paso to Chihuahua and a few miles And while these two try to decide whether to keep outwitting each other or join forces the sweetest and most amiable courtship the Old Wild West has ever witnessed ensues to our utter delight along the same line as He I can't explain this but I have a powerful hankering for you She You make a move in my direction and I'll shoot your butt Written back in 1997 but presenting a standard in terms of originality pace and craft current authors active in this specific sub genre could still look up to the story both poignant and exhilarating is a charming blend of oh so many entertaining and inspired ingredients I found simply irresistibleChoosing to emphasise the romp ish and humorous sides the Western setting allows Maggie Osborne deftly weaves a tale that is adventurous on the run romance and emotional journey in eual parts the thrilling spirit and energy expected to be permeating the frontier scenario are evoked the wonderful characterisations the flowing prose and the engaging dialogues do the rest underscoring the protagonists' complete arc So together with the heat the dust the blinding sun the jingling harnesses the lonesome starry nights we get to see the rewarding transformation the leads go through building the bonds of a lifetime healing and bettering one anotherAnd what a sight it was to behold leaving you just as breathless as the chases the dangers the laughter and conveying the book's deeper and heartwarming message about love and acceptance which gradually sinks in while you're distracted by all the fun and the romance The characters might appear typical fare at a first superficial glance mind you the independent hardened woman the suave deceptively laidback cowboy the precocious child but the author's skilful and intelligent storytelling reworks and reshapes them into uniue individuals you won't soon forget Besides the hero and the heroine Graciela fully a third lead in her own right must be one of the most endearing kids I've ever encountered in fiction and I was anticipating the moments when the narration briefly shifted into her perspective She's adorably smart and inuisitive sometimes embarrassingly so though this maddening handful is always portrayed as a believable six years old Representing everything Jenny was never permitted to be Graciela is the apt foil to Jenny's change from embittered loner to embracing person And their banter alternatively taut hilarious touching never sappy is pricelessEven the secondary characters are carefully chiselled and nuanced starting from Marguarita so present in her absence a silent beacon of admiration and courage in Jenny's solitary thoughts to Robert and Ty's wise mother and to Robert himself with his hopeless inertia The cousins if I really wanted to nitpick I'd say have been sketched like a monochromatic block a little too cartoonish in their villainous intentions but after some mulling I gather the author probably took such route in order to make the indigestible and repulsive idea of some guys willing to harm a child for money fit in a lighthearted context In other words to not excessively darken what should remain a sheer unadulterated comedy The romance Ahh the romance infused with a hot unsophisticated sweet and tender sensuality that so perfectly suits both their frank souls and the impassionate fireworks they're experiencing in spite of themselves Then again I did not expect anything less from these twoTy is the uintessential cowboy and man of action gallant to the core easygoing and cheeky He knows to be in for all kinds of trouble the instant he sets eyes on this odd woman on a mission he can't help being attracted to Jenny breaks all the moulds about femininity life has taught him and as the initial pull develops into respect and eventually into love he woes and teases her eager to make her step out of the shell she's built around herself but also understands that he wouldn't have her any other way wild and unconventional as they come clinging to her promise and her word as she has always proudly done to rise above her circumstances and relishing every scrap of new knowledge she can glean from her battered dictionary to nurture her rough diamond intelligence Jenny is wary at first and uite confrontational with often some very funny results she harbours some notions about men she had to learn the hard way that prevent her from really letting go and bask in what Ty is offering When she finally realises things can and should be different even for her she starts to slowly reach out softening just enough but always staying true to her untamed self And if there ever was a big hearted fighter deserving her own HEA that is Jenny Strongly recommended to anyone who enjoys Western Romances An older sparkling gem that hasn't aged a day in which Maggie Osborne dares you every step of the way to not fall in love with this mismatched trio An impossible feat for me I gladly lost on page one