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PDF ì BOOK The Reluctant Viking Viking I #1 ✓ SANDRA HILL ✓ “PICTURE YOURSELF FLOATING OUT OF YOUR BODY—FLOATING FLOATING FLOATING”The hypnotic voice on the self motivation tape was supposed to help Ruby Jordan solve her problems not create new ones Instead she was lulled from a life full of a demandinF women was stuck in the Dark Ages And what was worse brawny Thork had her husband’s face habits and desire to avoid Ruby Determined not to lose the same man twice Ruby planned a bold seduction that would conuer the reluctant Viking and make him an eager captive of her love This book made me laugh out loud so many times I lost track The characters are likeable and Ruby the lead female is just a crazy mess which makes her so endearing You find yourself relating to her and her desperation to try anything to keep her life together Ruby is your typical 21st century business woman who started up her own lingerie company and is trying to juggle marriage children and work However she finds that her marriage is falling apart and does not realize how bad it is until her husband decides to leave her In her state of sudden despair at finding her life falling apart she sits down in her husband’s study to listen to one of his many motivational CD's and somehow finds herself swept back into time and on a Viking vessel To make matters worse she’s in her 21st century clothes and the head Viking looks just like her husband Jack Is this a Dream or RealityIn this story Ruby is basically given a do over where she can hopefully figure out where she went wrong in her relationship with Jack and figure out what it really takes to hold a family and a marriage together I enjoyed this book so much that I will be looking into of Sandra Hill’s Viking series

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“PICTURE YOURSELF FLOATING OUT OF YOUR BODY FLOATING FLOATING FLOATING”The hypnotic voice on the self motivation tape was supposed to help Ruby Jordan solve her problems not create new ones Instead she was lulled from a life full of a demanding business a neglected home a I didn't have high hopes for this book and I am still disappointed I just wanted a bit of brain candy This book seemed perfect time travel Vikings lusty romance What could a girl want Somehow Hill failed to deliver on almost all counts The lusty romance mostly delivered but the Vikings were just jerks with weapons and the time travel was beyond stupid Like I said though I didn't expect much I would've given it two or maybe two and a half stars for those ualities if it weren't for the explicit anti feminist argument of the book Rather than describe the book or summarize let me list the lessons this book provides1 Women cannot have it all job marriage kids happiness good looks2 Men can have it all as long as their wives aren't also trying to have it all3 It is entirely up to the women to keep their marriages going4 Fancy lingerie and rudimentary birth control can lead to a mini feminist revolution in pre Norman invasion Britain5 All problems can be solved by sex 6 Sex with honey is hot and not nearly as sticky as I'd feared it would be 7 To reiterate Women really truly cannot have it all and since they cannot have it all they should sacrifice their careers and pander to their husbands' egos8 And again Men can and should have it all relatedly the best husbands are those who love their sons are sexy and keep their wives in their placeEven when I'm reading for fun reading something I expect to be trashy I can't turn off my feminist brain that much

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The Reluctant Viking Viking I #1Nd a failing marriage to an era of hard bodied warriors and fair maidens fierce fighting and fiercer wooing But the world ten centuries in the past didn’t prove to be all mead and mirth Even as Ruby tried to update medieval times she had to deal with a Norseman whose view o This was bad And it wasn’t even funny haha bad It was just bad bad Jack Jordan Ruby Jordan’s husband of 20 years has just walked out on her Feeling overwhelmed she sits down to listen to one of the motivational tapes her husband often listens to for work and she falls asleep When she wakes up she discovers that she’s been transported back in time from 1994 to a Viking encampment in the year 925 She’s obviously surprised but pleased to discover that her backwards journey through time has shaved 20 years off her body and erased the stretch marks she earned during her pregnancies with her two sons So jealousOne of the first people she meets is Thork a hot Viking who looks exactly like her twentieth century husband Jack Ruby instantly decides this must be fate giving her a second chance with Jack so she sets out to win Thork’s love Unfortunately Thork is a chauvinist pig and a first class jerk And due to a previous commitment to his suad of fighting jomsvikings he is neither permitted nor interested in falling in love let alone a marriage Even by the standards of other asshole alphas of his ilk Thork sets himself above the others with repeated rude comments and instances of cruel unusual and embarrassing punishment exacted against Ruby And after he first invites Ruby to spend the night with him and she refuses saying that she isn’t interested in becoming another notch on his bedpost and that she won’t give herself to him without a proper commitment he punishes her by flaunting his sexual escapades with other women Ruby seethes with jealousy over this but she still pines for him And why It appalls me that a supposed modern woman would tolerate this kind of behavior But then again Ruby is one of those unfortunate romance novel heroines who seems to be a few clowns short of a circus In spite of owning a successful lingerie company in the twentieth century Ruby lacks greatly in the category of common sense In typical clichéd American style she enters 925 with guns blazing and loudly and petulantly announces to anyone who will listen that she is from the future and that this is all a dream She repeatedly encourages the other Viking women to “be their own women” and to find ways to be independent from their men Meanwhile she broods over Thork even though he treats her like a second class citizen She also comes to realize that the reason her twentieth century husband left her in the first place was because it isn’t possible for a woman to hold down a career AND be a good wife and mother Um really As someone who works outside of the home out of necessity this irked me And on some level I can agree that it perhaps isn’t likely that most of us can give 110% to both our families AND our jobs; however this doesn’t mean finding a healthy balance is impossible Speaking from experience I know it isn’t and I work with countless other wives and mothers who would say the same thing The way it was presented in this book was too June Cleaver and I found it offensiveThis is the first book I’ve read by the author I’ve heard she is known for writing humorous romances and from perusing other reviews it appears this book is considered by many to be a weak link And I can see why because there were a lot of things that perhaps could have been funny if they hadn’t been overshadowed by Thork’s huge ego Instead of laughing I was gagging For example Vikings speak somewhat like Yoda “Ordered he was to guard you at all times” It got annoying after awhile Vikings like country music Ruby taught herself to play her son’s guitar in the twentieth century which of course prepared her to play a Viking lute while singing “I’ve Got Friends in Low Places” by Garth Brooks and a few others to thunderous applause Vikings like panties After being forced to strip down to nothing but her black sheer lace bra and panties on her first day in 925 she is approached by the king’s mistress and some other Viking women who desire naughty underwear of their own Vikings like jogging The first time Ruby goes jogging Thork thinks she’s trying to escape so he takes away all her clothing and locks her in a barn see cruel and unusual punishment After awhile Ruby earns the trust of the kings mistress an athletic woman in her own right and the two start a jogging regimen RubyJane Fonda Vikings don’t think high heels are sexy And I’m embarrassed on Ruby’s behalf that she thought asking the blacksmith to make her a custom pair of wooden high heels was a good seduction idea Vikings have creative curse words My favorite examples include “Holy Valhalla” and “Freya’s bloody flux” Haha gross Vikings like nymphomaniacs True story I am so glad to be done with this book I can’t resist a good humorous romance so maybe once the awful aftertaste from this book is gone I might try another by this author but it probably won’t be for awhile