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characters The Tenants of Building 38 An Anthology ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ¿ The Tenants of Building 38 is a uniue anthology created through a collection of works from various authorsEach apartment exists of a tenant each with a story to tell Come with us to delve into a world that's a little bit Ant each with a story to tell Come with us to delve into a world that's a little bit different This anthology has thirty eight stories a. This book was a big surprise to me I can't say I'm a big fan of anthologies so when I was assigned to read and write a review about it I was curious but not so excitedAs I started reading it I saw myself deeply involved with many of the authors' stories I believe that their different writing styles and the great variety of literary genres resulted in a book which I could recommend to anyoneI believe that Alda Mørkøre Nielsdóttir's Apartment 419 Mirror Mirror was the highest point in the anthology Her direct fluid and yet profound writing really caught my attention She manages to bring up a controversial and difficult theme in an almost gentle way As a journalist who has already written and read about it I can say it is a complicated subject to approach I'm looking forward to stories and who knows a new book from this autorGabriela Tinglund Jeffrey Kenworthy and Laney Smith also did a really fine jobIn the end I felt that typical emptiness when we finish reading a good piece of work When I found out that this anthology was meant to raise money for the American Cancer Society I admired it even Congratulations to everyone I can ensure that these authors are about to get some new admirers here in Brazil

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The Tenants of Building 38 is a uniue anthology created through a collection of works from various authorsEach apartment exists of a ten. I think the summary describes this book accurately it is very uniue I don't think I've ever read anything uite like it There are thirty eight stories that make up this anthology written by sixteen different authors and they cross over every genre in literature from paranormal to fantasy horror contemporary and romance; there were even a couple poems included Some of the stories are interconnected and each one revolves around a different tenant in an apartmentA lot of these stories were uite dark and strange and some were very gory and contained heavy sexual content those ones usually came with a warning at the beginning thoughThe thing is the stories were so broadly written and each author had their own writing style so while I found some of them to be very enjoyable I just plain hated others I found that I especially liked the ones written by the following authors Anna Bridges Ashley DeToledo Airiel Hawkins Sophia Olson Kelly Prososki Keisha Biddle and MaKayla DeckerI also liked that all of the stories were written by either indie or aspiring authors In the Meet the Authors section at the back of the book it is revealed that for many of the authors this anthology is their first published workNow let's get on to the stories themselves shall weThe Tenant of Room 100 by Anna Bridges 25 starsThis wasn't badly written but there was no major plot I think it was of an introductory to the other stories than a story itself Overall I found it bland and unmemorableApartment 104 by Marie Martinez 2 starsThis was a cheesy horrorparanormal story that never really built into anything The plot was about an apartment where strange things happened like blood coming out of faucets and people who stayed in it disappeared The idea wasn't well developed and was never resolved so I didn't find it very enjoyableOut of Mind by Kitty Limon 3 starsThis was a creepy story about a writer who gets sudden inspiration for a novel and writes furiously for days ignoring the rest of her surroundings but she seems to be slowly growing crazy as at first she starts talking to herself then hears voices in her apartment calling her nameBob Oglmire Apt 112 by Andrea M Mouser 25 starsThis was about an extremely repulsive despicable middle aged man who is overweight and spends his time watching TV and looking at porn magazines I found Bob Oglmire's behavior to be a bit too disgusting even though I know he was meant to gross out readers However the ending packed a nice surprise that is continued in the next story The Vampire of Apartment 113 by Airiel Hawkins 2 starsI was uite disappointed with this one I was really looking forward to reading about a vampire who lived in an apartment but instead I got a story about a vampire who roams the night feeding on random victims until he returns to his apartment at dawn where his girlfriend who has an ability to communicate with the dead waits for him I thought the way the main character treated and thought about his girlfriend was really creepy I didn't care for this storyApartment 116 by Ashley DeToledo 4 starsA playboy and I'm using a nice term for him picks up a girl at a bar and brings her back to his apartment but little does he know that Callie is different from all the other girls he's encountered—she's a good girl and she might just change the way he sees his own lifestyleI thought the characters were well developed and there were some pretty electric moments of chemistry between Callie and Kayden I also liked how there was a moral at the end but it didn't overwhelm the rest of the storyApt 130 – The Livingstons by Andrea M Mouser 2 starsThis one was a bit confusing I think because it shifted in and out of flashbacks to the present It's about a family who came across as a bit messed up to me But then isn't every family slightly messed up in their own wayApartment 143 An Anniversary Tale by Jeffrey Kenworthy 25 starsA couple celebrates their wedding anniversary and the husband sweetly makes lasagna and cheesecake for him and his wife and turns their simple apartment into a candlelit dinner I thought the characters acted a bit silly but they were cute together This was short and pretty enjoyableApartment 150 – Earth Fairy by Twyla Rose 15 starsHmm a mini cliché romance and a very random mystical ending I didn't get this weird storyOut of Sight Out of Mind by Kitty Limon 2 starsThis seemed strangely similar to the author's other story in this anthology Out of Mind and when I got to the end I went ohhhh and realized it was a part two It was actually uite creative However am I the only one who thinks it odd to describe one's own body as voluptuousThe Gray Lady in Apartment 210 by Airiel Hawkins 45 starsOh my goodness I freaking loved this story It was only one and a half pages long but I thought the writing was absolutely gorgeous and fit the creepy setting perfectly and that reveal at the end just wowWill It Be Pink Will It Be Blue Who's Moving Into Room 2 1 2 by Laney Smith 15 starsI have a lot to say about this First of all I love the title to bits It's too bad I didn't feel the same way about the story itselfThis was leaning toward the new adult genre than the young adult one which the other stories have been so far and it was a lot longer than the others with actual chaptersDessa is trying to find a new apartment and roommate Of course the man she finds who is perfect for the task is completely hot And of course he acts like a total jerk to her he evens threatens to spank her a couple times because she is ticking him off The only thing I have to say about that is Wow just wow And of course they fall in loveI actually thought Corey the love interest was going to turn out to be a serial killer or something at first Dessa and Corey's bickering grew so tiring and I couldn't understand how she still found him attractive after he was just yelling at her or whatever a minute ago Suffice to say I was not a fan of this story still love the title thoughHell In Room 222 by Sophia Olson 3 starsI liked this one but I think the idea could have been explored It was uite a gruesome take on a young strange woman who lives by herself and hardly ever comes out of her apartment She also has supernatural powers One day a stranger decides to check on her which signals his doom The atmosphere was eerie and the story was short but engrossingAs Loved As Can Be in 223 by Kelly Prososki 4 starsThis is actually a continuation of another book by the author The Surprisingly Ordinary Life of a Kidnapper's Daughter The story is about a newlywed couple Lucy and Blake moving into an apartment They are very happy together a

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The Tenants of Building 38 An AnthologyLl by various authors Each story focuses on a tenant of the apartment and the anthology has all genres of stories from horror to romance. I loved this book than I should have Yes I was an author in it but the fact that all the other stories in the book were so amazing that I found myself staring at a wall and wondering how we could manage to be so talented Wow this is just wow You all deserve endless cookies Go us